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The Mothman Mystery Solved?

Added: Sunday, July 9th 2006 at 9:20pm by AnaiBendai
Related Tags: religion

Has the mystery of the MOTHMAN finally been solved?

For those of you unfamiliar with the MOTHMAN LEGEND, the MOTHMAN is a large creature of some kind; some say bird-like - other say Sasquatch-like, still others say demonic looking and a few even say it looks like some kind of ultra-exotic extra-terrestrial creature which has no parallel in our earthly experience.


But legend has it that everytime the MOTHMAN starts to show up in whatever area, it is to warn of some impending disaster - usually within say a single city or a specific area within or around a populated area and usually landing upon a certain well known feature of the area like a bridge that's about to collapse, a tower or skyscraper that's about to burn down, the roof of a school that's about to be demolished by a sudden mudslide, etc.) - but the appearance of the MOTHMAN - which is said to have a DEEP, PIERCING GAZE that just penetrates right through you and can put you into a deep, hypnotic trance - is always considered a foreboding warning of some imminent tragedy and the sudden and unexpected loss of a large number of lives in an unusual way...

...for instance - the collapse of a major bridge in West Virginia with a whole traffic jam of cars atop it sending everyone into the river below to their deaths - or in the former Soviet Union near the Chernyobl nuclear power plant or the collapse of the World Trade Centers (supposedly there were several reports of a large, winged - black - humanoid BIRD-MAN flying around the WTC's some months before 9/11 - and there is even a now famous picture taken as the WTC's were collapsing of a giant-bird-humanoid creature in the sky flying in broad daylight. It's copyrighted or else I'd display it here but you can find it from the Mothman link I've provided above.)

A MOTHMAN like creature has even been reliably reported by both American soldiers and Iraqi civilians in various places around Iraq - just before large scale carnage and death is about to occur.

Several writers like John Keel, who wrote the book "The Mothman Prophecies" which inspired the movie with Richard Gere have looked into this strange phenomenon and found it goes back into American lore at least 250 years and probably more. It also seems to be related somehow with the UFO phenomenon. Lore about the MOTHMAN also goes way back into indigenous Native American folklore and mythology - where it is sometimes called "The THUNDERBIRD" or "The DEATHBIRD" and various other names - but ALWAYS it's sighting served as a dire portend of imminent DOOM and DESTRUCTION. It has been said that a host of these foul, demonic looking creatures were seen terrifying and haunting the Mayans and Aztecs before the arrival of the white man who decimated their cultures and it was seen in great numbers by the Plains Indians before the white man came and killed all the buffalo which the MOTHMAN was said to feed on and which kept it complacent and hidden from the sight of man in it's giantnests.

The name MOTHMAN was a recent designation given to the phenomenon by a small town news reporter who couldn't think up a name for the creature and turned to his love for comic book monsters and heroes for inspiration. Thus - the name MOTHMAN was born.

But now - some "crypto-zoologists" - which are scientists who look for evidence of species long thought extinct are saying that they are pretty sure there is a super large OWL living in the north-east at least - in the woods of West Virginian and the Appalachian Mountains. This own may be a genuine "cryptid" - meaning a creature unknown to science but nevertheless present and real and still unexplained. There has been evidence of super large owls found in the fossil records in that area dating back several hundreds of thousands of years ago - some with a wingspan of over 40 to 50 feet! That's an OWL large enough to easily pick up a cow or a buffalo and carry it away to a giant nest to feed its young. It would be 6 feet tall while standing with its wings closed! Could you imaging coming upon that thing in the woods at night?

So it is JUST possible that the MOTHMAN is not a monster or a demon or a extra-terrestrial after all - but a bonafide "cryptid" - a relic of evolution left over from prehistoric times which may have been living deep inside Appalachian mountain hollows for hundreds of thousands of years and has only rarely emerged to be seen by human eyes (and scare them shitless) due to some change or variability in its natural environment or food base. And if you'll pardon the pun... Who (hoo) knows? Perhaps this giant owl has a giant brain that is telepathic and can indeed force you to stand paralyzed just with it's piercing gaze. Maybe, as the Native Americans say, it's even intelligent and has a memory of its history and a spirituality all it's own.

There is at least one unconfirmed report of a GIANT OWL swooping down to pick up a small boy out playing in a farm yard in the Appalachian mountains back in the 1930's. The giant OWL screeched with such a terrifying sound at the boy's struggling and biting at its feet that the boys father and brother and farm hand heard it from the barn and came out and threw rocks and sticks at it until it dropped the boy from a height of about 15 feet into a soft earthen livestock yard relatively unhurt except for a few scratches and bruises from the giant OWL's claws (and probably some hilacious nightmares!!!!).

However when the family reported the incident to the local authorities, they were ridiculed and laughed at and eventually came to wish they'd never made the report. But to further confirm their story, possibly the exact same GIANT OWL was seen again about a hundred miles away not more than three months later by a well-respected and sober business man out on a solitary fishing and hunting trip up in the Appalachians. The shaken felow who reported seeing the giant owl fly over head with the limp carcass of a dark brown horse dangling from it talons said it was the most terrifying moment of his entire life. He said every hair on his body stood on end when that giant bird flew over with a roaring whooosh and looked down at him for just a second with those large, piercing eyes... "I know exactly what a field mouse feels like now when he spots an owl swooping down from overhead... with those DAMNED EYES that cut right into ya and turn your blood to ice... and it ain't a good feelin' let metell ya..."

- Anai

User Comments

The movie was great, my father-in-law was a truckdriver and had driven across the bridge in West Virginia the day that it collapsed.
I liked that movie to, creepy though [SMILE]

mothman siting in the tree wait mothmans sit in trees

where do mothmans live mammoth hahahaha ha ok thats not funny any more

Good movie, though a little freaky.  Who knows, perhaps there is such a creature.

Whatever it is, it is really gonna freak out anybody who sees it, thinking of that person's own impending doom.

So many things out there.I wonder if I had seen one of these owls recently in the mountains of Montana. It was definitely almost as big as a person.

I think the owl theory is quite reasonable, I don't live in the U.S myself but as I understand it, there's a lot of open, reasonably untouched country out there in the appalachian mountains and such.  If there were a small population of these owls left they could live for years without being sighted by humans, particularly since owls are nocturnal and will be actively hunting when most people are asleep.  And wasn't the Mothman almost always seen at night?

The owl theory is reasonable but I was searching through the pics and I found a sighting where the creatures gaze it terrified me it felt just as you mentioned in the description.
Not buying it at all
Never wise to make decisions based on trickled down hearsay. Watch the documentary 'Eyes of the Mothman'. It features a good handfull of actual newspaper reports ( in the hundreds), police reports ( in the hundreds), and eyewitness testimonials of people still living in the same small town. The movie does not give the history justice. The documentary covers the entire bizzar yet factual history of the town as well as the other strange events coinciding with moth man who actually takes a back seat through the doc in comparison to all the othe s**t these people went through.

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