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AMOD: There is an easy Solution to the Voter Fraud issue..No Mail In, Absentee or Early Voting! State Issued ID only! Vote on Nov. 3rd!!

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, July 31st 2020 at 10:20am by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: elections


Let's stop the madness about Voting and Voter Fraud!!  There is an easy solution to the problems and concerns about Voter Fraud and Rigged Elections!  Here are my recommendations for Presidential Elections:

First, no Mail In Voting!!  It makes you lazy!!  If you are not willing to get off your butt and exercise your right to Franchise then you deserve the government you get!

Second, no Absentee Voting!!  Again the same principal that applies in #1 applies here.  We are a Representive Democracy...if you have an emergency and cannot vote at that time, no problem catch it next time.  Also there is absolutely no reason why the Military cannot establish Voting Sites on all Military Installations which allow for Miliitary Personnel and their Dependents to Vote in a secure location.  It can be easily done!

Third, no Early Voting!!  The Constitution says that voting should occur the first Tuesday after the 1st of November.  Period, Full Stop!!  States can do what they want on State Elections....but Presidential elections are laid out in the Constitution.

Fourth, State or Federal issued ID's only!!  Present your State Issued ID or Drivers License only....no Gun Permits, Student ID's etc.  Military Personnel and Dependents have Federal ID's which are also acceptable.  Non-Citizens should have something on those ID's to identify themselves....most States already do this.

This is not Rocket Science people!!!  Make these very easy corrections to our present voting process and the cry of Voter Fraud and Rigged Elections will disappear.  In Person Voting Only!

Geez!!  Its really simple!!!



User Comments

From your mouth to Trump's & God's ears...

For once I agree with you.

Here in Canada every registered voter is mailed a Voter Card. They take that card to the polling center indicated on the card. The polling center checks the card against their list and send you to the voting booth. No card? Lecture ensues. You are supposed to register! Be prepared to show an ID that matches a bill or something else send by post in your name to your residence.

It really is rather simple Ken if people want it to be!

 I don't mean to speak for Ken... but I have a sneaky hunch that you are on 2 different pages. 

ONT that is because you are an Idiot!

Simple until you bring it to the ears/eyes of those trying to steal the election. If it's soooooooooooooo simple, why don't we hear it from Wapo, Ny Times, CNN and the rest of the presstitutes? Because they're all saying something quite different.

With right leaning people, you're preaching to the choir. Nobody would dispute what you said that has any common sense.

Metal no one cares about your musings!

These are my recommendations you can take them or leave them!


Stuff the NO ONE spew, boomer. You speak for nobody!

Shove them up your bloated ass or learn to accept an agreement. Facts are facts, it ain't SIMPLE for those you support.

Grow up and admit that and I'll stop laughing at you lol

Please Metal....go play with the children someplace will you!

What do you think I'm doing here?

Making a complete fool out of yourself!!!

Which you tend to do often with very little effort!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Right, which is why spend all your time on me instead of what I say. Classic diversion. You're just not up to it....  so you spend 90% of your time projecting.

That Ceilede post you commented on saying "Wow, interesting"..

I bet... since it was YOU lol...   but doesn't look like you learned a single fucking thing.

Keep talking....   I have plenty of time to laugh after these ribs {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

Yes Master Metal!!!  Anything you say Master Metal!!!{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}

Lol you're pathetic... you think my ribs comment had something to do with you? Jesus!

I was REALLY eating RIBS...   these right here & cupcakes too.

Image may contain: dessert, food and outdoor

Yes Master Metal!!  Anything you say Master Metal!!{#a-little-birdy.gif}

I disagree only at times like we are in now with a pandemic, and people dying.  
Don't worry, I will do what I have to do to vote....especially this year.

SFLT again...this entire Voter Fraud thing is a distraction!!  Keep it simple stupid....the old "KISS" philosophy!

The only reason the process has become complicated is because so many people were concerned about how to prevent other people from voting!

Just make it clear cut and simple, it will all work out in the end!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I will go further and say with the technology we have today, why are we not voting by the internet.  That would not be hard to set up, and we would all have codes and hopefully we could stop the hackers if we had decent security.

But in addition, you do know that there are lots of presincts that are being closed, which once again, is more likely to impact those in poorer communities.  i am certainly not one of those worried about keeping people from voting, I am on the other side of that coin,

By the way, I do have the right under my state's arrangement to vote by mail...if people like trump are allowed to, I don't see why I shouldn't be.

My recommendations would allow State Elections to be run in accordance with State Rules, so if your State allowed mail in ballots so be it!

On the Presidential Election....it has to be In-Person! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Even Trump would not be allowed to vote Mail-In!!  He would have to go to a Polling Place like everyone else!

well, at least your plan is consistent.  I will say that for it. n {#apploud.gif}

You're not actually advocating what your title suggests are you? Isn't it true that poor black folk wouldn't be able to find their way to the voting booths? 

As I have said before....you are a complete idiot!!

And yes I am advocating this!!


Well gee wiz, how come your democrat party can't agree to this? We've been fighting them for this for years, and they just keep calling us racists. 

I am and have been all of my Adult Life a Republican!  Maybe you should ask Donald Trump that question...he just became a Republican recently and is still spending like a Democrat or have you not noticed! {#rofl.gif}

As to the racist thing....I do not have a clue, I never use the word!{#basic-laugh.gif}


Oh stop it... you are a liberal democrat masquerading as a republican... it would be kind to call you a RINO.

Explain what you mean by Trump spending like a democrat.

As I have said on more than one occasion...you are an idiot!

As a registered Republican who lives in the State of Maryland....Moderate Republicans have won two of the last four Governor races.  We understand the difference between being make believe Conservatives and real Social Moderates and Fiscal Conservatives.

As to spending like a Democrat....have you checked the Deficit lately?

You seem to forget Trumps claim before his election that he was the master of Deficit Spending!!  Of course you forgot that because you are wrapped up in the Culture War BS!

And in case you haven't known this about me....god knows I have posted it enough.....what people like you think I am does not matter, simply because I know who I am!

I cannot believe you would ask the question what do I mean by Trump Spending like a Democrat!  You just revealed yourself with that one!!{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

No seriously, I'd like you to spell out for me how Trump is spending like a democrat... ya jiveass. 

You... a "registered republican" means nothing, you're a RINO. 


ONT if you do not know...why should I waste my time showing you!

Look at the Deficit!

Again, you exposed yourself on that one!!!

And the last time I checked....RINO is not a party...its a label that Idiots like you love to throw around!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Hell to some of your kind....Ronald Reagan would be a RINO today...so the term means nothing!

Members of the Lincoln Project wear it as a badge of honor!

Yes Sir Master Metal!!  Anything you say Master Metal!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Well jiveass, you're the one who brought up "Trump's deficit" so let's have it bright boy. Tell us all how Trump gave us a deficit. 

I never said RINO was a party, it's simply what you are, a phony ass, jiveass poser. 

uhhhh no, no one like me would ever call Reagan a RINO... nice try. 

Ahhhh... thank you very much for your clarification. YOU are now a certified RINO, a republican poser, a jiveass fraud... The Lincoln Project proudly endorsed Joe the GROPER Biden for president. I rest my case!!! 

Let's have the discussion then idiot!

You do know what a deficit is right.  Its when your spending outreaches your income....and you develop what is known as a deficit!

Well can you explain to me how we paid for the Trump Tax Cut?  That was a reduction in our income.  We did not cut spending to match the deficit, at least not to my knowledge...maybe you know something I do not!

A simple google search would have informed you that the US Deficit was $590 Billion in 2016.  It was $1.09 Trillion in 2019.  We spent $4.53 Trillion and only took in 3.44 Trillion!!

Please tell me that you knew this!!  

We are currently on line to have a $1.10 Trillion Dollar Deficit in for 2020 if we keep to the current spending rates until 1 October!

Why do you think Rand Paul and few others are bulking at the present Stimulus Bill?   Also please tell me you know that the GDP dropped by 35% this last quarter which means the chances of closing gap anytime soon is not very good.

A Balanced Budget and not passing debt on to our children is something the Republican Party used to be proud of.  That along with a strong National Defense.  There used to be a strong Republican Party in the Northeast...but not anymore.

All the Trumpster seem to be concerned about are the Cultural Issues!

You guys are the real "RINO's"!!  You care little to nothing for the real true values that used to represent the Party....why do you think so many have left.  People like George Will and Bill Kristol who have been Republicans all their lives are now considered RINO's.  Hell I have heard people call George W Bush and Jeb Bush RINO's....what is that all about!

And once again your failure to expound on the deficit exposed you as a true idiot who knows very little about what is truly happening in the country today!{#basic-laugh.gif}


I assume you've heard of the CHINA virus? Trump has mentioned it a couple time. I figured you'd pretend as though the China virus was the Trump virus, or ignore it's significance in the scheme of things. Until the China virus came along, Trump's economic plan and successes would have eventually brought the deficit down. 

Yes, your list of RINOS is correct. {#apploud.gif}

You clearly did not read my Post!

The so called China virus arrived in Feb. of this year...so what is your explanation for the deficit last year????

You also cannot apparently count....how is going from 590 Billion in 2016 to 1.09 trillion in 2019 (before the virus) bringing it down????

It's going up!!!!!!!!!!  And has been!!!!!

Republicans used to care about those things!!!!  Some of us still do!!!

Again...you exposed yourself on this one!  Sorry there is no recovery from it.....you are a certified Idiot!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Like I said: Trump's economic plan and successes would have eventually brought the deficit down.

Before the China virus the economy was booming, jobs were up, the stock market was through the roof, unemployment was at historic lows. You liberals couldn't have asked for anything better than the China virus. 

ONT you are not only an idiot...you are delusional!!

The economy was not booming and the Stock Market is not a true indicator of the strength of the economy!

Jobs...unemployment was going up....but that was a trend started under Obama and continued by Trump!

You Trumpist have no clue as to the functions of the economic system.  The Deficit was growing before the virus....what was Trump doing that was going to make it suddenly go down?  Please tell me???

Also...you are aware that the Trade Wars he started with China has done untold damage to the Farming Industry.  Family Farm Bankrupties are up 27% this year!

Stop drinking the Trump Kool Aid and do some research....before its too late.  This guy is selling you a bill of goods and you are buying it whole hog!!


You moron, obama BOUGHT jobs with stimulus money. Those were FAKE jobs... simply money given to leftist green shit companies, and most of the companies he GIFTED with taxpayer money went BANKRUPT. 

obama: Some jobs 'are just not going to come back'

...Mr. Positive

You and your leftist masters have been happy to have China spank us at every turn, to steal from us, to cheat us, to lie to use... basically, you want America to be China's bitch. 

You are an indoctrinated mess, a disgrace to America, a jiveass, a traitor...


A well stated post and one that should be law. Trouble is, states rule voting proceeduresand the Dems would reject it outright! Too hard to cheat. But I like it!

#1 Does that include the president and Vets and/or old  disabled folks?

#2 So IF I am unable to make it Election Day, for whatever reason I should lose my vote?

#3  What's wrong with early voting and making it easier for working people and others?

#4  What about the poor person who can't afford the FEE to get a driver's or State's ID?  Isn't that like a voting tax????

And what percentage of ALL, if any, voting has been fraud for the past, let's say, 5 decades? 

And when will you take mine and Debbie's lessons?  IGNORE! IGNORE! IGNORE!


by the way...ate Hotdogs for Dinner last night!! (That will answer one of your questions)

As to the #1-3, my recommendations would simpify the voting process.  It would eliminate this uproar about Voter Fraud.  It would result in statues being instituted that corrected any flaws in the voting process.{#basic-laugh.gif}

But what 'voter fraud'?????

that should have been 'what about voter fraud'?

HotdogS???? More than one????? NO!!

Yep!!!  Two!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

You are spoiled aren't you??????

Martin I am going to crack you up....last night at Dinner she virtually repeated you words to me....and she had not read your Post!

When I told her what you said....she just feel out laughing and said...WELL!!{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

Smart people think alike and then there are those who eat TWO hotdogs!!


The solutions seem workable, but why no early voting? Will you have a late voting option available? Seems to me voting should be within a certain time frame may be a month to ensure everyone get their vote in. 

Removing of the various options is designed to take away any partial for complaint about voter fraud.  Equal footing for everyone no exceptions.

Now some of the people complaining will immediately find that it is not going to go the way they thought it would go.

People seem to forget that during the period from 1800 to 1960.....people seldom expected to get complete election results on election night!{#basic-laugh.gif}

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