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Are you peaceful?

Added: Tuesday, November 25th 2014 at 4:54am by Averymoomoo
Category: Polls & Quizzes

15 Responses Created by Averymoomoo on November 25, 2014


How do you feel about animal rights?

  • Did someone say rabbit season?
  • Ehh...
  • I love and support it entirely


How is the world now?

  • Wonderful!
  • Could be better...
  • Terrible!


How should the world be?

  • Full of rainbows, butterflies, and compromise.
  • Same as it is now, for the most part.
  • I would make a few tweaks...
  • The world should be in my hands.


How do you feel about world peace?

  • It's our key to survival!
  • It's fine, I guess
  • Completely unnecessary


Do YOU think you're peaceful?

  • Yes
  • Kinda
  • A little bit
  • Not at all.

User Comments

The animal rights thing got me.  The reason I gave an "Ehh" answer. I'm all for them being treated humanely but I'm not one of those nut jobs who would throw red paint on a lady wearing a fur coat. Animals make up a large part of most of our diets. We use their skins for shoes, belts, and purses and we use their fur to stay warm or, yes, even to be fashionable. And I can't get up in arms about that. 

I agree. I'm not against killing for needed food. Just not for excess unless the animal is in pain.

I have to say that one thing that does bother me is animal research. For instance, I once read about a researcher using monkeys to do head transplants. He literally took the head off one monkey and put it on another. It's a no brainer the poor thing was traumatized and paralyzed. And they sometimes use animals to test cosmetics.

I understand the need to develop new drugs and treatments but I sometimes wonder if it costs too much in animal suffering.

Yeah and like Korea and China are baking newborn dogs and cats ALIVE.

Also I read your about me. I live in P.A also. We have a large age difference though.

Why on earth do they bake newborn dogs and cats alive? That's barbaric!

How old are you?

I know it is and about fifty years younger than you.

11? Then shouldn't you be in school?  You're a bit young to be posting here.  It's a site full of old codgers like me. And we sometimes use language and talk about things your mother might not approve of.

I'm in school right now. And as for sexual and alchaholic references, Im aware of the meaning. It doesn't bother me

Well, if you're in school you should be putting up the notebook and paying attention in class. School may be a bore but you've got to have it if you ever expect to get a good job and make a living.

...this is why I prefer not to reveal my age. Older people treating me as a child, scolding me about things I'm already fully aware of. I post in free time between lessons. Never when a lesson is going on.

And I'm very well aware that I must finish a good education with high grades to fulfill my passion of marine biological research.

Really?  That's neat!  My cousin, the genius (for real), took up marine biology. Maybe you can find a cure for a few diseases or solve the mystery of what life would be like on other planets. They say those worms or whatever that live near the volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean live under conditions that would kill the rest of us. I find that very interesting.

I know! I seems like a valid idea to try to see if any planets near earth could sustain the worms.

aggressive and violent people make the world a shit place, total selfishness, and religion, greed, gun access in a lot of countries. We are, on the whole, a nasty bunch of aresholes who don't care about anything except their own headonism and greed.We shoot folks over parking space and fight each other for accidentally looking at someone. Lose religion and alcohol and maybe we have a chance, but then we still got crack, and crystal meth to die for and pollution, I could go on and on but because nice people are nice, the nasty prevail. Shit state of affairs ain't it? Max

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