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Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, May 30th 2010 at 8:57pm by AnaiBendai
First news that RONNIE JAMES DIO is dead... and now even MORE shocking news from the metal-world...
DAVE MUSTAINE, lead singer of MEGADETH and original guitarist of METALLICA is a born-again fundamentalist Christian....
(Sound of jaw hitting the floor)

I guess this somehow happened in 2002, but I was too busy with life to hear about it then.

And true to his label as a born-again Fundamentalist Christian, Dave now no longer thinks 'satanic' heavy metal music is so cool anymore.
In fact, he now refuses to play with or support any bands that use 'satanic' lyrics or images.
What a hypocrite!
When he was headlining with MEGADETH, he spoke out against churches picketing his shows - and NOW HE'S PICKETING HEAVY METAL SHOWS himself!!!

So - you might be saying to me - it's a free country, right? Dave Mustaine can be a born again Christian if he wants to be. It's his life... so what?
YES! I agree with that whole-heartedly... I was once a "born-again" Christian myself... I went through that "phase" in my early 20's when I thought I had all the answers to everything in the Bible...

But then REAL LIFE happened to me and I began to discover that the Bible was not the end all be all - that it had been plagerized and ripped off from many other sources that were far older and had nothing to do with Judaism or Christianity whatsoever - and that the only kind of person who could truly follow the Bible would be a psychotic schizoid multiple personality with delusions of god-like grandeur...

What I'm getting at is - as a born-again Christian - I don't think Dave Mustaine is qualified to condemn other bands now because they are still 'satanic' like he used to be before he was "saved".

He's basically saying, "When I did 'satanic' rock - it was cool - but now that I've done it and decided it's not cool anymore, I don't want you to do it. And if you keep doing it, I'm not going to support you anymore." 

(Dave doesn't even know how to do Dio's grandmother's 'evil-eye' thing right anyway!)

But Dave Mustaine should know above all others that the adjective 'satanic' in the music industry does not mean a religious belief in an evil being called Satan. 'Satanic' is just a scare-word for "occultish, gothic, horror-oriented" art.

 Vincent Price can be the poster boy for "occult, horror films with a dark, gothic flavor" but that doesn't mean he knows about or has the slightest interest in anything occult or 'satanic'. It's a ROLE he plays - just like Heavy Metal singer or guitarist is a STAGE ROLE. It's an ACT... it's not WHO YOU ARE. Ozzy Osbourne has been trying to make this point for decades but nobody gets it - and it seems neither does Dave Mustaine.

(Dave Mustaine teaching innocent children* the evil, Satan-worshipping secret-hand gesture of Apollyon, Belial, Baal and Beliar. You can tell by his vile expression that he really means wicked business by it too...) *(super-cute kids by the way!)

 Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee can play a blood-drinking, Satan possessed vampire on the stage and in films, but that doesn't mean they ARE blood-drinking, Satan possessed vampires in their private lives.

Maybe Dave Mustaine has been blinded by his own self-righteousness as to what the real meaning and function of art is? TO SHOCK, TO ARREST the AUDIENCE and AWAKEN them from their meaningless, zombified stupor, to TRANSPORT them to another place in their minds, to activate their imaginations and sometimes to even SCARE THE LIVING HELL right out of them so they can laugh at it afterwords and feel better about the world in general.

Heavy Metal is a stage act. It's not a religious ceremony. Anyone who's ever actually BEEN IN the Heavy Metal world knows this. It's all about hair and face make-up, sight gags, set design, props, squibs... it's all just an entertaining show meant to shock and disturb - like the freak show in a travelling circus or a really good horror movie like the EXORCIST or ROSEMARY'S BABY.

It is NOT, however, a diabolical get together for Satanists to join their voices together and sing praises for the Devil and the forces of evil. Anyone who believes it is - is naive and sadly misinformed, Dave Mustaine included. He must have been too high and drunk and realize what was really going on - that he had a PAID JOB as a PERFORMER - that he was ONSTAGE... what, didn't he realize that the demons behind him were made of painted cardboard? As a kid, did he think Alice Cooper was REALLY cutting the heads off of real people?

Dave - I'm happy for you that you're a born-again Christian... hey, whatever reality crutch works for you - go with it... but just don't be a hypocrite about it.

(Actual AP photo of the moment of Dave Mustaine's conversion and re-birth)

That's not what Christianity is supposed to be about... it's not HATE, it's not EXCLUSION, it's not BOYCOTTING, BANNING or PICKETING... it's really all about acceptance, being at peace with yourself and with others - live and let live - judge not lest ye be judged. Oh and Dave... you cannot be a rich man and expect to get into heaven. So the whole millionaire thing has got to go now too...

YOU CAN'T SERVE MAMMON AND GOD, DAVE. Either "get real" with this Christian act or stop pretending.

I love you and respect your art Dave. But true artists aren't hypocrites. They are courageous individuals who rise above collective opiates like booze, drugs and religion and who stand alone on the merits of their art alone. They do not criticize other artists or imply there is something "immoral" about them.

That's just not cool, Dave... especially coming from you...

- Anai Bendai

post script: The only REAL place to worship Satan is in a REAL Satanic Church like the Westboro Baptist Church under the direction of a High Satanic Priest like Fred Phelps.

Now THAT is the kind of place where the "real" Devil hides and operates from behind the Shadows... if Satan were as clever and diabolical as he is depicted at - he wouldn't be openly advertising himself but rather acting like a "messenger of light" - a Wolf in SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

You see Dave - you've got to actually READ the Bible once you go all 'born-again', otherwise you'll sound like a hypocrite and a amateur newbie... the LAST place Satan will be is at a Heavy Metal Concert. The first place he WILL be is in a Church on Sunday Morning... that's his REAL nature. And I say unto you, "Behold, for here is a mystery - and all stood and wondered but alas, none but the Gnostics comprehended."

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Great article :)

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Uh, no. Nice editing work to take so much out of context, though.

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