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Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, May 12th 2010 at 10:48am by AnaiBendai
Related Tags: money, loan, crime, bible, wealth

Here is my primary criticism about CAPITALISM.


CAPITALISM is the unadulterated celebration of GREED.


GREED is the engine behind CAPITALISM.




From childhood - children all over America are taught it's GOOD to be GREEDY. GREED GREED GREED... that's the American Way... GREED causes demand, demand causes production, produciton causes product, product causes sales, sales cause PROFIT!!!




But isn't "GREED" a VERY DANGEROUS thing? Isn't GREED, by it's very nature, EVIL?


Even if you don't believe in the teachings of Jesus - which are primarily centered around denouncing GREED as the impulses of Satan which must be resisted at all times at all costs....


Doesn't basically psychology clearly demonstrate that GREED is reasonless? That every single murder; every single crime committed by human beings - all originates from GREED?


How can any sane, rational person then, agree with the concept of basing an economic system - a way of life - on the unmitigated celebration of GREED?


How can anyone in their right (and honest) mind believe that GREED is a good thing?


GREED is what motivated Goldman Sachs. GREED is what corrupted ENRON.


GREED is what keeps 82% of American citizens under the poverty level.  


And GREED is what killed Jim Sanders in Seattle, WA...






His OWN GREED killed him every bit as much as the GREED of those who killed him.


So how can ANYONE argue that GREED is GOOD?


Do you think I'm naive enough to believe there is a GOOD GREED and an EVIL GREED?


Does that mean there's a GOOD EVIL and BAD EVIL too?


Explain this to me philosophically because I don't understand how something inherently EVIL can be 'exploited' for something GOOD?


That's what the entire moral message behind THE LORD OF THE RINGS was; some things are simply evil and corrupting and have no "good side". You simply can't use Sauron's One Ring for good. Even with the best of intentions, the Ring will only produce works of evil. The One Ring is a metaphor for GREED.


Also - if you believe in the teachings of the BIBLE, then is the BIBLE just WRONG about GREED? And since GREED is the engine of CAPITALISM, then how can Christian Evangelicals claim - as they do - that CAPITALISM is God's chosen system for man? Do you really think JESUS would agree with that statement?

And why have CONSERVATIVE, CHRISTIAN EVANGELICALS embraced GREED as the new guiding principle of their party? What happened to LOVE? FORGIVENESS? TAKING CARE OF THE POOR?

(this essay continues below)


This is my favorite saying about GREED in the bible:

 Lk. 12:15 - "be on guard against every form of greed; life is not in possessions".

 Here's some more:


   Ps. 10:3 - "the greedy man curses and spurns God"
    Prov. 11:6 - "the treacherous are caught by their own greed"
    Jere. 6:13; 8:10 - "the unrighteous are greedy for their own gain"
    Eph. 4:9 - "those enslaved by satan follow his way of greediness"
    I Thess. 2:5 - "we did not come with pretext for greed"
    I Tim. 3:8 - "Christians should despise the greed of material gain" (cf. Titus 1:7)
    II Peter 2:3 - "in their greed, the false prophets will exploit you with false words"
    II Peter 2:14 - (false prophets) "have hearts trained in greed"


I can understand why athiests can embrace GREED as a "good thing" - beacause they have no set moral code - no spiritual conscience - no understanding of (or belief in) EVIL. They can just make up their own rules to justify any behaivors that suits them.

But how could a Christian be so fooled into thinking GREED and CAPITALISM are anything but a godless, evil, demonic energy enslaving mankind?


Supposedly when you embrace Christ as your savior, you no longer need to fill that vacancy in your Soul with wealth and material possessions anymore. Jesus fills your cup to overflowing with SPIRITUAL WEALTH. But why do modern American Christians think that they also need to overfill their cups with money and Large Screen TV's and RV's and HumVee's and big houses and a closet full of clothes they never wear?


I just don't get it. If someone can explain how GREED is a force for GOOD - please do.

When asked how much is enough (wealth), Nelson Rockefeller replied - "How much is enough? It's always going to be more than I presently have."

And GREED is a curse that you pass onto your own children. When you operate out of a center based on GREED, then your children see this and adopt the same philosophy of GREED for themselves and so they too will live unfulfillable lives based on the accumulation of material junk, always unhappy with their current rate of pay, always wanting more, More, MORE!


- Anai Bendai

(all images reproduced through the FAIR USE DOCTRINE. If you think any image I have posted violates your copyright, please let me know and I will remove it.)

User Comments

You're dead wrong, but you made a slew of invalid, erroneous points.

Capitalism neither encourages nor celebrates greed, as you falsely claim.  What you see as greed is in fact personal initiative, courage of convictions, self-reliance, aspirations, achievement, entrepreneurism, and confidence . . . that, if properly applied does indeed justifiably yield monetary rewards.  And Capitalism beats the hell out of Socialism every time and has done so again and again throughout the history of mankind. 

By the way, how many businesses have you personally started, how many people do you employ, how much business tax do you pay per year?  I'm guessing the answer to those questions is perhaps . . . none. 



Wow! We agree on something!

On the basis of Christianity you are spot on. On the basis of economocs, we need the greed you described to drive our economy. I believe that people should use their wealth to help create a better world instead of just wanting more and more for selfish reasons and I get the feeling that is the type of greed you are referring to.

Good post. I enjoyed reading it.

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