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A Moderate Point of View: You won't Stop Prostitution until you Arrest the Pimps, You will not stop Migrants until you Arrest Employers!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, August 11th 2019 at 10:53am by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: immigration


I have recently been reading the Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell.  Its a Historical Fiction about the origins of Saxon England and there was one interesting and continuous theme through out the 11 Volumes I have read so far....Whores and Whore Houses were an accepted part of life in Saxon England.  Heck, a closer study of all aspects of World History and all cultures seems to reveal one constant.....Whores and Whore Houses existed everywhere in in every culture.

But for this Post I will restrict my discussion of this subject to the Saxon Chronicles and Saxon England as a micro look at the broader subject. (smile) In one Volume in particular it appears as if the Whores were creating a bit of a problem in the City of Chester.  Soldiers seemed to be fighting over this one particular Whore and the owner of the Whore House did not appear to be able to control the situation.  So our Hero, who commanded the garrison in the city....solved the problem by informing the Owner that he should solve the problem or else the House would be closed down.  Problem solved!!

The young lady was booted out of the Whore House....but went next door and established her own private house, where soldiers still sort her attention, but there were no more fights in the Whorehouse.  Our Hero, found out about her new location and ordered her placed under arrest, but could not enforce his order because it turns out that she was the wife of the Bishop and she was using the money she earned to feed the poor! (smile) She did however stop after that last encounter.

So what you might ask does this have to do with Migrants?  Well guess what, the Owners of these Companies that employ Illegal Migrants are no different than the Whore House Owner in Chester.  When confronted with either solve the problem or loose his business, the owner solved the problem.  

Until we perp work a Factory Manager or Owner the use of Illegal Migrants as cheap labor will continue.  Arresting the Migrants will not solve the problem, because there is a demand for their services!

Never in history have we stopped Prostitution by arresting the Prostitutes!!  We get them off the streets and they move indoors....we arrest them in one location and they move to another....again, there is a demand for their service.  But start arresting the Pimps and Madames that trade in this business and suddenly it becomes less profitable to do it!  You won't stop it completely, but you can and will deter it more effectively.

Lets threaten to shut down a factory or two because the Employers are employing illegals and I bet you we will see a change.

Just use the Whore House Owner in the Saxon Chronicles as and example! {#basic-laugh.gif}

User Comments

That's not to say the workers are bad people. The vast majority are not.


To give you a take on the story....the young lady in the story was actually a very fine person, with a large heart....she just didn't know any other way to get the money she needed to  do the work was wanted to do! {#basic-laugh.gif}

I've seen that same story played out on the streets of my home town. 

Why not put able bodied men and woman to work that collect welfare benefits??? 

wendi there are not that many of them anymore!! {#basic-laugh.gif}

There have not been that many for more than a decade.  Most of the people on Public Assistance and Food Stamps are the working poor and those who are disabled!

These guys are not interested in paying s serious wage....so they hire the illegals because they can!

Ask most of the farmers in states like Georgia (Peach Orchards) or the Crab Houses on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They just do not have the uneducated labor available that is willing to work the Orchads or Crab Tables!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Its the same in the UK Mod. Its the way of the West now.

Some of those folks may well be able bodied, but they might also have serious mental vulnerabilities. Work for people on that basis could be highly beneficial, or it could go completely the other way for them. It depends upon how appropriately placed in work they were. 

 Good point Oakie, hadnt thought of it in that way. Thanks.

Wendi, seems to me you always want to be fair to folks.

 Thanks Oakie. I try to see it from both points of view. My thoughts might not always be right. lol

This makes sense so that alone is a clue that it is unlikely to be done.  After all, we live in a "busness friendly" envitnment.


America may have a problem with illegal immigrants but when it comes to them taking jobs, I don't believe it is a major problem. I feel a lot of illigals are here living with family members who are citizens. Most try to stay out of trouble for fear of deportation. 

exactly writer....and they work because there is a demand for their services!!!

In the story I alluded to in the Post...the Bishops wife had by feeding the poor this way for a long time...in other cities, it was just when she came to Chester where there was an established Whore House that there was a complaint...from the soldiers and the other whores.  From the Soldiers because there was not enough of her to go around and from the Whores because she was taking their business! {#basic-laugh.gif}

If the illegal migrants were really taking jobs...there would be other companies complaining...and they are not.  Of the 680 arrested 230 were in one Plant (Koch) and 168 in another (Peco)!!  You cannot tell me that those businesses could continue to operate loosing that many people from one shift!!  But they did, because they had assess to others to fill the void...and because most of the migrants were released that same day and back at work the next!

So what was solved??


That's a great title. Normally, your titles are circumspect and pre-empt exactly what you then say. But that title can live by itself as a quote.

I've always thought of sex traders/pimps as the biggest traitors to humanity. (though some of the people Trump has hung around with would also qualify. Doesn't matter if you are street or rich, if you abuse people, misuse people, you are what's wrong with humanity at its most vulgar and filthy).

But those people who take advantage of the socially/economically vulnerable, be they black marketeers, dirty politicians, dirty CEOs, are just another kind of pimp in the end. Because that's exactly what pimps do.

My pal Scarlett Letters wrote to me recently and stated that, despite the horrible future humans are likely to have because of environmental degredation and the high ranking or high born violations of the majority that will increase in intensity, (I'm summing up, not quoting), she is delighted to exist in this modern time because women have never had so many rights compared to what has happened,as you say, Mod, everywhere in the past. And still everywhere now if we are honest.

Scarlett hales from one of the best economies in the world, Australia, and yet she ended up as a child prostitute. Even though prostitution is legalised in Oz it still is nowhere near regulated enough to be safe for the women/boys involved in it. "I'm lucky I didn't end up dead in a dumpster like so many girls!" she mentioned a while back. And she carries physical injuries to this day that were inflicted by clients, as well as taking beatings from her so called "manager". 

If this is how a woman/child in a rich civilised society is treated in this day and age, what is going on in Syrian refugee camps with young girls, in many areas in Africa, in South America, and the Eastern European sex traffik is one of their few growth industries. And what's going on in "deep religious" states? What's going on in the country side? 

Where anyone has unchecked power over anyone else, abuse is a real possibility. Its there just waiting to happen. Its perps are usually men, its victims often women and children. Power can truly corrupt. 

And that's the way it has always been. Despite laws, morals, religion. Those things just have largely failed to protect the innocent because nearly always men were in charge, and as soon as you give a man power he tends to get an "Ardennes" if you'll pardon my French.

I've been to Chester. Its an affluent place these days and was one of the 10 most important Roman centres back in their day when they called it Deva. It would have been my own Saxon ancestors who were up to no good, as they always were in those days. Its probably not the book that you were referring to, but the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, an extensive work covering many centuries, was largely a Fake New, propaganda tool to embelish the dirty deeds of small bands of Saxon gangs, of whom each had a leader who was referred to as a "king". Though you and I might be as kingly in reality.

But these Saxon thugs would swoop upon ordinary Britons and take and rape/marry the women, murder/enslave the men, and have their souls tainted by their power corruption.

So its a really valid example that you choose Mod.

Thanks Oakie!!!

On two points....one on Scarlett, man I would love to write a Post about the deep problems we face when confronting the morals of the Sex Trade.....in the light of what just happened to Epstein I might just do it!{#bag-on-head.gif}

And on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle vs. the Saxon Chronicle, I totally agree with you....and shameful me, I love reading every single last blood drenched moment of them even though as you said they A/S was mostly fake!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Epstein. My gran was killed by a serial killer who killed the elderly. Almost all women. He too was "taken off suicide watch" and he too was "found" dead.

I'm pretty sure that a percentage of such deaths are not suicide but a retributive acts by law enforcement officers who are often perceived as protecting such lousy individuals, when really they are just as sickened as the rest of us are, and maybe some of them decide exact their own form of instant justice. Its not something I advocate because the families of victims will always have questions for the killers. Most of the time they wouldn't get helpful answers anyway. But, as long as the killers are alive, some may lend some solace to families in the end. I would have liked to have met and talked to the guy who killed my gran. I would have liked to have spoken to him in a dignified and non hysterical way. And listened to what he had to say about what he'd done. DIdn't get the chance. Think they hanged him with his belt. No sympathy for him, of course. But people need answers in those situations. They need to understand why they lost. As you yourself know.

Not that any answer will really pass muster in the end.

War, history, other horrors are exciting to us. I think we find them interesting because they are versions of something potentially threatening to us. And we are all interested in threats to us as we are instinctively geared towards survival. War turns over the soil of the land and makes it fertile, it separates the weak from the strong and lends strength and solidity to governance. History is mostly defined by war. Its our greatest achievement, and our greatest failure. A warring tribe like humanity was never going to stop waving flags or mass consumerising long enough to save this planet. Looks like we are coming up to our inevitable conclusion as a species. 

Even so, that doesn't mean that we can't party like there's no tomorrow{#basic-laugh.gif}

Re the sex trade. I think it is an unecessarily complicated issue. Not too many actual definitions floating around for what this or that is which adds to the vagueness, but surely what should really matter is if people are causing others harm in such a potentially exploitative industry. 

The greatest and most stunningly stupid irony on that basis is that female sex workers tend to get all the moral blame for the industry and the men tend to make all the money, benefit from all the services and inflict all the physical damage upon others, usually upon the women.

In this modern time when almost every social group imaginable has been accorded some status and respect by law and media, and often education, the female sex worker is seemingly still fair game for all those Hillside Stranglers out there who want to murder all women, but find the sex workers the easiest and safest to kill, in a society that largely won't care until a "proper women" becomes a victim. 

I've never hired someone for sex, and I'm sure you won't have either Mod. I don't like the idea of economically exploiting another person (I'm no Trump) on the basis of their economic disadvantages. And I really think I'd feel less of a human being if I ever did do that. Which won't happen. 

I'd rather endorse the innocence of all those that don't destroy others. And some of those people are sex workers. Who are working for a wage like anyone else. But are often, during the course of their work, brutalised, misused, bullied, battered even murdered. 

They deserve better as the mothers, pet owners, decent citizens, sports fans or whatever they are outside their regular work environment. 

I'd also like to add, that there are many forms of prostitution. The music and film industries are riven with such money orientated stuff, politics is perhaps the worst of all, and the biggest attention whore outside of North Korea at the moment is one Donald Duck. Er, typo, Donald Dick.{#basic-laugh.gif}

The attitude towards black Americans from White America (and I do believe that White America exists, we see it in the media and we saw it at the Oscars until 9.11 when all of a sudden the White Guy needed help from black firemen to fight the Muslim "Horde". And, out of nowhere, Halle and Denzil get Oscars (rightly so, but what about other great black actor performances, Morgan surely? and they threw in a long service award for Sidney Poitier, who as an actor, was a catergorically a political activist and role model for a more civilised America. That guy had a target on his back, for sure.

But in the meantime, without 9.11, we'd still be waiting for a "black Oscar", sixty years after the first one should have been awarded. That was a wierd Oscars. One Jewish guy, Steve Martin, took the piss out of another Jewish guy, Michael Moore after Moore's passionate "Let's think about all this" speech. 

When did the old white wankers who run Hollywood ever think about anything other than wealth, control and teenage concubines?

So, going back to the first line of this comment. Boy, did I go off on an angle!

The attitude of White America (ie the White Power brokers of the US) to black Americans seems a little ridiculous! "We are sick of all you criminal  folk undermining and ruining our society. Underdermining our culture and taking over our lands. We are sick of how violent you are. How you steal from us. How you lack respect for our deep cultural values and our laws. You are always looking to exploit us, to hurt us, to lessen us. Why are you such inherently inferior people?

Er, you brought us here. Said the African American. Most of us died on the way. But our culture lived on. We carried it with us. 

Excuse me! I'm a Nez Perce native! And I have a real strip to tear off these white bastards! Metaphorically speaking, of course. 


Hope I haven't been offensive. {#basic-frown.gif}

No Oakie....you have not been offensive, you have been actually verying interesting tonight!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I try my best, but can't guarentee anything.

You're a nice guy though.

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