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**now Illustrated**:the Vagina (l) Mary Revisited

Added: Sunday, February 26th 2006 at 12:17pm by AnaiBendai
Related Tags: religion

I already posted a version of my controversial 1997 essay a while back here at Blogster.com - but without any images to illustrate exactly what I was talking about. Well, then - to rectify that lamentable omission - here again is a short but concise condensed version of the still unpublished full version - this time with exclusive instructive illustrations.

WARNING: Some of the images presented in this essay may be considered offensive to some viewers.

*Make sure to give the page a few moments to fully load. There are several graphics files.*

The "VAGINAL" Mary - Proof Of Subliminal Advertising In Sacred Art And Iconography From Pagan Times Through the Christian Age

by Anai Bendai (C) 1997

Human beings are unconsciously influenced by primal religious imagery and simply do not know it. Seemingly obvious and benign images featured in religious sanctums and used during sacred rituals are laden with conflicting subliminal messages, directions, and suggestions and by their very nature are most potent and active when the "secret" of the Image remains completely hidden to the viewer.

In this essay, I will uncover the "secret" of one very powerful religious image to illustrate how we have been unconsciously manipulated by forces both of conscious and unconscious intent for various reasons including mass mind control and individual indoctrination.

Images and apparations of the Virgin Mary have had a profound effect on the psyche of human beings for many centuries, and indeed the hidden power of this striking image dates far back to the pre-Christian mystery cults which worshipped many variations of the goddess including Isis, Aphrodite, and Anu - all bearing the same overall shape and configuration as the current Virgin Mary imagery.

This intensely feminine icon of the goddess, because it uses our instinctual recognition of the female vagina - itself a potent archetypal symbol - suggests a deeper mystery and elicits an instinctual response that can be experienced simply by viewing the external form and manifestation of the goddess herself, while subliminally encouraging us to associate it with the sacred portal of our arrival here into this material world - the woman's vagina.

First seen in the "nature" inconography of the ubiquitious pagan goddesses which ancient venerators found on tree knots and in recessed rocks, sometimes with springs issuing life giving water from the basal opening, and then again in the Goddess's more recent incarnation as the Virgin Mary - this vaginally shaped motif has acted as a talismanic representation of the potent power of the Sacred Feminine and has been very sucessful in holding us in rapt and attentive submission for many millennia.

This highly charged iconic image connects us to a deeply rooted sense of the invisible and eternal Divine in it's most fecund and generative feminine aspect, and engenders a whole array of instinctual responses from within the depths of our most ancient and fundamental human psyche - most namely the immediate and urgent desire to venerate it - as demonstrated by the many cases - past and present - of people gathering around around the vaginal image to stare at it and experience the tremendum of a spiritual manifestation of the highest significance.

It is no wonder that we hear of new reports of visible "apparitions" of the Goddess or Virgin Mary constantly appearing from all ends of the earth; it is simply one of the most powerful symbols found in our archetypal repetoire and is therfore constantly demanding and generating new expression and recognition from the human collective.

Traditionally, we have reports of this potent vaginal symbol appearing within caves, dark holes, stone grottoes or any kind of unconsciously suggestive "feminine" receiving place, and wherever we see crowds of people huddled together and praying to apparent manifestations of this vaginal symbol on dimly lit sides of buildings, on vague reflections seen at specific angles within huge plate glass windows, or even inside of fruit or on other edible materials such as toast or pastries - we can clearly discern that the motif they are venerating bears the classic vaginal shape of the archetypal "Goddess" of pre-Christian history.

And just like any healthy, functioning, generative human vagina, we have testimony and purported physical evidence of our vaginally shaped statuary or paintings bleeding (suggesting menstruation) or secreting clear fluids (suggesting fertility and receptivity), sometimes collected as oily tears which always seem to emenate from the most suggestively vaginally shapped features on our own faces - the eyelids.

Some additional exposition: (added 3/1/2006)

Images of the "Virgin" have been appearing in office windows and on the sides of buildings and inside loaves of bread and rice cakes for decades now (actually the phenomenon goes back thousands of years as pointed out in the main essay above - so maybe what I should say then is that the image of the "Virgin/Vulva" has re-captured and resurfaced in popular imagination in the last half century - especially after the amazing and mass experienced apparitional appearances of the "the Lady from Heaven" at Fatima, Spain in 1917) - but what most people don't realize is that the PSYCHOLOGICAL REASON that this very specific image of the Virgin Mary is so powerful to us is because of our instinctual recognition of the barely hidden image of the female vagina that is actually being recognized and activated on the level of the Unconscious.

The combination of awakening this innate archetypal template signature while reverently gazing at and comtenplating a masterful work of religiou art is thus doubly reinforcing - and this unconscious stimulation of two potent and merging archetypal energies can very readily explain why the masses of people who gather to observe and venerate the wide range of Marian apparitions - no matter where they appear; under an interstate bridge overpass or in the dirty window of a condemned building about to be demolished or on a piece of freshly toasted bread - have such profoundly ecstatic and moving subjective spiritual experiences when the sacred image is recognized and apprehended.

This archetypa image - however - now of the Virgin Mary but once of Mother Nature's vagina' - has been with us for many ages however, in fact, the Pagans of antiquity saw them on trees and on rocks and in the earth and in the sky (as the Milky Way Galaxy overhead) as the Great Vulva of the Goddess and believed that any sap or dew (or rain - the manna motif) that issued from such a sweet spot was absolutely magical and held life renewing potential.

Many Pagan shrines were constructed around these naturally occuring vaginal manifestations - but it might have taken a leap of insight from some brilliant medieval artist - who will probably remain anonymous to history -who must have had the "A-ha!" insight of being able to see a way to transform and SUBLIMATE the Pagan adulation and worship of these nature vagina's into the iconic image of the Virgin Mary that we know today - using the very same recognizable shape as the nature vagina - and re-manifesting the vulva of the Old Goddess - into the haloed and hooded image of the Virgin Mary as a venerable figure imbued with sacred energy from head to toe in soft, flowing robes parted along the center, sometimes with her hands held to her chest in prayer (perfectly matching the anatomy of the vaginal labia).

And voila! The once forbidden Pagan icon of the 'nature vagina' is now transformed and re-integrated right into the new Christian experiece as Mary, the Mother of God herself! So rather then destroy and blot out such heathen spots of Pagan veneration and upsetting and inciting outrage and rebellion from the unbeliving masses, the Christian missionaries, on their wide-ranging journeys to spread the Faith throughout the barbarian hinterlands can now allow former Pagans to keep venerating such natural phenomenon, but only after changing and re-defining exactly what it was they were "seeing" in the natural formations....

- Anai Bendai

User Comments

Anai- Thank you for this work. Rufus in Crete brought your blog to my attention in Colorado. We agree with you!!

- see our virgin/vulva efforts ( http://www.yoniversum.nl/gallery/virgin00.html ) at his huge site - http://www.yoniversum.nl/ and my ongoing at

Your virgin/vulva is the starting point, the archetypal path/guide leads on.
I love your sites and am honored to participate in diseminating this knowledge to everyone upon the Earth! The Divine Feminine is again coming into Awareness out from under the Shadows and We Children are all blessed by Her many manifestations... !! [SMILE]

i need the detil picture of virgin's vagina, age about 11 or 16, i mean not of full picture's body, just her vagina, please

Place to respond to pray.  Beautiful sanctuary.  Cordial greetings.  I can use your images?  thanks and regards



Hi Bandai

I read your illustrated essay.  Actually, I come from an Islamic background.

Have you ever thoughtfully noticed the upper end of a mosque's minaret? It meticulously copies the head of a circumcised erected penis. The charming image of vulva is obviously visible in religious (Christian) iconography (we can clearly see the resemblance); However, believers, or common people, don't realise this; because the divine context suppresses the conscience to acknowledge what is really seen; or maybe, the mind does not consciously work along that line of perception at all! This sort of effect is usually effected by epic poetry, drama, or clergymen’s rhetoric. When read aloud or enacted, the public don't question the amount of exaggerations, or things not accurate. They will take what is given!

Anyway, the holy minarets' shape depicting an erected penis rising towards the sky is also a very strong emblem (it is very straight-forward and easily comprehensible with eyes). Generally speaking, all the altars, as portrayed in the Semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and perhaps in some Asian cults have the unmistakable image of vagina.  A Persian couplet says:

"If the bare soles of your feet become lifted up, like praying hands held high

 Many wishes are granted at the altar (which lies) between your two thighs".

(Here, a male poet addresses thus his beloved).

Normally, a (new) religious convert gets as much ideas as possible from a new body of theology, most of the time forced upon him or her; but will keep some of his previous symbols or rituals, so cherished to their hearts (these will be coloured cleverly and carefully to fit in with the new ideological intake). The survival requires skills, cleverness and artistic manipulations at the beginning. Later on, these will be protected by the norm and will not be at risk of detection and annihilation.

So, the human fertility organs (originally sinful, lusty and taboo in Semitic religious conventions) have cleverly been glorified through religious architecture and iconography.

The altar lies low inside the mosque; while the minaret towers high in the dominant position (following the simple natural order).

It is so ironical that both (penis and vagina), although severely condemned, banned and covered, are now the public Semitic objects of worship as were in pagan times (of course, now under guises).

Isn't it all interesting?

I think so.



Agha fuck you ,,you are the devil
Agha fuck you ,,you are the devil

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