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AMOD: Trump's Executive Order on Payroll Taxes

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, August 8th 2020 at 2:39pm by AMODPOVW
Category: Polls & Quizzes
Related Tags: taxation

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User Comments

since I don't believe he meantioned it one way or an othher why should the isssue event be raise.?

Because of the possible relationship of the two!  {#basic-laugh.gif}

SSI is only part of withholding... the real issues is understanding the words he used.....DEFERRED is not Removed.... it means it must be paid at a later date just like my local Property & School taxes were deferred from August 2 to Aug31 for a 2%discount and the 3pt payment plan has you paying the 2%more  giving more time only to accumulate the funds which costs you dearly...Im sure this will not be a discount just a matter of paying later rather than now....

Yes, and not for the good.

it is  all to be ""deferred''  till 2021 and back to what it was with a catchup which will be withheld so there is no getting ahead.....this for the family benefit to stay afloat after income loss as well as employer pay outs right now to stay afloat.. I'm thinking its again OUR MENTAL ABILITY to run our own lives intelligently and apply the extra not withdrawn to an interest earning fund to our advantage.. when it will somehow become withdrawn via Federal Income Tax time... ? as long as they don't deduct this from the Social Security Insurance it will be fine..Seniors can't take any more of a hit on this money which is theirs paid in as insurance when they can no longer earn their support...... Seems both parties look upon SSI as some sort of gov pay out and it is not as it is to be the interest we earned on money we paid in. BUT THE  DEM AND REP BOTH robbed that insuance fund and took it broke and we the people allowed their doing it.

Yes the fund has been robbed blind for decades by both parties!

And yes he said deferred....but he is also on record wanting to eliminate it completely and has said that if he receives a second term he will do so!

If it is deferred....that money will not go into the fund...regardless of how much it may be, and yes it will be repaid to the fund at some later date!

The problem is.....if you are not working right now, you will not benefit at all from this particular action because you do not have a payroll from which this tax would be deducted!  So how does the unemployed individual benefit from this Executive Order?

There was no clarification on where this money was going to be deducted from!  And totally agree, Seniors cannot afford to take any additional hits!

There were some very logical reasons many Republicans were against this particular idea!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Since I've been retired for 16yrs and collecting SS my concern is getting continued payments of MY Money = Investment beginning back somewhere around 1956...cause I still have to work my ass off with old  rentals and rising cost at 78 just to survive with the pittence people my age can get due to low wages when we began paying in when they keep deleting services.  In the end we are going Socialistic with everyone standing holding their handout instead of using their hands constructively to build via what is no more a capatialistic working system with all the handout.. MY son got full medical benifites not working or paing in and I pay $400 a month for less... talk screwed up!


There is one clear reality about SS....unless you are receiving it and born lets say before 1952 or 1953, you have little understanding the true difficulties that Seniors are experiencing! {#basic-cool.gif}

true I know so may struggling with medication cost and gen cost of living and rising taxes in their housing they can no longer maintain with pd mortgages but couldn't afford rent either. Fortunatelly I though ahead to proved something more cause not all can move in with thier children which many are now doing again as they once did.

OMG!!  That is such a true statement, but at the same time the real shame of it all!!!{#basic-frown.gif}

Each and everyday I thank god that I did the same!!!

He has been attacking SS since day 1--this would just be his first step.

"DEFERRED is not Removed.... it means it must be paid at a later date"  OMG!!!! I can't stop laughing!! Certainly not in his lifetime let alone any politician 'paying back at a later date'. And the sad thing is that person really believes Trump means what Trump is saying!!!  LOL!

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