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Added: Monday, March 5th 2012 at 11:48am by aoifecxxx
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can you rate my blog please? takes a second, means a lot.

5 Responses Created by aoifecxxx on March 5, 2012

  • Great
  • Yeah its good
  • Meh
  • BAD

User Comments

I didn't vote for anything, however I think if you were more consistent and logged in more, you'd definitely have a lot more people on your blog. Also, if you comment on other people's blog you can also expect feedback. You can't just write a blog and expect everyone to comment when you also don't put in the effort, you know what I mean? I like your blog a lot. I just wish you logged in more! :)

thank you :-) as i posted earler, i was busy but know i'm back.


PS; i love your blog! you're sarcastic, cheeky, arrogant I LOVE IT.

LOL! I'll take the 'arrogant' part as a compliment. I guess everyone needs a little bit of arrogance in thier life. Why not? We're all good at something. ;)

But thank you for definitely liking my blog. I always appreciate my readers and I definitely send you a lot of love along the way <3

Just so you know aoifecxxx...this "thesavagette" is smart! Take a few wise words from her. It'll go a long way!

but thats what makes you amazing :)


you're welcome <3

i know i know.

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