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A Moderate Point of View: Why the Awarding of the G7 Summit Contract to Doral has made me Sick to my Stomach!! The "Balls" on this Man!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, October 19th 2019 at 10:13am by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: president


Of all the disgusting and insane things that President Trump has done over the last three years.....and I will not waste my time listing them here, you all know them, even the Trump Supporters know them, they just won't acknowledge them.....awarding himself or the Trump Organization the Contract for the 2020 G7 Summit is the most outragious!

Let me give you a few stats before I go further so you will have a reference for what I am saying:

The Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada, was chosen as the host of the G7 summit, in part due to its natural beauty and security. It is the first G7 summit to be hosted by Quebec since 1981. La Malbaie, once a resort town that hosted American presidents, required US$465 million in preparations, including new high-speed internet service, new cellphone towers, and security fences. Kelowna, British Columbia, was also considered as a potential host.


I want to direct your attention to the $465 Million figure for preparations and this was for the G7 in Canada in 2018!  The Canadian government paid that money to prepare the site for the Summit.  The final Cost of the Canadian Taxpayer was over $600 Million!  

There is little chance that Doral is going to cost less than $600 Million in Taxpayer dollars to get it ready for the G7 in 2020!  And even if it did cost less.....the fact that we would award the Presidents Family Business a contract that size is just insane to me!

If Doral is such a perfect location for the G7 Summit.....why had it never been awarded one before???  We hosted the Summit in 2012 and Chicago was up for it before it was shifted to Camp David!  Why not Doral if it was so perfect!

And then there are the reports about Doral's finiancial status:

Late last year, in a Miami conference room, a consultant for President Trump’s company said business at his prized 643-room Doral resort was in sharp decline.

At Doral, which Trump has listed in federal disclosures as his biggest money-maker hotel, room rates, banquets, golf and overall revenue were all down since 2015. In two years, the resort’s net operating income — a key figure, representing the amount left over after expenses are paid — had fallen by 69 per cent.


Come on people.....what the hell is this????  Have we become that shameless as people that we cannot see what is happening here????

Would someone please come to this site and justify this decision for me.....please I beg of someone to make sense out of this for me!!  Because frankly I just don't get it!

How in God's name can this be okay to anyone......anyone???

User Comments

This is outrageous....I have perhaps mistakenly called it conflict of interest...but whatever it is called, it is just one more of the obvious and outrageous cases of self-aggrandizement and personal profitting off the office, of his tenure.

I would love for this to be sued on and set aside and some other place be picked that isn't a personal part of the trump empire.    If it is NOT illegal, it should be.

Mulvaney is lying though his teeth when he claims that trump will make no personal money out of this atrocerity of decency.

SFTL see my contact below....I put it in the wrong position!

SFTL that he will make no money was the biggest lie of all!  The upgrade needed to host the event will result in the Trump Organization saying money.  The income during a norally down period (June) would also stand as not standard income!  The free Advertisement is by far the biggest gain!

Again I am waiting for someone to justify this one...and so far only crickets!{#basic-cool.gif}

i see your link that he backed off but responded to that down below.  I remember the last time that Kellyanne took it upon herself to advretise for Ivanka's cloths line...I thought that was imappropriate enough and this was even worse.

SFTL that kellyanne thing was actually against the law!  She should have either been fired or administratively punished!

Neither was done!{#basic-cool.gif}

This isn't balls, it's a dictator who doesn't give a fuck... Bill mayer has offered a bet up to Trump... says he bets trump a million bucks that if he loses the election, he will not leave office... I think Bill will win. 

jj I saw that!!!{#basic-cool.gif}

To the person who rated this Post a 1 star, I normally do not care about ratings, but this time I would like you to come forward and explain why you rated it a 1???  Come on you had to be a Blogster member to rate it, some come forward be brave and justify your rating!!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

If you can...because you can't which is why you rated in and did not make a comment!!!!!!!!!


This doesn't look good for Trump. Maybe it was on the verge of bankruptcy and it will look bad on Trump if he has another bankruptcy while running the country? Maybe he is trying to get back at Hunter Biden? Either way, it looks very bad for him. 

writer it looks very, very bad....and whether you support him or not, you should be able to see that!{#basic-cool.gif}

The sad thing is that there are those who will support everything Trump does and pretend that they can be non bias, but these same folks will be in uproar if Obama did it.

writer you are so true about that and it is so shameful!

I commented somewhere the other day that what do you think the reaction would have been if Obama had planned to rent his Chicago Home to one of the foreign leaders back in 2013 if the G7 had been held in Chicago?

We all know what the answer to that question was!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

But sometimes there needs to be just right and wrong.....not his right and my wrong!!!  I am so sick and tired of this Liberal/Conservative mess!   Trump is doing things to these people that Obama never even dreamed up and they are just eating it up and they don't see it!

I got one more Post coming today and then I am going to be done for a while.....because the shameless ignorance of so many people today is just making me wonder what the future holds for America!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Don't stop posting, I enjoy your posts and your civil way of dialogue with those who comment, but if you take a break enjoy it. 

Latest Update!!!

Trump has withdrawn his bid to Host the G7 at Doral!!!

But I will give him no credit for doing the correct thing after having made the blalantly wrong decision in the first place! {#basic-angry.gif}

dollars to donuts he only did it because of pushback from so many people.  There are a few that seem to have that affect on him.

Before you blow a gasket, the Doral was going to host the event at cost! Reference my post. If it had not been against the law, he would have made it free! Also in the article, it said that some G7s have cost up to $40 million. So the ranting of you liberal idiots will cost us much more in tax money; but obviously you don't care, if you get to attack Trump; even if you do leave out some prominent facts. BUT YOU LIBERALS ARE GOOD AT THAT! You have had lots of practice over the decades! And yes I said liberals, not moderates! BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM! And your fruit is rotten!

Nomads you have got to be kidding me!!!

What do you mean do it at cost????   His business was losing money....any  business was going to be profit!!  Period!!!!!!!!

You have drank so much kool aid that you can see reality and this as nothing to do with left or right.....it what right or wrong??

As President he shouldn't have even thought of it!!!  Look at what you just said....IF IT HAD NOT BEEN AGAINST THE LAW!!!!

Nomads.....IF IT HAD NOT BEEN AGAINST THE LAW!!!!  You just said that!!!  It wasn't the idea of saving money it was the idea of the President of the United States paying himself and you were going to be okay with that because it was Trump?

Nomads I Know my faults and my biases.....and I readily admit them, but how about you and others who support trump but readily point fingers at others while you absolve him.....

Matthew 7:7 Context 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

Paying himself? Can you prove that? Do you have access to the deal? Or, is it just your finding something to continually attack a Republican president? "Makes you sick to your stomach?  Good!

Finding something to attack Trump yes....because he is not a Republican!!!!

He voted and supported Democrats all his life!!  He was pro life until he wasn't!!  He has drove the deficit to new heights and he has caused us to be distrusted and disrespected throughout the world!

And only people who are blindly following Trump the person cannot see that!!

What's wrong with having the summit at a golf club? It seems to me it would be the perfect place to conduct business and then have a chance to relax afterward. We all know more business is conducted on a golf course than anyplace else.  And anyway, let's face it. No matter where they hold the summit security is going to be a big deal and so are accomodations. So it's always going to cost millions of dollars. And what does it matter if the president makes some money on the deal or not? Yes, he may be a "world leader" but he's always going to be a businessman first. You have got to get your head out of the tight-butted world of Prohibition and realize things are very different in the 21st Century. 

Amala there is nothing wrong with holding the Summit at a Golf Course....but there are several reasons why maybe that particular Course has never hosted it before.  First, its Florida in June!  Not exactly the best place as far as weather is concerned!

It is against the law for the President to make money off his office.  It's in the Constitution!  It is especially against the law for the President to make money off of foreign countries.....the Founding Fathers feared this and made specific clauses in the Constitution to prevent it.

There is a reason why you do not want your President to approach things as a business man first.....its because sometimes the President might have to do something that might be best for America that might not be best for businessmen.  

Yes I do have my head buried deep into the foundations and Institutions upon which the country was built.....and those carried us pretty well through some difficult times for hundreds of years.{#basic-laugh.gif} 

We should be defining the 21st Century and not letting it define us!{#basic-laugh.gif}

What "clauses in the Constitution" are you referring to above? And, considering how badly the politicians have screwed up America, a businessman is a refreshing change!  Defining the 21st century? Like the 20th? Give me a break!

nomads....the infamous "Emoluments Clause" that you hear so much about!

Ask the Family Farmers who losing their farms how this business man is doing?

Ask the Auto Factory workers in Ohio whose factories closed after he promised they would not!

Ask the Farmers who are now have take government handouts in order to feed their families how this business man is doing!

Are you not looking at the news or reading the papers?

Everyone is not winning in America today....the Chinese are not paying those Tariffs, Americans are!! {#basic-cool.gif}


"It is against the law for the President to make money off his office. "

Then why do we usually pay presidents a salary?  

The President offered it without cost, i.e. at his own expense. But you'd never admit that would you?

Zen....at cost still would mean he is making money and by the Constitution and all things considered decent before Trump came into office no one would evern consider doing something like this!

Now if he said that he was going to host it at Doral, he would pay for all of the renovations required and that no foreign leader or American Tax payer would have to pay a dime....the whole thing would be on him....then he would be outside the constraints of the "Emolument Clause" of the Constitution and I am sure no one would have a problem with that!

But he did not do that did he?  You are aware that the Renovations to the Property done at the expense of the Taxpayer would increase the value of the Property and that he would still own that property once he left office.  Now that has happened for all previous Presidents in the modern area as their homes have been upgraded for security reasons and that increases the resale value of the property!

But Doral is a Business.....and any increases to its value increases the assest value of the owner which increases his loan position.....which means he could use the property as colateral and borrow hundreds of millions of dollars.  

Obama did that for his Chicago home....that he lived in for maybe a month!  The work increased the resale value of the property as well as his collateral position......Republicans went crazy over that back in 2010!!!  That is part of the reason that he only rented the Washington home once he left office.  {#basic-cool.gif}

That is why we pay them a salary.....so that they will not need to make money off of their office.

All Presidents prior to trump gave up their control in their businesses!

Jimmy Carter famously gave up his Peanut Farm....and it went Bankrupt afterwards!{#basic-cool.gif}

I didnt say at cost. He offered it without cost. Are you really this obstuse?

Seems to me Trump did turn his business over to his older kids, at least temporarily. Fortunately he's smarter than Carter. Didn't forget to look in on things and give pointers on what they can do to keep that ship from sinking. 

AMOD, as you can see by some comments, many of the people who support Trump have no character and cannot be honest... these are the types of people who make up a big part of his base. 

Eric trump went on the Jeanine Perrio show and was blasting Hunter Biden and other children of political representitives saying that these children shouldn't be making money off their parents positions... IS HE OUT OF HIS FRIGGIN MIND? This is but a small sample of what Trumps children have been up to and making since Trump came in office:

the brothers have sold off more than $100 million worth of Trump Organization real estate.

$3.2 million sale of land in the Dominican Republic last year

 Taxpayers cover the security costs of each business trip the pair makes—in the first two months of 2017 alone that included $97,830 for a trip to Uruguay, $53,155.25 for a trip to Vancouver, and $16,738.36 for a trip to Dubai

In February 2017, the Trump Organization unloaded a $15.8 million Trump Park Avenue penthouse—a home formerly occupied by Jared and Ivanka

the Chinese government gave its conditional approval for three trademarks granting Ivanka what the AP called “monopoly rights” to sell Ivanka-branded jewelry, bags, and spa services.

As to the assclown that destarred you, very childish, and then, that's nothing new for many on this site.

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