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AMOD: Josh Hawley is an Ignorant Arse and if anyone should resign its him!! A "Retrograde" and a "NEO" are not the same thing!! Geez!!

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, September 28th 2021 at 4:40pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: military


Sticking to my promise only to address matters related to the January 6th Insurrection, I just cannot ignore the outrageous behavior of some people who clearly had a hand in that disaster, for an example:

Senator Josh Hawley of January 6th fame is famous for calling for others to Resign!!

He called for General Honore to "Resign" because Honore called him out for his involvement in the January 6th "Insurrection"!!

Today, the same Josh Hawley calls for General Milley and SOD Austin to resign because of the Afghanistan Withdrawal!!  Are you serious?  Josh Hawley is a "Joke", he asked some very clear questions and received some very clear answers and he clearly did not understand what he was asking or what answers he received.  Case in Point:

On Tuesday, Hawley put on a performance while questioning General Mark Milley, who has served his country in the armed forces for more than 40 years. At a hearing in front of the House Armed Services Committee, Hawley demanded that Milley confess whether he had advised against the drawdown of troops in August prior to the withdrawal of 2,500 remaining troops. Milley casually and patiently explained to Hawley that his questioning wasn’t even following a logical or researched path.

General Milley Rolls Over Josh Hawley (Q) During Senate Hearing (bipartisanreport.com)

General Milley explained that there were two different Operations that were undertaken as it relates to the departure from Afghanistan.  There was an "Retrograde" Operation which was undertaken prior to August 1st and in complete compliance with guidance given with and the agreement made by President Trump in his agreement with the Taliban.  The "Retrograde" called for us to remove American Combat Troops prior to August 31st.  We removed those troops successfully by Mid-July without any incidents.  In short is was very successful!!  Period, full stop!!  We got out all of the Military Personal that we wanted out and we got out all of "Our" equipment.  The equipment that was left did not belong to us....it belonged to the Afghan Army!!

The second part of the Operation was a "NEO". A NEO is a "Non-Combantant Evacuation"!! This was the operation that everyone saw that took place after August 15th.  The NEO required us to reinsert almost 6,000 Troops and secure the Kabul Airport.  We did that under the most trying of circumstances.  No one had anticipated that the Afghan Government would disappear in 11 Days.  No one anticipated that the Afghan President would take a lunch break on August 15th and then leave the country.  The basic plan for the NEO called for Afghan Government to remain in power while the NEO took place and it called for the Turks to control the Airport....none of that happened.

Milley and Austin both said that the "NEO" got off to a horrible start, but in the end it was a success.  In Milley's words the NEO was a "Logistical Success and a Strategic Disaster"!!  Period, Full Stop!!  Who the hell could disagree with that assessment.

Instead of hearing what General Milley said....Josh Hawley response was:

“In my view, that mission cannot be called a success in any way, shape, or form, logistical or otherwise. General, I think you should resign. Secretary Austin, I think you should resign. I think this mission was a catastrophe. I think there’s no other way to say it and there has to be accountability. I respectfully submit it should be given to you,” Hawley said while looking at Milley and Austin.

Resign for what???  Accountability for what???  Hawley is a complete and total "A**" and I cannot wait for him to face some "Accountabilty for his role in the January 6th Insurrection"!!!

If you do not understand Military Operations and terms ask someone!!



User Comments

I don't think he liked the answer Milley gave about NOT talking about conversations he had/has with the president and I think the General gave the right answer!!

I totally agree!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I watched that hearing and I just laugh when the right-wingers like Josh Hawley get on their soapbox and mouth off "indignation" after kissing the orange ass's butt for four years!!!!{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

Wow, it has been a long time since I have seen you.  About 3 weeks?  You were gone for a while, and then I lost computer access for a while...my own fault as I got the wires tangled up due to pulling out some equipment and having too many wires to know which ones needed to be plugged in and whiere...LOL

I agree with you about Josh Hawley being an idiot.  Lets face facts, in the begining of August Biden's administration had two options as far as I can see.  He had the option of continuing the pull out, which the prior administration had already started, and whittled it down to only 2500 troops, or he could have sent more soldiers, but he had to do something fast because the Afghan government folded like a dishrag.

The point is the United States is tired of the Afghan war, and if they can't defend themselves after 20 years when WILL they be?

Personally, I think Hawley needs to avoid Honore because if he doesn't he is gonna get his feelings hurt cause Honore don't mince words. {#basic-cool.gif}

I have a friend in common with Honore, and she edits his posts oftentimes to "clean them up for prime time":.

I sent you a message on faeebook.

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