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Asbestos Building Risks

Added: Monday, May 8th 2017 at 11:49pm by asbestosremovalvancouver

Where can you find asbestos in buildings, what are the risks, and what can you do about it?


The risks of asbestos exposure from students and staff in old schools and public buildings is a real one as numerous school buildings are recognized to contain these toxic substances. Old vinyl floor coverings containing asbestos should really be taken off buildings and from schools due to the health dangers.


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In my professional experience within my town, and in other towns across the world Asbestos is found in many old buildings, mostly in roofs, kitchens, walls and floor coverings.


Experience of asbestos could cause serious health problems, and is related to mesothelioma and asbestosis. These respiratory diseases are due to inhaling asbestos fibres. The greatest risks come from those exposed the longest amount of time to the substance. 75% of the identified as having mesothelioma die within 1 year. To lessen the risks it's most important to lessen exposure, and have exposed asbestos removed immediately.


Some important tips we've learnt through the years are firstly:


When you yourself have worked in the building industry you need to see a health care provider regularly for health checks and mention you could have been subjected to asbestos. Secondly, if you suffer from the symptoms such as for instance constant coughing, shortness of breath, or blood in your mucus, contact a health care provider immediately.


Medical symptoms might not be asbestos related, but the sooner you consult a health care provider, the more chance you've of identifying the illness. Even if not ill, when you have any suspicion your building or property contains fibrous suspect material you need to contact a licenced professional. What should you appear for to identify the hazard? If the building was constructed any amount of time in the 1940's to 1980's there's a likelihood it might contain fire retardant dust containing asbestos.


Exactly what do you do to identify the risks in your neighborhood buildings or property? Some cities have investigated, including setting up features such as for instance an official Schools Asbestos Register, a written report to see which schools are effected by Asbestos. This can be useful to parents and students, and when applied in Sydney, Parramatta, Bondi and Bankstown it had been successfully used to show some state schools still had the floor coverings containing the toxic building material asbestos.


Old vinyl floors really are a feature of numerous local schools. Originally used for their fire proofing qualities for many decades in the building industry, only now will be a lot of asbestos being discovered in buildings during demolition, and might have very great health dangers with exposure, especially during removal.


A common attitude shared is that the floor coverings really are a remnant of days gone by, and after the flooring is damaged, it's increasing the chance of asbestos being released.


Current scientific and medical evidence indicates it's safe to stay a building that contains asbestos, provided that it's not damaged or disturbed. That is a big risk if you ask me. General building degradation, lack of reporting and documentation of actual exposure, earthquakes, accidents, purposeful destruction could all cause the building to breach the safe levels based on your neighborhood state building code, such as the one we follow in Sydney and New South Wales.


You will find no excuses for asbestos backed flooring to nevertheless be within our school buildings.


A register made public by your neighborhood state government can be used to list confirmed and presumed cases of asbestos in schools. Personally I think it is a superb idea, and you may wish to lobby your council for the same. We will have rigorous processes in position to control asbestos inside our schools and these registers will help inform parents, staff and people about what's being done in their local area.


Too often the response of many people have been to simply tape over ripped floor coverings.


Image result for tile removal


A permanent fix is need to treat this problem of the removal and safe replacement of the floor covering. Since asbestos roofs have finally started to be replaced, buildings and those conduction demolition need to create a concerted effort to eradicate asbestos backed vinyl floor covering, a problem that will not get enough attention, but poses a genuine health risk.


It is essential published here that we complete the task of removing and replacing all floor coverings containing asbestos in Sydney and the remaining country, and in other countries, to produce our buildings, schools and public spaces safe for children and all residents.


The safety of children and their teachers is paramount, which means this job must be a priority.


If your city does not need a fee state schools asbestos register available online from the government we suggest all Australians (and those abroad) to lobby their local representative to place such measures in place.

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