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A Video Singing for the Lord, Since Times Have Truly Been Hard

Added: Sunday, September 19th 2021 at 3:48pm by awwwnikki


Let My Lord Stay (Alternative Version to Let My Baby Stay by Mac DeMarco) - YouTube


I went to church today and was inspired to create an alternative version of my favorite song of all times:



Song lyrics I've written coming soon.. I cannot sing for the life of me but maybe someone else can sing the songs I write. 



User Comments

That first song was beautiful Nikki. Wasn't really into the second song. Thanks for sharing it. Bro. Doc

He's a singer from Canada, his music is great!

Thank you for watching.

It is fine, but I liked the first one lots better Nikki. Take care. Bro. Doc

Both videos are good, but the first one grabs hold of me.....

God Bless your week Nikki!!

God bless you too Ms. Ellie, I hope your weekend treated you well. 

It did.  Very well!  Thank you!

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