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Hawaii Trip and Thanksgiving Dinner

Added: Monday, December 2nd 2019 at 4:53pm by awwwnikki



I'm leaving the state for the first time in my life. Actually, flying on an airplane for the first time in my life as well. It feels surreal and I feel so blessed. I didn't know I could raise enough money for a trip, but I did (boyfriend going in on half).


Actually the way it happened -----> My boyfriend of now eight months, (who was also my professor for two classes) sent me two purchased round trip tickets one morning and a purchased airbnb. We are staying for four days and we depart next week. We have agreed to go half on the trip. I've been working in hospitality at a hotel for close to six months now. I love my job. It's much better than my last few jobs and I get to dress nice all the time. I also have to smile like crazy, be friendly at all times, answer endless phone calls, send boring work emails (lol), attend boring mandatory work meetings (lol) and basically help out every guest upon request. 


A friend of mine I've made on blogster told me it would be a big mistake to date my professor. It has actually been the best decision of my life. To date a professor means he lectures me daily and puts me on to good literature (lolol), he's a published author who has just sent off his first manuscript a few months ago. He writes short stories and we love the same works of fiction and nonfiction. He takes me to museums and introduces me to jazz music. He has traveled all over the world too! He is African American with the most beautiful dark skin complexion I've ever seen. He has gorgeous hair with gray specks, and a gorgeous full beard. 

I've fallen inlove with him. Without further detail, just know it has been a dreamy ride with him so far. He looks into my eyes, caresses me, and tells me he loves me, before squeezing me--> never letting me go! The only problem we have faced is age and being seen on campus together. I graduate next Spring FINALLY! But if my parents found out I was dating a 52 year old, I don't know how they would react. 


We began talking for extended periods of time after class and before we both knew it, we were texting each other back and forth. He loves my poetry and a few short stories I've written. He always tells me I'm going to become a famous poet one day and I feel so flattered. 

So far, I have written over 50 poems and five short stories. He's written far more short stories than me and his work was even published in a magazine. 

Now that he is in my life I have no clue what I'd ever do without him. 

He dated a woman for four years, a Jewish woman (who was a lawyer, which is kind of intimidating), before me. When him and I started dating, they had broken up. I have fears that he may leave me for a hotter woman who is just as young as me *sighs*. Since he had left a pretty wonderful girlfriend once I had entered his life. 


I cannot wait to go to Hawaii with him, I wonder what it will be like. I have flowy outfits prepared and planned, travel bottles, light make up, and I've bought butterfly jewels to put in my hair. We have even ordered a pair prescription sunglasses together. Mine are nice. His are classy and earthy as usual. God, I love the way he dresses. His classy shoes, his glasses, his sweaters. He is from New York and has a nice accent. Dreamy man, all around. 

We are going to Honolulu! Its going to be nice being in a place that isnt so rainy like here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It should be a breath of fresh air!

For Thanksgiving, we have spent it together since we both could not see our family. We cooked together! He is a perfectionist and does his best to make his home comfortable for me. I do my best to clean and cook with him. 

I wore a dark orange burgundy sweater dress with tights underneath for the occasion of thanksgiving together at his house. I have not been taking too many pictures of myself recently. I infact have gotten rid of facebook, instagram, snapchat, and all social media. I love it! I have more time to read and enjoy the things I love than faking it for others. 

Overall it was quite romantic and I couldn't have wished to spend it any other way (The smaller wine glass is mine hehe):


User Comments

Sounds like you're in love Nikki and if both of you feel its rightb age shouldn't even be a factor. I wish you tons of luck with your new love as well as in school and most of all have a marvelous trip in Hawaii. Aloha! :)

Hello Dani,

Very! He's lovely! I'm so lucky. Thank you!

Sorry I haven't been on here much. I'm always acting a fool on this site anyways best if I only come in sometimes.

I have never seen you acting like a fool, ever, on this site. You're a very intelligent, caring and beautiful person. You speak from the heart and I admire this from you.

There are many fools on blogging sites, but you aren't one of them.  Have a good weekend.  {#heart.gif}

Good for you Nikki. :)

Hope you have a great trip to Hawaii and be safe.

Thank you Scott! I will try to take a few pictures!

Age is not a barrier to love.. but remember all new adventures are exciting, and eventually turns into a daily routine and this apx 30yr difference is going to make changes between you that will become a reality not so glamerous on down the road when your 40 and he is 70........ But everything is only what we make it be.  Life is to be a experience!  Enjoy the trip..

It is wonderful to know this, Akuna. We haven't recieved any disapproval from others yet. 

That is true, he expresses his fears all the time of me leaving him for a man my age. I am not going anywhere just yet. lol!

Thank you.

Enjoy it honestly with openness and it will work in the way it is meant to...

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