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Look Fantastic On A Budget

Added: Saturday, April 8th 2017 at 8:33am by annapreston

We all want to look great but we haven't all got unlimited finds in our bank account so this post is intended to provide great tips on hair, makeup and clothes that will help if your hoping to look like a million dollars on a budget.


If like most young people you spend a good portion of your life on social media you need to look good for the camera all the time so you are camera-ready whenever a good photo opportunity comes up. Of course social media celebrities have plenty of money to help them out or, at the very least, they are provided with clothes, make-up and hair products for free. Unlike us mere mortals they don't have to earn or borrow money to look good.


But most of us just don't have plenty of spare money (or spare time, come to that); we're just about managing to get by on our monthly income plus occasional credit card spending or short term loans. It's so easy to borrow money these days that even someone with a poor credit history can get bad credit loans if they want to. Not that I'd recommend getting into debt just to look good – that really would be taking our celebrity obsessed, materialistic culture too far. But it's fair to say that many of us use loans and credit cards to borrow money short term. We often don't think of it as "debt" but just a way to get what we want now without having to wait for our next pay cheque.


But you really don't have to get in to debt to look like a million dollars – here's how to do it on a budget:


Styling Your Hair

So many people spend a small fortune on their hair that this is perhaps the first place to try and save money. It's not even difficult to save money on your hair but you will have to change your attitude to styling your hair and learn some professional techniques yourself. The best tip is to avoid high maintenance styles that need regular cutting or colouring – this will just eat into your income in no time and be a long-term, ongoing cost that you could do without.


If you are the sort of person that goes to the hairdresser just for a blow dry then learn how to do it yourself at home. Similarly you can also learn how to colour your hair at home which is much, much cheaper than going to the salon and there are now some great products available.



What To Wear

Vintage buys and charity shop clothes are no longer something to hide but instead are a way for the thrifty style gurus to get a truly individual look for very little cash. If you are handy with a sewing machine you can even alter vintage finds to make them even more unique, and, of course, the perfect fit. Mix and match unusual buys with classics finds that will be suitable for all occasions.



Try budget versions of the more expensive makeup brands – they are often so similar that nobody will be able to tell whether you are wearing a high end brand or a budget brand. It is perfectly possible to save a pile of cash just by changing makeup brands.

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