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We really do take things for granted.

Added: Monday, March 26th 2012 at 11:05am by aoifecxxx
Related Tags: death, africa, illness, money

So I want to post this to get the message across and for people to realize we should be grateful for what we have and not for what we don't have.


So on Saturday night i was watching sports relief and it really made me think, we all take everything for granted, and don't say " oh well I don't" because we all do, we just don't realize it. For instance, I have loads of clothes but I'm always like " oh Ive nothing to wear" but I actually have s many clothes.


So as I was saying I was watching Sports Relief and it was showing clips of dying kids, parents ill, parents losing there little children, only 1 years of age, I was crying one man said " please Bernard don't die, you can live and i die" this really got to me, I was in tears and I felt sick, I was sitting in a warm house with a huge tv and food and water and there I was moaning about a silly new top I wanted when they are there drinking dirty water which is giving them diarrhoea and they are dying.


We all take things for granted but really there is people worse than us and we never stop to think.


Instead of spending €15 on a top or €10 on a take away or a new case for your iPhone why don't we put a bit of money  away and donate it to the people who really need it.


Put yourself in their position, who needs it more?



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