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AMOD: There was difference in how Law Enforcement responded to the January 6th Incident and the BLM Protest! It had nothing to do with Race!

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, January 9th 2021 at 8:07pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
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There has been a lot of talk over the last several days about how the Law Enforcement response to the Incident at the Capital on January 6th was completely different then their response to the BLM Protest that took place in Washington last summer, and you know what....it was!!  But again, for someone like myself who participated in Five (5) Presidential Call Ups in support of the City and One Emergency Call Up to Protect a KKK Rally I can tell you that the reason had nothing to do with Race as some are suggesting!

The reason that there was a difference in the response has everything to do with something called the "Threat Assessment" or the "TA"!  Now, without getting deep into the woods, I will tell you that TA has nothing to do with Intelligence Reports....but in some instances will rely on information from Intelligence Sources.  TA is conducted at several levels and in this particular situation it was conducted at the Executive Level, the City Level and finally at the Operational or Street Level.  The failure in this instance was at the Operational or Street Level (Capital Police).  I will explain it with an example.

In August of 2020 Al Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN) proposed to hold a "Get your Knee of my Neck" Rally in Washington DC.  This was at the height of the BLM Protest that were taking place in the Nation and just weeks after the famous Lafeyette Park Incident.  Sharpton requested a Permit, for 100,000 people and the city was reluctant to approve it because he lacked the creditability to control such a large event, but then the NAACP and the Urban League threw their support behind the gathering and the City approved.  The National Guard was not activated and no additional support was requested.  

The end result was that a crowd of over 50,000 arrived on the Mall, conducted their demonstration and after 8 hours left the city without one arrest.  They were able to do this because the NAACP and the Urban League have a history of bringing Marshalls and Section Leaders to their Demonstrations and they coordinate heavily with the local Law Enforcement Officials.  For that reason the August Demonstration had a very low "TA"!

The January 6th Rally on the Mall like wise had a Low "TA" from the Executive and City Level.  We know this because of some reporting that came out today.  It was revealed today that the DC National Guard "Reaction Force" which is normally on standby for any major Demonstration was positioned at Andrews Air Force Base.....40 minutes away from the City!!  In years pass this Force was known as "Task Force Blue" and although normally stationed at Andrews it was always moved into the City during the day of any potential use.  From its position in the city, it would be minutes away from downtown.

Now, at the Operational Level....the Capital Police.....they knew that they did not have the manpower to handle 4,000 Protesters moving from the Mall.  They made the "Assumption" that the Protesters would stop at the outer perimeter and as a result they did not adjust their "TA" until it was too late.  There are only 1500 Capital Policeman and not all were on duty that day....it should be noted when you assault something you normally want a 3 to 1 ratio.  When you defend you want as much manpower as you can get.  The Protesters were always in control of that situation.  Now why the Capital Police did not see or respond to the threat is still to be determined, but that is where your problem can be found.

Once again, this situation and the reaction to it had little to do with "Race" and everything to do Stragetic Planning or the lack thereof.  The Capital Police Blew It...and never made the necessary adjustment to recover, as a result people died and the Capital Building was occupied.  It was their job to constantly make updated "Threat Assessments".

Just a side note.  During that August 2020 March, once it was over and the Demonstrators had departed downtown some idiots (about 75 of them) decided that they wanted to stay around.  The DC Police adjusted their "TA" of the situation and called for reinforcements.  When the idiots decided that they would move out into the street and block traffic...it took DCMP minutes to move in, scoop them up making over 50 arrest and solving the problem.

See my Point!




User Comments

Ok, so it looks like, trusting what you are saying since you are there and familar with the location, it had little or nothing to do with race.  Personally, I think there is an optics issue because most of the people in the August 2020 were Black as they were in other cities.  In the other cities the reaction was  often overly , shall we say "enthusiatic" leading to more problems.  Remember most of us look at the nation as a whole when we evualate things like this.

However, in DC, it is obvious that the August issue was handled way better than the Jan 6th one.  Which leads me to a question or two.  Who gives the Capital Police their information?  Are they under the control of the executive branch?  Or someone else?  Frankly, I think that matters because the head of the executive branch who was riling up the people to fight and never give up against an imagined evil cabal that had stolen their votes.

SFLT you are asking the correct questions here!

The Capital Police are independent and answer to the Congress!!!  He gets his information or Intelligence from the FBI and his local Partners.  Now on the 6th each of the local Law Enforcement Agencies made their own "TA" based upon their missions.  Example:

There are 3100 US Park Police...they had primary responsibility for that Rally on the Mall....they had their hands full and could not assist the Capital Police.  There are 3600 DC Police and they had a city of 7.7 Square Miles to cover plus back up the Park Police, so that is why they asked and received National Guard support.  And remember there is the Secret Service, 3000 strong, but they have all the Embassies and the White House.

The Capital Police have 7 Buildings that they are responsible for.....someone there had to be monitoring that Rally and know that people were headed that way!  Until someone tells me different, I am going to believe that the head of the Capital Police believe that the people coming would stop at the outer perimeter.  Personally, I would not have taken that chance....once I saw them coming, I would have reached out for reinforcements!!!{#basic-cool.gif}

What occurs to me is that the rhetoric being used was "fight" and people apparently (not saying trump directly but someone else, perhaps Giuliana or one of the other speakers) were even more extreme.

What I fail to be able to understand is why somone that we would hope would be smart enough about human nature to know how many people will react, couldn't have foreseen that some of these people, many of whom seem to be anti-government period, would react by being told to "fight and do not ever back down" in some many words.

It seems to me that either trump WANTS violence and choas or he is too naive to be in the position in the first place because he doesn't understand human nature and the characteristics of a mob.

Trump needs to be able to claim...Plausible Deniability (PD)!!  Most Leaders when asking subordinates to do some bordline stuff will speak in code, thus allowing PD!  Trump has several times said and done too much!!  Take the Ukraine phone call, he lost PD when he released the transcript!!

He said too much during that speech on the 6th.  He said too much in the tweets afterward!  Hell Tweeter is doing him a favor!  So in this case I would say that Trump is very naive!

Most of the people be arrested over last several days are saying that they came to Washington because Trump asked them!!  Think about that!

Naive, or ruthless and failing to care about how people react, as long as he gets the adulation he wants??  That is the question.  {#basic-frown.gif}

More and more are being arrested everyday.....and most are losing their jobs as a result of this mess!

Trouble is most of them still do not understand that they have been deceived!

You have a short and selective memory, AMOD.

BLM did indeed riot on Trumps inauguration day.    Over 200 arrested.  Here ya go, straight from NBC, not some alternative site.



I mean really, does THIS look like a peaceful protest to you?  It was taken on Trump's inauguration.

Imper....remember, BLM is not an organization!  Were there Protest, yes, and if you remember I questioned the purpose?  I referenced the insanity of those protest because of the amount of security that is always associated with the swearing in of a President.

You also had all of those women show up for that march the weekend before the Inaguration.  Look, Marches or Protest without a clear purpose are meaningless and recipes for disaster.

That is the reason why the so called BLM Protest always spiraled out of control.{#basic-cool.gif}

Also, I forgot that you had not been here for a while, so you missed my Post from last summer about the BLM Marches:


Oh was that the silliness where they all wore pussy hats?

Real dignified, that one.  Accomplished not a thing, either.

Yeah that was the one!

Hey! We ouhgt not to be even having this debate in the first place. We ought to be living in a country that does not have a traitor in charge and all the little kiddies  who turned up to get shot at.

There are so many just bullits to be fired yet as a result. But when tjhe guns fire all manner of innocents are riped apart.

Welcome to your foul and cowardly legarcy Trump and all the Trump pussies.

C14 here is the insane thing about your comment.....there could and probably should have been a lot more shots fired, and as you say...when that bullet leaves that gun it does not have a brain.

We were very lucky and if people do not realize that, then we are in for it later this month!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Please, dear sanity, those pathetic monsters don;t indulge there deluded fatasies any more.

I fear the potential destruction that will come our way again. By big bearded big mouthed cowards who think they are actually men. We can all shout loud. But most achieve quietly.

I am sure you realize that there are people that seem to be planning not only to come back on the 19-20th but are "bringing guns the next time".

If that is not a threat against the peace of the nation, I don't know what is.  Of course, we might like to think that they are just loudmouths, but they have already done something to follow up on that mouthiness, so how are we to trust that they won't follow up again.

That is why the authorities are working as hard as they can to get people like Angili behind bars so that the ones prone to violence will have fewer leaders to cause a ramping up again.

To document the above information, there is the link, Amod.


And the National Guard is on alert for the next 30 days, so hopefully they will be "the army" that can resist these insurrectionists.

most achieve quietly

I'm wondering if that's always been true.

SFTL unfortuately the NG will not be the army to resist the insurrectionist!!

You will need the FBI, ATF and others to be that force.  I fear there will be a gun battle or two before this is all over....and some of these will be in State Capitals.

As for DC.....we have seen some of this stuff before, but not since the early 50's and then the late 60'.  All I can say is that those who want to come back on the 17th and with weapons are going to find a lot less patience after the 6th!

What is not being reported as much as it should is that a man was arrested blocks from the Capital with 3 handguns, an Assault Rifle and 11 Molotov Cocktails!!  Now please tell me what the hell he was planning on doing with all that fire power. {#confused.gif}{#confused.gif}

The insane thing is that he left most of his armerment unattended in his truck as he went off somewhere.  This is DC not a small town in Alabama!!  How insane is that??


Insane or very mean careless people given permission by the man in the White House.  Just not acceptable on any level.

Read comment above, the same thing happened when Trump took office, they just didn't breach the Capitol building.  But riots (described by the MSM as 'mostly peaceful protests these days) did take place ALL OVER THE NATION.

This division's gotta stop.  I REFUSE to view half of my fellow citizens as personal enemies, though some may legitimately be classified as enemies of the State, but that applies to violent extremists on both sides.

If we'd stop fighting with each other long enough to take a deep breath...or a few of them, we'd come to see how we've ALL been manipulated to this point.  As long as we can blame each other, the ones really to blame can enjoy their champagne and not be bothered by the proletariat.

Here's something my immigrant husband wrote 4 years ago, when he voted--legally--in his first POTUS election.  (We boycotted the year 2012, caring for neither candidate and lacking a 'none of the above' option.)  Bet he did vote for Trump in 2016.

He holds a PhD in political philosophy, and was a typical leftist euro-dweeb when--my god--we fell in love online, met in person, and began the immigration process for him to join me here.  That was in 2003.

I think you'll enjoy what he wrote about his reasons for choosing Trump.

Here's the link.



Correction, we both skipped 2016, but both voted for Trump in 2020.

I agree about healing divisions. And I don't think that the majority of protesters last week were terrorists, just people who had become disaffected with the establishment, and there are plenty on the left who are disaffected too. But Wednesday had real elements of terror tactics, organisation and serious breaches of our values and institutions that showed themselves in the form of hundreds of individuals going way further than anything since the British sacked Washington.

I will check out what your hubby wrote, but, despite this obsession with taxes that most Republicans seem to have, as if it was the only political issue, I feel that Trump has done a staggering amount of damage to the USA, home and abroad, and he's even wrecked his own party. Back to you soon. HaHa.

"As I have said, I think Trump to be a catalyst. And catalysts often cause violent reactions. Whether America survives his Presidency in its current form is a matter open to debate.

I hope not. I hope America, as a consequence of what is to come, transforms itself into a Nation that much more closely approximates to its ideals and its aspirations, that it becomes a Nation, and a people, worthy to be held up as an example to the world ."

I think the first paragraph your hub wrote is some accurate prediction. Accurate predictions tend to confirm an understanding of a subject, I feel. The second paragraph is a very neat summation of what really matters here. The US Constitution, as your man suggested, is unique and special, and is what might make America genuinely great if it can be lived up to. Especially the idea of all citizens being valued equally. It has been a far from perfect execution of the Constitutional intenstions so far, with good moments and bad moments. But I think the problem right now is that catalyst Trump (and he very definitely is that) has sent us reeling backwards so far that it may take us years to get back to the situation we were at before 2016, and things weren't that great back then, as Hilary was leading a Democrat Party that seemed as developmentally stagnant as the Republican Party has now become.

I think we have two major problems to solve right now. The vitally necessary coming together as a nation to defeat plague, mass unemployment, poverty and deal with Russia and China. Secondly, we need to send a message out to the world and throughout America, that we will not be seen to be weak in the face of attacks upon our precious constitution by extremists of any side, via violence, sedition or cyber criminality.

*******Amodpovw: please check your facebook messages as soon as you get a chance*******

Just saw it and responded!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Thanks, greatly.  Oh and as far as your last response above, sad, truly sad.

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