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Case Mod

Added: Saturday, July 30th 2011 at 12:58pm by ascheno37
Hey guys in the event you happen to be a craftsman and have the skill and the tools check this out, a technique for giving your PC case a nicer look.

case mods. The important to achieving a great looking case would be to create a color scheme prior to you begin. Visualize the computer color scheme both inside and out. Consider the colors for the side panels, interior lighting, and accessories. Kinds of Paint, Their Advantages and Disadvantages: Paint comes in numerous kinds, the most common are Lead based, Polymer based, Water based, Gelcoat and Powdercoating. Lead based paints are old fashion which takes many hours in a oven to cure. Because of the fact that they take so lengthy to cure, they also don't require a clearcoat to give a glossy surface (you are able to if you really want colour depth). If you have studied chemistry then you'll understand why. Obtain much more things on the mentioned

Cutting holes in case for fans or windows in sheet metal is a little difficult.For round blowholes you can use a jigsaw and a steady hand having a metal cutting blade (36 teeth or more). Its messy and tiny sharp metal chips may go everywhere.Another answer for perfectly round holes is a hole cutting saw made for metal. You are able to get these at Home Depot. The hole saws can get a little pricey but since you only require one or two and since the holes are ideal, the hole-saws are a great method to go. There are several kinds of light cables in the marketplace, Glowire, Energy Neon Cables and also HottWirez. They're all based on a similar approach. Glowire is electro luminescent wire - a copper wire coated with a phosphorus material and wrapped with two transmitter wires. It is then sealed in a waterproof casing.Case Mod

Corsair was the first manufacturer to use cable routing grommets in their 500H Obsidian tower. Shortly after Cooler Master, Fractal Style and NZXT started using their own rubber cable grommets. The rubberized edges prevents damage to wire and data cable sheathing or fraying customized wire sleeves. Case stickers are fun! Theres truly no info you need about this. There are little or big stickers that can just go anywhere in or outside your case. I use cardboard cut outs from the boxes I get from parts I order and just tape on em. These just can exspress what you do, enjoy and rep the awesome hardware inside your system. On the topic of those Cardboard cut outs, check my system specs you will see the link to my case in the gallery. Notice I have many stickers, Numerous. Alot of them are truly stickers but most are cut-outs, the point is, do not be turned away from doing card-board cut outs, they rep all your hardware, they're inexpensive, and add more of a custom look as you didn'tpurchase them like that, just make sure to obtain a good pair of scissors.Best Case Mod Case Modding is really a great way to make your pc distinctive and be noticed. Cutting your case is just one way to modify your case. As you can see, modding a case can be as simple as cutting a large side panel window, or as intricate as cutting an image.

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