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AmalaTsering Metalheart

AMOD: Dealing with the Violence and Death that has gripped Atlanta, DC and New York!! Idiots Killing each other and Innocent Children!!

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, July 7th 2020 at 2:34am by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: violence


My Facebook feed was alive with a conversation from one of the Coaches that used to Coach with our Organization...the pain he felt could be seen in every comment he wrote.  The 11 year old boy who was caught in a cross fire and killed on the 4th was someone he knew.  Other Coaches and Parents were joining in talking about the promise this kid had shown and how he had commented about how he could not wait for Football Practice to start.  There was a common thread through those comments...."How can you be out here shouting about Black Lives Matter when you are killing each other in your own neighborhoods"?

I have little patience for that aspect of the discussion, because its a line you heard over and over again, but the Killings continue.  I have little patience for the discussion that says we need more programs in these Inner City Neighborhoods, because you have heard that line over and over again, but the Killings continue.  I have little patience for the discussion that you need more police in these areas, because you have heard that line over and over again, but the Killings continue.  

I understand clearly that the people doing this stuff are a very small portion of the greater Community, yet the majority element in the community allow themselves to be manipulated into silence and the Killings continue.  It's time to stop with all of the excuses and finger pointing.  The shooting and killing will and can stop....but the community itself has to reach a point where they say enough is enough.....and as a collective they have not gotten there yet.

I read on the FB feed when one Coach made the comment that the "Snitch Rule" did not apply when it came to shooting Children.  I laughed to myself as I watch more and more people agree with his comment.....yet apparently in the real world it does apply because no one has been turned over to police as of yet!  And it was still early when that 11 year old was killed....plenty of people saw it...yet no one has said a thing.  Shameful!!!

There is something else about this particular incident....the kids mother is a "Neighborhood Violence Advocate"...it is her job to go to these rough neighborhoods and get Gangs to put down their weapons.  She had been heralded for doing just that a few months ago in another Neighborhood.  She had organized a sit down and cook out between rival groups that night and everything had gone peacefully, so Mom and child were a known quanity in the area.  The event was over and Mom was ready to leave when the 11 year old asked permission to run to a friends house real quick to pick something up....the shoot out occured just that quickly and the youngster was killed.

The people who engage in this ridiculous stuff know what they are doing.  I have no sympathy for them nor do I excuse them by saying they are poor disadvantaged individuals....that is pure Bull Shit!!**  They are thugs and need to be referred to as that!!  They deserve no cover or exceptions....and failure to tell what you know about their activities only encourage their continued activity!

My heart goes out to this mother because she is out there trying to make a difference and now she has lost her child.  But I have also admonished the Coaches telling them that conversing on FB is not enough....they need to get out there and get a hold of those good kids that are still out there and continue to fight the good fight.  The idiots are out there and will be killing each other regardless....they don't care about themselves so they are not going to care about the kids.....that's what these Coaches need to do!

Gun Violence in the Black Community is not acceptable...nor should it be tolerated and excused.  I learned the hard way with the death of my son that these folks don't care about you or Black Lives.....so you cannot care about them....just continue to work on changing lives when and where you can!

User Comments

I don't have a clue on how this violence goes on for so long and why it can't be curbed. How do people kill with no remorse?

You must first consider that they have absolutely no regard for themselves or anyone else.  Its driven by greed period fullstop!  Greed for money, power, and pleasure....and greed is a powerful emotion!

In DC as an example the fighting is over turf!!  The same stuff that you can find by looking at any 1950's movie about gangs and gangsters.  Its a game to them....half of them carry guns because the think it makes them feel big.

Transfer the mentality that it takes to play these video games that require you to kill.....they grow up on that bull and when they have a real weapon in there hands they approach the situation the same way....killing becomes a game.  Shooting into a Car with a Baby in the back seat becomes a game....they run after the shooting and never see the aftermath....just like turning off the video game.{#basic-cool.gif}

It can be curbed!!  It has to start with the people who live there.  I will relate again the story of my son.....we buried him 4 days after the incident and there were at least 20 people sitting in that funeral who knew who did it or knew a person who did know.  My nephew who was suppose to be with my son knew the details and not only did he not tell me, but he did not tell all at the Grand Jury.  It was almost 18 months before that case was broken...and by that time all of the most important evidence was lost.

When the people who witness this mess decide to step up....it will stop.  When people decide not to buy the drugs that these gangs are selling it will stop!  But right now its too easy to blame others.{#basic-cool.gif}


I've seen some bad neighborhoods when I lived in Brooklyn, but I have no understanding of what's happening in places like Chicago. Sorry about your son's situation.


Video game blaming is an excuse (in many cases) for bad parenting.

Everyone understands that....yet no one does anything about it!!

writer you need to understand that its not always a bad neighborhood that is the problem.....its mostly a small number of bad people.  I will give you two examples.  The Kenelworth area of DC for years was known as a bad neighborhood.  Open air Drug Market and a lot of other stuff.  The Police kind of stayed clear especially after dark...this was in the mid 1990's.  Someone approach the Nation of Islam who had a Mosque in the area and told them about the problem.  The NOI had their Security Detail go into the Neighborhood and just patrol the area....watch over kids as they played and walked Seniors to and from the store.  They confronted the Drug Dealers actually chasing them from the area...guess who the Police confronted, you got it..the NOI!  A resolution was reached between the NOI and the Police and the NOI stayed....cleaning that particular neighborhood up.  Today Kenilworth is being converted into an Upper Middle Class East of the River Community with Condo's and the like.  The name still scares some people but it has changed.  NOI before 9/11 and the Muslim scare did that in other Inner Cities.....but not anymore.  And unfortuately no one else has stepped up.

You are aware that all that violence in Chicago is happening in a very specific area....I used to know how many square blocks.....and it between very specific gangs.  The are working poor families all around this mess....and a few people trying to resolve the craziness.  But that Greed thing is strong, like I said!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Interesting. Why will they not keep a working strategy? It beats me. 

In the case of NOI....they even got a 501C3 and formed a Security Service and got contracts to provide security for several Public Housing locations, but again after 9/11 everything became anti-muslim and then there was the identification with Farrakon.  So they just stopped doing it.  I know that keep order in the area around their various Mosque...but that's it.

Today in the DC the problem is made more difficult by "Generification"...and the pushing of Public Housing into a very contained and specific area.  With all of these varied groups forced to live together and no one outside group with enough creditibilty to control them...its left to people like that 11 year olds Mom..who is paid by the city!

That is also a strategy that could work....but it will take time and will extend only to the length of the persons creditiablity.  She had some...but the loss of her son might make her retreat!{#basic-frown.gif}

It must be a very difficult situation to be in. We are becoming an extremely violent nation. Radio host Rikki Smiley's daughter was shot 3 times yesterday in Houston.






Wow!!  Was she one of the 6 Children that were listed?

I will check it out!{#basic-frown.gif}

writer see that's the kind of stuff I am talking about!!!{#basic-angry.gif}{#basic-angry.gif}{#basic-angry.gif}

Kid is apparently a good kid out her doing what she is suppose to be doing....Father out here trying to make a positive difference, and two idiots come along and shoot blindly into a car of people...Why?

And again, don't tell me that no one saw or knows anything!  There was more than one person in the shooters car!!!!{#basic-angry.gif}{#basic-angry.gif}

This kid and those in the car have had their lives changed for ever....and it was only by the grace of god that no one died!{#basic-cool.gif}

It haaickey Smiley to the core and he is using it in a positive way and reaching out to others who experience gun violence.

Meant to say it has shaken Rickey Smiley

My sympathies in the lost of another promising youth.

SFTL until the people in the immediate area of this mess have had enough, this insanity will continue.  My concern is for the Mom!!  Why she continue the good fight....or will this lost take her out of the game!  I hope she stays the course!{#basic-cool.gif}

Yeah, this could go either way.

Really terrible situations. The recent events in some American communities reminded me of Northern Ireland where Irish killed Irish every week for decades. Big money was involved, international terrorist groups were involved, illegal arms were involved, poverty was involved and dubious responses from the so called authorities were involved. 

In the end ordinary people had had enough of losing family and friends to such an crazy situation. They mached and marched, and advocated peace instead of retribution. 

OK, the situation is not identical, but like you say Mod, those who do not gain from such destruction, who only ever lose from it, have to take a stand. 

Because, at the end of the day, if you lose somebody to a police officer or to a criminal, they are still just as lost. It is still just as wrong as wrong can be.

Oakie believe it or not....there are more similarity than not!!

There is big money behind some of this stuff (drug and illegal gun money) and you cannot tell me that the Police in most of the cities do not know who the gangs are....and cannot break them up!  You broke the Mafia in America, but can't break the street gangs....come on!!{#basic-cool.gif}

But again, I repeat....when the citizens have enough....it will stop!

I think the only real difference between the two are that Irish people probably felt they had a stake in things, willingly or not. Us against them, sort of thing. Community against community. The current situation seems more like traitors verses their own community. 

What kind of individual shoots a little girl then thinks he should be allowed to continue on with his life unchecked? Someone has to turn on people like that.

I remember there was a guy raping women at knife point near my college, near Moss Side, Manchester. A notorious crime area. In the end the Moss Side Crew apparently informed on him to the police. This was one of the ten most dangerous gangs in the UK at the time. But the rapist was a loose cannon. One of their criminal own, but a problem even for a sixty strong mafia. He was attracting police attention to what was usually a no-go area for the police. And thus affecting their operations. 

When the police raided his home they found every kind of weapon imaginable, all illegal. He was sent down for life and the rapes stopped that day.

My point is, that even amongst dangerous career criminals there must be lines that ought not to be crossed. For practical, or even sometimes, moral reasons. Killing a little girl ought to be one of those lines. 

Sick stuff.

Oakie once again you hit the nail on the head.....there used to be something called a "Code" amongst gangster...where some things just did not go.  This younger generation of thug no such thing.

There is no "code"....EXCEPT REVENGE!  Again, take my personal case...it was later revealed to me that if I had wanted to take revenge on the individuals involved the names would have been provided to me within days...people talked about it amongst themselves...but I was known by my nickname of "Coach" and they believed that I would go to the Police so they did not tell me.  Insane right!!!{#basic-angry.gif}

Further proof of that was when the key witness and her family went into "Witness Protection" and were moved to another area and one of the children of that family got placed into my class by accident the family withdrew her from school immediately because they thought I would take my revenge.  I had to go to the Administration and work hard to keep that kid in my class and prove to people that we can trust the Justice System.  Was it hard...no, that child had nothing to do with the situation...but in this crazy "No Code" system that these idiots live in...she was a target and I was going to take my chance because they would!  

One last side note to this crazy story was Graduation Day....the entire Family was present and they were reluctant to enter the auditorium...I was coming up a back step and overheard them asking where I was and when I walked up on them you could see the guilt dripping off of them!!  But I treated them with the utmost respect never giving any indication that I knew the truth.  Hell I ever presented the Young Student with an Award that day.   I have not spoken to or seen any of the family since...as a matter of fact the last time I saw the family member involved in crime was on the witness stand during the second trial.  When it was all said and done she received 8 years for her part in the crime and the Judges words to her provide me my foundation for the ultimate solution to this mess.  

The Judge told her that because of her actions crucial evidence was destroyed and Justice delayed...therefore the Judge would ensure that she would serve every single minute of that time!  {#basic-cool.gif}

So, in your situation, revenge was honorable but going to the police wasn't by their standards? But to you law was something to live with, for them, something to live without. 

Of course, at the moment, and forever really, many people have had good reason to not trust the police or execution judges. And how many law making politicians are criminals? Trump's in trouble (again) on that basis only today. 

So, without making any excuses whatsoever, if the police are bad, the judges,have sometimes been bad (hanging judges especially) and the politicians are bad, where can respect for authority come from a youth growing up in an area with violence, no work and all the trappings of poverty? From faith, from family, yes. But a community is a powerful influencer, and it sadly plays the major part in perverting young people who are already screwed from the top down. 

The UK is not as bad. Our police get more respect because having respect is part of their code of conduct. Our politicains are often liars, but rarely crooks. Our tv news channels NEVER deal in the personal opinion, sarcasm or bias that many US channels do as standard. Our judges will uphold the law no matter who is on the recieving end of their decisions. Trump does something wrong in the UK, they'll sling him in prison if necessary. The UK certainly isn't perfect, especially regarding inequalities, but the scale of our gang related problems is minute compared to USA. Sure, we have a drug culture, and its big business. But we don't have the gun culture.

Crooks don't need guns when they can outrun a police officer who possesses no gun. They wear trainers, the police wear shoes. 

Point is, the US situation is not inevitable. Again, like you say, its all about community response. If enough people make a stand the cowardly gangs whi bully their way through life, will be reigned in. But there absolutely has to be a look in the mirror in the States. So many people consider themselves  "right " and others wrong when its just not so simple. Pro lifers who are pro guns when guns kill, who scream for the murder of Palestinian babies. Morality is a strange and alien thing to me. It always seems like a hammer to hit someone else's head with. We don't need morality. Just respect.

I'm glad the judge who sentenced the young woman involved in your son's case dealt out a thorough response. 


Well, someone had better find a solution quickly before the American people get fed up! The BLM are shooting themselves in the foot by stopping police from keeping the peace! Trump, right or wrong, will bring in the military and the proverbial crap will hit the fan.PEOPLE WILL DIE!!! Folks had better open their eyes and realize that this is getting out of control quickly! These families have our prayers, as does America

You clearly did not get anything I wrote in the Post...the people shooting each other have absolutely nothing to do with BLM!!!  You are stuck on this stuff about BLM being an organization when you are told over and over again that it is a slogan!!!!  These are thugs...idiots....criminals no different than white thugs, idiots and criminals.   

You will admit that there are White thugs and Criminals in America won't you???

And please pray tell what will the Military do?  Nothing?  Trump can't bring the military in its against the law....and I thought you were so law abiding?

So, lets give you some facts and see if you are willing to talk about the real situation and not the FOX News fanasty!!

You are talking in DC about a 10 Block area in a City that is 68.5 Square Miles Large!!  Where this one incident took place on one single day.....how does the Military secure that area.....its a residual area where the Shooters do not even live.  They drive into that area from the suburbs or other parts of the city.  What does the Military do....shoot up the innocent Private Citizens???  Come On!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

There is another area in the City in another Sections.....Private Homes ranging in value from $300,000 to $600, 000.  The is a Public Housing Unit stuck right in the middle of that section.  On the Parking lot of that Unit some idiots had a shoot out and killed some innocent kid....what is the Military going to do....occupy those Private Homes??{#basic-laugh.gif}

Trump has no clue about solving these problems....and no one is stopping the Police in DC. from solving the problems.   The BLM Protestors are a bunch of Middle Class College kids who have not clue what going on in these neighborhoods either....most have them are scare to go there!!

Trump has made this thing so political that good honest people like you start to believe that his insane solutions can solve these problems.   They can't and won't!  And one more thing...whether you want to accept it or not....even the BLM Protestors are Americans....but these idiots doing the shooting, they have no regard for anyone, white or black!{#basic-cool.gif}

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