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A Moderate Point of View: Will President Trump now finally admit that the Mueller Probe was not a Witch Hunt!!! He should!!

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, March 24th 2019 at 10:12pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: politics


Anyone who bothered to look at Bob Muellers history and background in an unbiased way would have clearly arrived at the conclusion that he was a "Boy Scout"!!

There was nothing in his DNA that would give any indication that the guy would do anything but the right thing!!  So when he found that there was no Collusion....I personally was not surprised, although in my opinion there was room for an indication of unintentional collusion.  Mueller stuck closely to this directive and never strayed off course....but guess what, I don't here anyone on the right giving the guy one bit of credit for the job he did!

And the president needs to stop with all this B.S. about no one should have been put through this and what about the other side?  Let's cover some facts about what Mueller did find:

199 Criminal Counts

37 Individuals Indicted including some Russians

7 Individuals Plead Guilty to a variety of Crimes

5 Individuals already sentenced or awaiting jail time

If that was a Witch Hunt....then there must have been a lot of Witches out there!!

The President cannot claim that he was the victim when so many of the people associated with him committed crimes....if he continues to do so, then he will be the person losing creditability!

He also will look really silly embracing Mueller after complaining so much about how unfair Mueller was going to be....he needs to stop it!

Also it would be nice if he would stop spiking the football and show some dignity! I hate to tell him but this thing is not over yet!!

Also, those on the right who think that this is going to win him the 2020 election....there is one thing that President Trump has proven since his election and that is that he has an unusal ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!

He won in 2016 not because he ran a particularly great campaign, but rather because Hillary ran one of the worse campaigns in history, if you called that thing a campaign!

Enjoy tonight.....because starting tomorrow he still has to govern the entire country and right now he is not doing a particularly good job of it!

User Comments

He won in 2016 not because he ran a particularly great campaign, but rather because Hillary ran one of the worse campaigns in history, if you called that thing a campaign!

Key point.

As some one that voted against Hillary, it wasn't her campaign it was Hillary herself that shot herself in the foot and I am surprised at what Trump has accomplished, even if his dissenters will not admit it. Closed minds are a threat to our future IMO.

tess....would you please tell me what Trump has accomplished that Mike Pence or any other Republican could not have also accomplished without all the drama?

Do you honestly think that? if so why did Obama, Bush 43, clinton not think of doing any of this?

Your comment bout it ain't over, and he has to govern the whole country and isn't doing very good at it right now are the best points in your blog.

Why should anyone give Mueller credit for not finding what the Left wanted him to find? He didn't find it because there was nothing to find, not because he hid or tried to conceal anything. 

I expect the Left to try something new. In fact, I'm waiting with baited breath to find out what that will be. They're not going to allow Trump to accomplish anything concrete. That would mean they failed at their job to distract and discredit. And I expect things will start heating up next year when everyone's mind will be on the campaign trail. 

The swamp at work. they  are not   for us, they are for themselves and their obsession for power

Amala.....its not the left!!

You seem to want to disregard all that was found.....why is that?

Mueller is a life long Republican who was villiafied for two years by the far right...why embrace him now???

Why all the lies if there was nothing there? People are going to jail for lying? Why?

Trump did the distracting and discrediting and its a shame....because he had a good case on Collusion...but he is still facing other charges that have nothing to do with Mueller! 

As I said in the Post....its time to govern and really he has not done a very good job so far and now with no Mueller to distract peoples attention his failings will become clearer!

tess who is us??

The American People or only Trump supporters?

Trump is President of all of America, not just his supporters!

And he needs to act like it!

Us as in we the people... he has never intimate that he is just for the deplorables IMO, he includes everyone in that and asked Dem voters to think about what the difference is...when has he ever discounted non Trump voters is my question. I do not want him to act like a fake President I want him to be the one that gets things done....I am sick and tired of the elitist thinking about what is presidential. Like Beto eating dirt to rejuvenate himself, come on that is the slippery slope not Trump.

I can disregard what was found because it didn't have anything to do with Trump committing collusion. The endictments were on people around him who, for whatever reason, had their own agenda and lied about it. We can't always control the people around us, especially if they are doing things behind our back and without our consent.

If Trump hasn't accomplished everything he set out to accomplish it is through no fault of his own. You try to do something when everyone is putting up road blocks at every turn and we'll see how far you can get. 

tess I really hope you think hard about what you are saying!

There is no one more elitist then Trump!!!  You should remember from which he came....who his bodies were for decades in New York....the Clintons!

How so many People then to forget that is beyond me!

We will see just how much mending of fences he will do now..with Lenzy Graham already talking about investigating the Clintons again!!

But amala he selected those people....does that say anything about him?

Is there anything that he is to be faulted for or is he only to take the credit when something goes right and everyone else is to blame when things go wrong...how can that be?  What happened to the saying the buck stops here?

He had the Senate and the House for two years and the only major thing passed was the Tax Bill....but health care was McCains fault?  Obama had the Republicans say from day one after he was sworn in that they would oppose everything he did and they opposed him for 8 years....but its wrong for the Dems to oppose Trump?

I said then that our government is not founded on opposition politics and I say it now!!  Compromise is the key to a successful government....and President Trump has not proven that he is a master of that process!

Yes, it says he isn't a very good judge of character. 

Trump takes credit where credit is due and is smart enough when things go wrong not to rush in where angels frear to tread. As for McCain, he betrayed us all when he voted for Obamacare. 

They didn't go after Obama like they've gone after Trump. (Did anyone doubt he won because the American people voted for him?) 

"Compromise" is not a word in the Democrats' dictionary. If it was, they would have stopped all of these investigations and all of this bad-mouthing and tried to work something out. 

Compromise has not been a word in the presidents dictionary!!  He had a compromise deal giving him the amount he asked for on border security before the shutdown!!  He withdrew from that deal and got less in return!!

You just cannot ignore the 8 years of obstruction that the Republicans put on Obama....and claim that Trump is getting a hard way to go...that just defies the facts!

What was the replacement part of the repeal and replace???  There was no replacement which is why McCain voted no!!  Another fact that people for some reason just don't want to acknowledge!

McCain did the right thing....plus the bill could have been resubmitted with the replacement piece....we still had the House, but it was never resubmitted....that was not McCains fault!

I understand that, he was honest and up front with all of that during the debate and campaigns, that and the fact he used tax loopholes that the dems are whining about because he used them and ignore the fact they do also.I  do think he is less of an elitist  as the rest because he mingled  he knows its good for business.He also has an inside track on the real Hillary and lot more of the liberal party from NY. Take a step back and realize he is just a business man in the WH, while he was smoozing the rich, he was also working along side of the regular working men and i do not care if he checked them out to see if they were legal. Micro checking everything about him is not helping anyone. I am part of famous and wealthy family and i enjoy them but it does not make me one of them.

But not getting rid of the mandate WAS McCain's fault because he voted to KEEP IT. And that was the WRONG thing to do. No American should be forced to make the insurance companies rich. And I feel the same way about house and car insurance. People should not have to buy them unless they want to. The government should NOT be able to force people to buy things. And that includes health insurance. 

Well you don't have to worry about it now Amala....as Trump will now support getting rid of the entire ACA without a replacement.

That means even protection for people with Pre-existing Conditions.  That decision was made yesterday without a lot of attention.  It will be appealed, but changes are the 5th Circuit and the Supreme Court will uphold.  Which means 11 Million people will immediately loose the Coverage they have....and Millions more with pre-existing conditions will not be able to get coverage!

Check your local news...something about this should be posted today!

Getting rid of the ACA is a good idea. It doesn't work unless you make six figures a year. Who else can afford an $800 or $1,200/mo. premium? I can't. And who would even try if they didn't have the government waving a fine over their head? We need something better, something that doesn't involve the insurance companies. 

I'm thinking the government could run civilian clinics and hospitals like they run military hospitals and the VA. The money could come from taxes and taxes could be collected according to income, just like income taxes are. And all the money collected could be put into a trust and distributed to government-sponsored medical establishments all around the country. Services would be free, just as they are in the UK. But people who can afford it and are willing to pay, could still see their own doctors and go to private hospitals. And that way, nobody would have to go without seeing a doctor.

Let's face it, AMOD; there was no evidence to even begin the witch hunt.They admitted as much 90 days into the witch hunt!  There was only the Democrats' lying about this to cover up the their leak of emails proving that they hijacked Bernie's campaign, and trying to torpedo Trump during the campaign. They used a fake dossier to illegally spy on Trump's campaign. A dossier bought and paid for by Hillary! After Trump wins the election next year, there will probably be an investigation into the investigators with indictments, convictions, and prison for the criminals, even Hillary and maybe even Obama, traitors all! Plenty of evidence has already been revealed that should put them away for awhile!

And, it won't be Muellers' findings which will reelect Trump, but the facts revealed throughout the witch hunt! Most Americans already know who the criminals were during the campaign, and it  wasn't Trump!

The indictments he got had nothing to do with collusion or Trump! He hired spies and placed them in Trump's campaign.

One of the Russian companies that he indicted actually fought the indictment and he quickly shoved that indictment off the a NY prosecutor so that he would not have to reveal the evidence, or LACK thereof, to the court and the indicted company! Hogwash!

The Dems will not only lose the presidential election, but will also give the House back to the Republicans. After the socialist bent of their party, the Dems will be lucky to even survive 2020 as a party!

You are moderate? Give me a break!

Nomads I would not speak to quickly about the reelection and again whether or not I am a moderate has nothing whatsoever to do with being unbiased!

I said before and said again above that Collusion was not going to be found!  Also Collusion is not a crime!!  It is amazing to me how everything about this case always comes back to the crimes of Hillary or Obama and nothing to do with the conduct or behavior of the Trumps that were outside of the norm...why is that?

And I agree the facts revealed during the investigation will have an effect on the election.....and I am not sure what you are talking about with the Russian indictments...none of that has been resolved!  Of course they had nothing to do with collusion, but they were crimes that were within Muellers right to investigate.

I think the Republicans are the ones in real danger of existing if they run on the fact that Trump was cleared of Collusion....and there is no way they regain the House and could clearly loose the Senate!

Impeachment is off the table....now Trump will have to run on his ability to govern...and his bragging and lying about his accomplishments will need to carry him.  

Tell me one thing that Pence or anyother Republican could not have accomplished without all the drama that Trump brings?  


Republicans will NOT run on anything to do with impeachment! They will run on the state of Americans since Trump was elected! As Podesta said during Clintons reelection campaign, "It's the economy, stupid!" Americans are better off, including minorities and women!

Pence, or any of the 17 others in the primaries were not elected. None of them were as strong or outgoing as Trump. He has stood up to Nato, Iran, N. Korea,Mexico and Canada (Nafta), cut taxes, placed 2 constitutionalists on the SCOTUS and 27 others on lesser courts, raised confidence in America, bettered employment, especially for minorities and women, defied socialism, And defeated Dems heartthrob Hillary handily! Yet you and other liberals still look for ways to cut him down! Sad. He is the president! Live with it!

Not a liberal.....proud Republican who will never support Trump who was a life long democrat who has done absolutely nothing to make American better!!!

He stood up to NATO??  How Nomad? NATO is an ally!!  Teh 2% GDP thing was implemented by Obama and Coountries were already moving in that direction...they had to 2024 to get there!  

Iran?? What the heck did he do there....withdraw from a treaty that was working and agreed to by the rest of the world!!  Not one other country in the world agreed with that withdrawal....not one of our allies.....we now stand alone on that one!!

Mexico and Canada....he withdraws from NAFTA with not replacement being signed....good luck on getting it approve by the Senate!!

N. Korea....really?  What have we gained there....Kim is rebuilding his launch sites!!

He got those two seats on Court because of what McConnell did in the Senate and Pence and any other Republican would have done the same thing!!!

Unemployment for minorities and women was on a ten year trend to decline and actually has increased in the last year!

What Socialism?????  It does not exist....there are only 2 Socialist in Congress!!!


Americans are not better off....and the sooner Trump apologist realize that the better we will be!

We are in real trouble in this country.....factories closing, but its the unions fault.  Gas prices raising....but its someone else fault.  The Tariff War hurting farmers..but its Chinas fault!!

If this is us being better off.....I hate to see what is worse!

I didn't expect the Mueller report will be the end of Trump, but for an investigation that took so long with the vast data collected, I am kind of surprised that AG was able to reach such a quick conclusion. It feels like it was all planned out, but for what reason? Stability of a country on the verge of madness? 

I don't think Trump is the future of America. I don't understand his game plan in a fast moving world. 

writer it has been revealed today that the AG was told 3 weeks ago about the Obstruction decision...so he did not arrive at this conclusions quickly!

Also there are still sealed indictments out there!

Its time to move on from the Mueller report and spend time looking at truly how back things are in this country under Trumps leadership.

Its time to focus on governing without the distractions and I think people will see that he is in fact not doing a very good job!

As in my comment above to Nomads....my next post will focus on are we better off today than 2 years ago?

Not sure the majjority of Americans think we are!!{#basic-frown.gif}

The next step is, as Giuliani and Graham said, to try the true criminals. Investigate, indict, condemn, and imprison the criminal elements of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the Obama administration. Hillary, Comey, and associates!

To what end Nomad?

What is accomplished by this?

He's already won the 2020 election, AMOD, you just don't wanna know it.

Here's why: ALL of the people who voted for him in 2016 will vote for him again in 2020, and a  LOT of people (like myself) who refused to vote for him in 2016 will make a point to do so in 2020.

In other words, he hasn't lost much support but I feel he's certainly gained some.

So you are going to vote for him even as he eliminates Health Care coverage for 11 Million Americans and does away with the bar to Pre-existing Conditions!

He did that yesterday.....DOJ will support complete reply of all aspects of ACA without a replacement.  

Now because I am a Vet and VA/Medicare has me covered (heck I never had a dog in the Medicare fight as I am a Military Retiree) but you are telling me you would vote for him after doing that?

Meant complete repeal! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Yeah.  Cuz I got mine.



Seriously--I was against the ACA because it's anything BUT affordable for the working class folks who actually need it.  What we have now is a huge mess designed to move us towards single-payer, and if we're going to do that we ought to just DO IT and call it a day.  Medicare for all, the end.

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