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Control and Confidence

Added: Thursday, November 21st 2013 at 12:34am by amykanner

It’s an epidemic, they are everywhere, and the growth in technology is only making them more accessible. It has become more then a phase and now that the Oxford Dictionary has made it the word of the year, it has solidified itself into our language and our culture. I’m talking about the “selfie“. Defined by Oxford as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”. 

The real question here is why? Why are selfies such a phenomenon? Why do people take them and why are they so important to us? If you ask me its all about the control. 

When other people take pictures of us we are incapable of taking that photo over and over again until it meets our standards. When taking a selfie however a person can take the picture as many times as he or she wants until it is up to their social media posting standards.  The camera is in their hand and their control they can look adjust, look again, adjust again, and so on and so forth until they approve of the photo 100% and because the photo is being taken by them, themselves nobody else’s time and efforts are being wasted. 

With this control comes confidence. The confidence comes from the fact that because the photographer and the photographed are the same person bad photos where the person may not look their best will only be seen by themselves and only the best pictures will make it on to social media. Where it will gather a plethora of “likes” boosting ones self confidence even more so. 

I guess this is one positive aspect of selfies, everyone should be able to be able to boost their self confidence on their own terms. I mean if you are having a bad day why not make yourself by taking a picture of yourself, posting it, and getting an abundance of likes from your friends. There are worse ways to boost your self confidence. 

Another upside to a selfie is that you don’t need to ask anyone to take the photo for you therefore you aren’t disturbing anyone around you, its also much more
 convenient. With cells phones these days having front facing cameras the selfie is easier than ever. 

I can remember one time specifically that I took a selfie and it was all out of pure convenience. As I stood in The Louvre in front of the Mona Lisa, I really wanted to take a picture with it but there was a large crowd of people and the inability to get someone to take the picture for me, so I took it myself. Honestly, I love that I have the ability to say that I took a selfie with the Mona Lisa as ridiculous as that sounds. 


There is no shame in selfies as they have worked their way into our culture and our language they are just a part of life now. I think what makes them most silly is there name but when it comes down to it however selfies are just pictures. 

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