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Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, October 22nd 2011 at 7:20am by Anonymous
Category: About Me
Related Tags: life, fun

"Don't tell my mother I work in an advertising agency; she thinks I play piano in a whorehouse."

I recall asking God for a Rolex, and instead, my blogster account has been hit with a shitload of spam commercials offering me fake rolex watches:

“beauty of the metal emitting a subtle tag heuer replica tag heuer price fake rolex watches rolex partsreplica breitling watches for sale breitling seawolf replica cartier watches cartier lighter replica watchsurprise from this watchmaker Nike is fake omega vintage omega watches.

I wonder who the fuck spends their worthless days going into a blog site, going into someone’s posts and posting this crap over and over again. 

Dude!  If I wanted a fucking watch, I would go into a fucking store and purchase the damn watch, or maybe go to ebay and get a cheaper watch… or wait for Christmas to come along so that one of my family members gives me a damn watch.

I know that we all have a calling in life… like being a firefighter, a teacher, a blood sucking lawyer; but being an online watch-selling spammer has to be a sign that you have hit rock bottom. It is life slapping you in the face and telling you that after you are done eating microwave food and government cheese,  that’s it buddy; time to go annoy some people with your fucked up advertisement. 

This fucker has really been annoying me for days, posting his damn advertisement on my posts lately.  Why me? What about me tells the world that I want fake watches to make me happy? 

I wish I knew who this guy was,  so that I could return the favor and send a few Jehova’s witnesses over to his house, knock on his door, and make him feel the way I feel every time he tries to push his crappy idea into my blog space.

Hoping he never sells a watch,




User Comments

You get watches I get uggboots. That is why I turned off my 'not logged into blogster' comments sometimes referred to as 'anonymous' comments. I would never turn off my Anonymous comments, they are too good.:)

You better not block me Meg,  or I will go bat hunting.  Lol

LOL, no never block Anonymous, only 'anonymous' they should change that second one to 'unknown' everyone wants Anonymous (meaning you) comments.

Hey! I just noticed I am not getting and Anonymous comments, what is up Marco???


Something tells me you are the one selling me watches.  Now I just need to find the evidence.  Lol

Anon~  Please report spam comments to me via PM or to rica here:


We both have the ability to zap them, as long as they come from an account here.  (If they're posted anonymously, sorry we can't do anything about it.)

Bobski is working on a total rework of our programming here.  He will be building in some stuff that will hopefully reduce a lot of the spam crap we get.

Thanks mamakat.  I'll email you in a bit.  It is getting out of hand. 

Spam is a BIG problem at this site!

At least you get ads for watches--I get 'personal' spam from women wanting this 76 year old gay man's body!!! Should I send them to you?{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

They dont love you... they love your doggy style. 

They don't love me???????????? OMG!!!!!!!!!{#basic-cry.gif} {#basic-angry.gif} {#basic-cry.gif} {#basic-angry.gif} {#basic-frown.gif}

Hahahahaha.  You're the best, Martin.

Can't argue with facts!{#apploud.gif}

I just changed my settings to "only blogster members allowed to comment." Lets see what happens.  Thank you guys for visiting. {#basic-laugh.gif}

That helped me....when I went to blogsters only.....It really cut my spam off drastically....now, I am just setting things to friends only until I can clear up a few more situations.
I do miss the love letters.....ahhhh to be loved by perfect strangers everywhere......

Damn... now that I think about it, I will miss the love letters.  Lol

{#basic-undecided.gif} Makes you think doesn't it!!!!

I need to send you some better adjectives.  There are so many and so little time to use them. Please don't get in a rut and use the same ones all the time.

You mean the "F-word"?   Well,  I had to vent out  and I apologize about my Tourette's Syndrome kicking in.  It just bothered me to see so much spam, over and over.  

Funny, I'm not getting any.  Maybe you provoked them someway.  Did you poke the snake pit?

Nope, but I just got a spam love email yesterday. Lol.  

Don't tell savage.  He will be jealous.


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