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AMOD: Nothing from Trump on Russia paying Bounties to the Taliban for American Soldiers, but we get an E.O. on protecting Monuments! Geez!

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, June 27th 2020 at 11:35am by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: war


You cannot make this stuff up...as the White House once again seems to be silent on issues that effect the lives of American Service members:

By Ellen Nakashima, Missy Ryan, John Hudson and Shane Harris 

June 27, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. EDT

A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan, including U.S. and British troops, in a striking escalation of the Kremlin’s hostility toward the United States, American intelligence has found.

The Russian operation, first reported by the New York Times, has generated an intense debate within the Trump administration about how best to respond to a troubling new tactic by a nation that most U.S. officials regard as a potential foe but that President Trump has frequently embraced as a friend, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive intelligence matter.

The officials said administration leaders learned of reported bounties in recent months from U.S. intelligence agencies, prompting a series of internal discussions including a large interagency meeting that was held in late March. According to one person familiar with the matter, the responses discussed at that meeting included sending a diplomatic communication to relay disapproval and authorizing new sanctions.

Russian involvement in operations targeting Americans, if confirmed, is likely to lead to outrage on Capitol Hill and questions about why the administration has not responded to it.

Spokesmen for the National Security Council, the Pentagon, and the CIA declined to comment.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the story, “illustrates the low intellectual abilities of propagandists from the American intelligence, who instead of inventing something more reliable have to come up with such nonsense... However, what else can be expected from intelligence, which miserably failed the twenty-year war in Afghanistan”

The Taliban denied any involvement.

“We categorically reject the notion of ever planning or carrying out targeted attacks against U.S. or foreign forces at the behest of foreign intelligence or for the sake of collecting bounty,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in a statement, “and we also reject receiving material support from foreign intelligence because such undertakings are harmful for the sovereign decision-making of any country and movement.”

It was not immediately clear whether the militants approached by Russia as part of the initiative had succeeded in killing Americans or allied forces. News of the murky initiative comes as American diplomats attempt to kindle political talks that could put end to America’s longest war, now in its 19th year.

Earlier this year, the administration struck an initial peace deal with the Taliban. The agreement, which outlined the full withdrawal of the U.S. military within 14 months, was supposed to lead to a prompt start to talks between militant representatives and the Afghan government.

But the Afghan parties have failed to reach agreement on interim steps, and with the coronavirus crisis taking hold in Afghanistan, those talks have yet to materialize. Hanging over the process is Trump’s oft-stated desire to remove U.S. forces from the country, where local forces have been unable to secure an edge over the Taliban despite two decades of foreign funding and advising....

News of the cloaked operation comes as the Pentagon confirms that it has completed an initial drawdown of American forces to about 8,600 servicemembers from Afghanistan, a first step toward a full withdrawal. Officials have said the full withdrawal remains “conditions-based,” suggesting they will seek to keep a sizable force there if the Taliban does not make a political deal with the Afghanistan government.

While Taliban forces have halted attacks against the United States as part of that deal, the militants have continued to assault Afghan troops, making for what one senior Afghan official described this week as the most deadly conditions in 19 years.


I do not care at this point whether the story is true or not.....to not comment Officially about something this grave is just plain insane!!  

In the meantime this morning we get an Executive Order (which is meaningless, because there is already a law) about protecting Statues!!!  Geez!!!

User Comments

What makes this even more interesting is that while i couldn't get to the link I found the story in the New York Times.  There it states that this issue of the Russians paying bounties has been known about for months.  So, we have an administration that has sat on a big issue.

But they respond to the "protection of our statues"...even those celebrating the traitors to the country??  Really, that is where this administration puts its attention?  Kind of like their refusal to censure Saudi Arabia for killing the reporter.

Oh, and by the way, both snopes and another fact checker indicates that the mock up of the Lincoln Statue being defaced was false.  I think the EO mentioned that as an example as well.

Exactly on the Russian Story!

Oh hold on to your knickers on the Lincoln Statue story....I am doing my next Post on that Lincoln statue thing!  I was there yesterday....right in the Park...and wait until you hear first hand at what I saw!{#basic-laugh.gif}

You're so pathetic... do you think we should go to war with Russia now? Then, if Trump responded, your story would be... TRUMP IS TRYING TO START WW III!!! You're like a little bitch... bitch bitch bitch. No matter what Trump does, you'll be there to criticize... with all your abundant military knowledge and all. pfft!!! Not everyone who serves in the military is a patriot. Your positions are always supported by our resident commie... that says a lot. 

ONT you apparently cannot read...along with not being able to think!!

I am saying that someone is putting bounties on American Soldiers and the President says nothing about it!!!

With all the BS that you Post day in and day out about commies you have the nerve to talk about someone bitching!! 

And yes regardless of what Trump does I am going to bitch because he is the worse kind of coward....would not serve his country and won't even speak up for those that do...and guess what, you support him!

Blindly I might add!!!{#basic-laugh.gif} 

You are a joke...you know that!  

And one more thing....with all of that BS is just wrote....you provided not one bit of evidence to dispute the article!

That says volumes!!!{#basic-cool.gif}

Ahhh... you deny the communists are out in full force in order to destroy Trump's PRESIDENCY? You're a blithering idiot... no, you're a fucking LIAR. 

The White house, our Intelligence community, the Russians, and the Taliban have all denied what you posted here... btw, from an ANONYMOUS TRAITOR source. You look pretty damn silly... that's OK, you still have silly Vic backing you.{#rofl.gif} 

Knowing the Times' aversion to the truth, It takes folks like these to keep that paper afloat! WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?????????

The proof came from the White House Briefings that were conducted last night and today....were you watching!

Also I will add...the Army Times is not going to publish something that goes service wide without verification!

Please separate the issue of whether Trump was briefed from the incident that is being reported.  No one seems to be disputing the incident!

If it was a disagreement between the CIA and the NSA on who could verify the information...then we would not have shared it with our allies, and Senators and Congressman would not be receiving briefings on it.  Something happened...it is the responsibility of the President to respond to this situation.

Remember droned that Iranian General on the "belief"...unconfirmed...that he was planning something.  And yet we get nothing on this.  And by the way as more information is released, it appears that this stuff is a year old!

And then there is FOX News:


* that most U.S. officials regard as a potential foe... hmmm, did someone take a poll? (potential foe) hmmm hmmm

that President Trump has frequently embraced as a friend... how so? (remember that guy named obama?)

said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive intelligence matter... {#rofl.gif} There's your SPIES and TRAITORS right there. 

How sad, I thought you were better than this...to repeat this kind of nonsense. ...pfft, just kidding. {#rofl.gif}

ONT....try again!!  Your logic is so stupid!

Someone reporting the truth is a traitor...but Trump the coward is a patriot!

Give me a break!{#rofl.gif}

Well... YOU IDIOT... I didn't say you wrote it. 

"How sad, I thought you were better than this...to repeat this kind of nonsense"

said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive intelligence matter...
There's your SPIES and TRAITORS right there.

 Couldnt have worded it any better. Dont forget, they tried to make Russia out to be Trumps buddy, etc. Found nothing there, but it seems that the Clintons and Obama did do some trading of uranimum and Willy Boy was getting paid hefty prices for his speaking engagement.  The Dems are filled with traitors. Obama, Clintons, Peloski are just to name a few.

Metal....don't even try....you lost your creditability....the little you had with the last Post!!!{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

Wendi its not about what Clinton, Obama or Pelosi did....its about what Trump hasn't done!!

And nothing has been posted to dispute the facts of the article.  If the Article was not true...then come out and say so.  Trump and Administration has said nothing!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Amod, nothing you ever say will determine my level of credibity. Your opinion isn't valid. And more blue rolling Boomers won't help.

Nothing you ever post is from credible sources lol. You post one, and then more that parrot the same story. There is a difference between corroboration and parroting.

You poor fool!

AMOD... it actually has EVERYTHING to do with the DEEP STATE Clintons, obama, and Pelosi.

...you're a jive ass.

ONT just stop it with the Deep State Stuff!!  That's the Bitching that you do day after day after day....and it is pure nonsense!

Go pedal that crap somewhere else!  Please!! 


Stop it Metal just stop it...you are a fraud you proved it with my last Post and you are proving it here!

Go play in traffic with the other children!{#goodbye.gif}{#goodbye.gif}{#goodbye.gif}

"...just stop it with the Deep State Stuff!!"  That only proves what a liar, fraud, and a traitor you are.

ONT you are aware that Treason is the only crime discribed in the Constitution !!  You are so full of it!!

Educate yourself before you call someone else a fraud....everytime you open your mouth you provide how dumb you really are!!


Your buddies running around calling themselves patriots and waving Confederate Flags while armed to the teeth are the only people close to committing treason.  Your boy trump is just corrupt and those of you who are swallowing this deep state stuff are just useful idiots! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Funny how you say I'm dumb... yet everything I say is either in the process of being carried out, or it's already come to fruition... while everything that you say has been proven to be nothing more than baseless, unproven, false accusations. ALL LIES

You're a jive ass.

educate yourself... uhhhhh, I have, and I know all about guys like you. You preach to the poorly educated misfits among us. You're a disgrace. 

useful idiots... oh how cute, the pot calling the kettle black.  

Decades ago while working a job right out of high school, I worked with, and befriended a Black muslim... something he called himself, I had never even heard of a muslim before meeting him. Something he said to me has stuck with me all these years... "Our ultimate goal is to bring down the white man's government" ...you're one of those guys, a traitor. Your racism is willing to destroy our great nation, with no care for what follows. 

Lol that's what I'm doing on this page.

You're too far gone Amod and it's demonstrable.

There is no bigger fraud than you on this site for one obvious reason, you try to control the flow of information. If it's not in your bubble, it's not worth consideration. I've seen you do it with many people and again here in this thread. No one who does that is living in the real world. Not facing the truth makes you look dumb AF.

Did you watch Maddow last night? 😂  Better buckle up because the lies and hit pieces coming from your favorite newspapers and media are only going to get worse. 

The sad thing is you said you don't even care if it's true.. when the article even said "if true" ... the same news that gave you the fake Russian hoax crap. Are you still waiting for the Trump Pee tape, too? 


dr......here is my point.....I said we needed to hear a response to this story!

If it is not true....say so!!  If it is true....address it!!  But to ignore it completely is insane.

You are aware that the Press Secretary addressed a portion of the story....what she said was not to confirm or deny the base of the story....she said the portion related to the President being briefed was not true!

What?   Who cares whether he was briefed?  Was the story true?  Were the Russsians juicing the Taliban to continue targeting Americans while we were engaged in Peace Talks with the Taliban?

I bet if this were the Iranians we would be hearing about it.  Hell we almost went to war by killing an Iranian General because we thought he was going to plan an attack!  Why now can we not just get a confirmation of whether the story is or is not true!

By the way, I do not watch Maddow....she is just the Left Wing version of FOX as far as I am concerned!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Dr. look very carefully at what the press secretary says:

"This does not speak to the merit of the alleged intelligence but to the inaccuracy of The New York Times story erroneously suggesting that President Trump was briefed on this matter," McEnany said.


There is not denial of the merits of the Intelligence!!!  And that is from the Press Secretary.....so is it true, did the Russians offer Bounties.  And why was Trump not briefed if it was true.....why is someones head not falling today???{#basic-laugh.gif}

I don't know, AMOD ... I think it's more of a hit job. Sky News reported They had received the same info and just recently informed Boris Johnson. I don't know the time frame, but "just recently" seems like they didn't feel the urgency to let him know sooner. I know he was sick earlier, but this would have warranted him knowing ASAP if it was verified. Same with Trump, IMO.

It leaked to hurt Trump, not to protect our troops, IMO. Heaven knows lots of people with access to information hate Trump. And there are others who don't want troop levels dropped, the forever war folks. 


Whoever leaked it should be tracked down regardless if it's true or not. 





I bet if this were the Iranians we would be hearing about it.  Hell we almost went to war by killing an Iranian General because we thought he was going to plan an attack!  Why now can we not just get a confirmation of whether the story is or is not


 A report dated Oct. 15, 2010, from the Theater Intelligence Group based out of Bagram Air Base, said that Iran’s Quds Force was paying $1,000 for every U.S. soldier killed and $6,000 for American vehicles destroyed.





The story is picking up traction on the main networks. I doubt Trump will say anything about it at this time. He could investigate it though. Look man, if Trump can't say anything about Boogalooo, what makes you think he is going to say anything about Putin?

writer that is all I am saying!  Geez, some of these folks that bitch all day about imaginary things like the Deep State and Communist takeover of America...and they cannot see the total corruption and destruction of our Institutions being carried out by this guy!!!{#angry.gif}{#angry.gif}

There is a report out this morning that "Data" is reflecting that those people who have FOX as their primary source of news tend not to believe the Pandemic is as serious as it is.....and look at the result....suddenly Red States are being hit hard by this stuff!  Home Farm Bankrupties are up by 20%.  20 Million still on Unemployment with some of the businesses that opened now having to close because the Pandemic is spreading.....and still they believe this guy!


What bothers me about this is that Trump is saying no one told him about it. It is dangerous when you are the leader of a country and its commander in chief and you are the last to know about a plot to kill your soldiers. That could either mean that you can't be trusted with the information or that you call it Fake News. That's a scary situation for a leader to be in. 

exactly writer!! Too many people appear to be content with him saying he was not briefed....and leaving it at that.  You notice none of them are saying flat it did not happen!

I wonder why?{#basic-laugh.gif}

That could either mean that you can't be trusted with the information or that you call it Fake News.

A very biased look. You give two possibilities and both are orange man bad lol. There are MANY possibilities... but you know that.

Lol this post is a great example of why you're Blogster's Fake News Outlet.

Although the goal posts have been moved miles on this, we won't be hearing any corrections from you. The very WAPO headline itself was a LIE.

Credibility? lol On what planet do you have any, Amod? 

This is about 7 fake news Russia stories you've shared...

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