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AMOD: Metal Deserves a Total and Complete Ass Beating!!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, November 17th 2020 at 2:58am by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: ancient history


There are somethings that just cannot be avoided, no matter how you try, and beating Metals Ass might be one of them!  The end result might be very satisfying:

Centuries ago the Japanese discovered that this process along with a process they called "Smelting" would produce the most Beautiful and Reliable Swords!!

I love Swords!!!  (smile)


User Comments

Oh my, this is going to result in some attention.

Why??  Its about swords....are there that many people are interested in swords and the process of smelting metal here at Blogster?

Or do we have a bunch of people here who always think negative?{#basic-laugh.gif}

....or something.  {#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

See there you go again!!  Wait until you see my next post, where I show you where I am going with this!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Ok, look forward to it.

Pin on Italian Memes

{#popc1.gif} {#popc1.gif} {#popc1.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

What??  What??? {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

you dont get it??

Oh I get it....just being silly on my part!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}


Is that why metal is always so angry--because it gets beaten so much???????

Believe it or not....the ancient Japanese Sword makers did consider the iron from which they made their swords to be an angry material!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Some of the Viking Armorers also approached the famous Viking or Norse Swords that were called Ulbercht Swords the same way, because it was believed the sword contained pieces from a meteor!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

See the source image

By the way, just to continue that point most of the Ancient Japanese Sword Makers believe that Spirit lived inside of the metal and that the Sword was actually alive and that you heated and then punished or beat the metal in order to make that Spirit angry and thus you made the Sword fearst!!  {#basic-laugh.gif}

By the way, I do not know why people are having so much trouble believing that I am talking about Swords here!{#basic-laugh.gif}


The thing he beats most is small and a lot softer. I wouldn't bother with him tho, he's severely mental - he's into all that Qanon crap and voter fraud fraud. 

As well as that he's got girly shoulders and weirdly wide hips. I think he might be a trannie. 

I am trying to tell people....I was only talking about Swords!!

Well someone didn't take it that way he took it hard :) 

I can't help it if he gets triggered by stuff!!  That is on him....as they say where I come from, "That's his Sh**"!!!{#basic-cool.gif}

And by the way....he is blocked from my site.....had no idea what I was talking about and went off the title.  As did some of his friends who got here and were completely surprised to see that there was nothing to see!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Haha I noticed they do that, his boyfreind Nate and some of the women seem to do that. When he turns up he gives blogs a one star rating - so it's easy to tell who it is. They all seem to do that tho, they turn up to every blog I do then run off to talk about it where it's safe from a woman half their age and 1/7th their mass. 

You know you really are vastly different to 'them' the Trump cult - because they aren't any kind of conservative I recognise, the far right is not that. 

Which is a good thing of course, that you're not like them. 

Scarly most of them are not Republicans....or even Conservatives for that matter.  Try to engage one of them in what it means to be a Conservative and they cannot answer!!

Wait until I put up my Post this week about Trump being a Facist!!!  They are going to go bat shit crazy!!  But when faced with the true definition of the word "Facist" they will not be able to escape the reality!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I think they are all bat shit crazy, that's something they do share, I do get what you mean about the republican and conservative thing too. By it's very definition the right isn't either, the party needs a reset maybe post Trump it'll have the time to reflect on that. 

Heard a conversation this morning by some former Republicans...people who just left the party who believe it will take at least 5 to 10 years for the Party to reshape itself if at all!!  They believe Trumpism is here to stay and that we need to just hold on for this insane ride!{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

Years back we had a flare up of nationalist parties - which is why you should never kiss someone with cold-sores - but it unlike cold-sores eventually died down, people eventually work out they are being morons. Might take ten years tho. 

Exactly!!!  Excellent comparison!!!{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}

But. He's cute. Isn't that good for something?

What??  The Katana Sword??  Because that is what I am talking about in this Post!{#basic-laugh.gif}

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