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Gary Blonder Florida Fraud

Added: Friday, August 5th 2011 at 5:42am by angelstokes1230
Category: Travel

FRAUD Inform! Yacht Charter Group - Palm Seashore, Florida.

Gary Blonder is a scam artist. BEWARE AT ALL Costs. Actually don't allow Gary Blonder steal your needs like he did ours.

Yacht Charter Group – Scam REPORT Gary S Blonder

205 Appeal Ave, Palm Seashore, Florida 33480


Yacht Charter Group Gary S Blonder, Gary Blonder, Financial institution fraud, wire fraud, scam artist, Gary Blonder lied and stole $a hundred,000 in cash Net, Florida

Yacht Charter Group Yacht Charter Group Palm Seaside, Yacht Charter Group Boynton Seaside, Yacht Charter Group Florida, Yacht Charter Group Miami, Yacht Charter Group All the way through the entire world,  Gary Blonder is just a MIDDLEMAN to just about every solitary Authentic yacht chartering business is South Florida. He then will get a quote for your requires and Considerably provides hundreds of bucks on! They have no genuine office they do the career out Web Just call any Florida Yacht Charter or Corporation and they will notify you the Fact.

Gary S Blonder and www.yachtchartergroup.com is the greatest rip-off in the luxurious yachting corporation. They have NO enterprise offices they illegally run their enterprise out of Gary Blonders Dads property in ocean ridge, FL. They have no fleet of yachts he does not even quite personal a kayak! They created a facade organization with sturdy world wide web presence by way of third celebration site development organizations and issue calls to their cell phones and from an&nbsp1800 array. He&nbsphas had prior jail sentences for fiscal institution and wire fraud. He was arrested in November 2010 for domestic violence in which he allegedly struck and kidnapped his then girlfriend. He also sells autos illegally with no an real dealership total ton the title of the &quotcar dealership" is www.WorldAutoMotiveGroup.org (Globe Automotive Group). All of their profile world wide web internet websites ended up lately made to make my rip-off reviews go absent! Don'tforget to preserve absent if you appeal your dollars!

Boynton Yacht Charter Group

Gary S. Blonder, a former director of the failed Landmark Bank discovered for his lavish existence-model in advance of he went to prison for loan provider fraud, stood beside his court-appointed public defender in federal court Monday and pleaded guilty on wire fraud charges. Blonder, who lived in a $a person.6 million West Hartford home and drove a Rolls Royce prior to he was convicted of money institution fraud, earlier owned a nicely-known car components business in Hartford. Now, Blonder and his estranged wife, Jacquelyne Blonder Trieber, are accused of defrauding an Arizona consumer of nearly $a hundred,000 by way of Blonder World-wide, an East Hartford-based mostly largely luxurious yacht chartering enterprise.

Gary Blonder Florida Yacht Charter Group:

Gary Blonder Is A Crook

Yacht Charter Group Fraud

Gary Blonder Fraud

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