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A Moderate Point of View: Why and How the DNI Whistle blower Incident Should and Could Lead to a Trump Impeachment!

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, September 22nd 2019 at 12:12pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: impeachment


I am not going to waste my time with all of the Partisan back and forth concerning this issue.  I am also not going to waste anytime talking about Joe Biden and his son, because it has nothing whatsoever to do with topic of this Post!  I am going to be talking about the rule of law, and whether or not this President is openly violating the law and as a result should be Impeached!  You can debate me on this, but please leave all the partisan stuff out!

First let's look at a simple breakdown of the "Law" that apparently has been broken here...the Intelligence Whistleblower Law:

How does an intelligence whistleblower file a complaint?

The intelligence-community employee submits the complaint to the inspector general of the intelligence community, which the IG is required to review within 14 days. The IG determines whether the complaint is of “urgent concern,” which is defined as involving conduct “relating to” the “administration or operation of an intelligence activity within the authority of the Director of National Intelligence involving classified information.”

If the complaint appears credible, the IG is required to forward it to the director of national intelligence, who then has seven days to send the complaint and any accompanying information to congressional intelligence oversight committees. If IG decides it’s not credible, or if he or she does not act on the complaint, the whistleblower can contact the congressional intelligence committees directly but must tell the IG and seek guidance from the DNI to contact the committees securely.


The exact wording of the Statue as it relates to the duties of the DNI after the IG makes his determination of "Urgent Concern" is "Shall forward to Congress"!   


The word "Shall" is what gives the law its teeth and implies that the DNI  has no options.  To not forward the document is to violate the law, period....full stop!!!  In this case the IG (a Trump Appointee) arrived at the conclusion that the complaint met the qualifications of a "Urgent Concern"!  It should have been forwarded.....period!

There are very few questions that need to be answered from here!!

1) Why was the document not forwarded and who made that decision?

If the DNI made that decision on his own....he shoud be Impeached!  In the case of the present DNI because he is acting....he should not be confirmed and the President should be made aware that he will not be confirmed and the President should nominate another DNI!

2) Did the President direct the DNI not to forward the document?

If the President directed the DNI not to forward the document than the President should be served with Articles of Impeachment immediately for Abuse of Power!  He will be able to defend his decision when under trial in the Senate!

This is very simple and clearcut.  The Commerce Departments refusal to release the Presidents Tax Returns to Congress can be added to the same declarations with the same consequences for the Commerce Secretary....because that law also contained the word "Shall"!   Again this has nothing to do with Partisanship....but everything to do with something that used to matter to the Republican Party....the very thing they rail about when it comes to Immigration....the rule of "Law"!

Here is the sad part about this....we do not need to even be here!  This is such a clear cut issue.  Those of us who remember the Edward Snowden case remember that Snowden's defense for releasing his information to the media and not following the "Whistleblower Laws" is that they would not have worked.  Well guess what, all those who are supporting the DNI's position on this new case are proving Snowden to be correct!

Everyone who has ever had to deal with the IG process understands the nuetral aspects of the IG.  We also understand that the IG in theory works for the Command, but has clear cut ethical responsibilities!  When you start to form your opinion about this particular case and how it should be resolved there is one very important point that I want to repeat for you:


User Comments

i have always thought that congress might just the country far better by beginning an investigation on impeachment charges. From what I have read and heard, that gives teeth to any investigation and puts real pressure on all parties to testify about what they know.

So far we have had people refusing to answer questions.  Certianly, I find the fact that the IG was picked by the subject of the investigation to make the situation even more important.

Truth be told....SFTL, there is no longer need for a long investigation!  The only thing that needs to be investigated is who directed the Commerce Secretary to not release the Taxes and who directed the DNI not forward the complaint!

These are very simple and can be found by asking the person in question.  If its the President, then you Impeach him!  If the Treasury Secretary did it on his own....then you Impeach him!

Then we move on....period, full stop!

Somehow I doubt that it is going to be that easy.  There have been other incidences that should have produced an investigation.  I think the time has some for Pelosi's political cauction to come to an end, but not sure she agrees.   That's on the democrats in congress.

People get this entire Impeachment thing wrong!!  The trial is in the Senate.....you try your case there!

The House/Congress is just a Grand Jury....you only need enough evidence to Indict!{#basic-laugh.gif}

By the way....they should let Kamala Harris Prosecute the case in the Senate!{#basic-laugh.gif}

But sadly, it will never get to the Senate if Pelosi doesn't let the House open an investigtion....or am I wrong there?

They do not need an investigation.....simply compile all of the information acquired to this point...and submit to the Judiciary Committee.  Have them conduct a vote and then hearings concerning Abuse of Power using the two points that I have mentioned....Ukraine and Taxe Returns.  Then vote to either Impeach the appropiate Secretry and Censor Trump or vote to recommend Impeachment of Trump.  The recommendation is then brought to the full House and voted on.  218 Votes get the Impeachment and the Senate then conducts the trial.

Its time to move pass all of this!!


have to say, it is almost past time to act.

Trump has set the bar really low as a president, but as long as the economy is good, I don't see him getting impeached even if he shoots someone on 42nd Street.

writer I think we have passed that point on the Impeachment thing!  I will agree that he will not be convicted, but I do believe that if the Democrats do not move for Impeachment (which remember is nothing more than an Indictment of wrong doing) this coming week, or by the end of the month....they will loose control of their party!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I don't feel like the democrats have a party at the moment. They look like a tired beaten bunch. Tulsi Gabbard could have brought some excitement to the democrats, but she has been overlooked.

Totally agree on Gabbard's but like you said, she has been overlooked!{#basic-laugh.gif}

There certainly seems to be the Donald Mafia. And they maybe "justify" that because of the Politically Correct Mafia. Both of which are as partizan as it gets.

But even though they behave in the same way. Hysterical, propagandising, foaming at the mouth raving, agitatating, anti-values, anti-society. (Whilst claiming to be the saviours of society) they are not the same.

The Trump Republicans claim common sense. That's because the Extreme PC Democrats lack that in spades. And the Democrats claim the high moral ground, that's because those on the Right only see something as moral or decent if it relates to them and theirs. Everyone else can die. Including most Americans. 

In either, you have a major power in US politics. The power of the monied or the power of the passionate unmonied. Which seem to be in the most uneasy equalibrium these days. 

Of course, not all Republicans are bastards and not all Democrats are imbeciles. 

But Trump is certainly a bastard. He'll kill more than Stalin and Hitler in the end environmentally. 

What is curious about the democrats is that they usually are much more effective without a "figure head", unlike the Republicans who always need some macho bastard in charge. 

So the whole PC thing has sent the willies up many Republicans. Not just because it is effective (excessively so at times), but because its stealth, and America, especially Republican America likes to see its enemy (who usually has a moustache). Be they from Nicaragua, Soviet Union, Iraq, Iran etc. Always with the fultrum hair. Forgot Germany here. And Japan. Ooops.

If they are foreign and wear nasal hair they are easy to demonise.

But the cognoscenti of academia, fully aware of Trump's rudinmentary eduacational credentials, and also the limits of previous Republican leaders (who were nowhere near as limited as the current power dude) have perhaps taken it upon themselves to send a somewhat "Liberal" message out as part of their involvement in the education of young Americans.

Certain factions have then infiltrated the education system as a counter from the right, leading to a rather pathetic and sinister nonsense that an uneducated president is good for young people's education. (Whilst he then wipes out their future with environmentally destructive policies).


I tell you what, if that was my god. I'd kick him in his holy nuts.


So the Right have struggled to find a demon within. OK, they raped Hilary Clinton psychologically. And the things that Trump said, and then when he was elected, said she was a great lady, do Republican country folk not understand the concept of crass  hypocrisy????

But, of course, they found their persona of evil in the end. A dirty, dirty democrat. George Soros. (He's missing the moustache guys! C'mon!!!)

A man who was a Holocaust survivor who became a success and then a great thrilanthropist.

But, this man is a criminal. And he has committed the most anti-American crime of all. He is monied, but is NOT a Republican!!! The fuck?????

So the big advantage of the Dirty Gamers in the US, politically, news based, military based et al, is less of an advantage when you can just BUY EVERYONE any more. 

OK, some of the Dirty Gamers are on the Left. But the ones who are screwing the planet, fucking the poor, fucking innocent people abroad (how imperial) are on the right.

And they still have the philosophies and ambitions of Medieval Princes. 

So you are them or you are a surf, in their Utopia. 

Lets face it, they have way more Utopia money than the rest of us.

No wonder people in the West as a whole want to reminisce. 

They are backward. They want the security of being empowered or entirely disempowered, so they no longer have to have responsibilities. 

We have lost our way. We are regressing. At a time when, environmentally, we need to become our most progressive ever.

And someone decided that TRUMP should decide our future as a species.


Er, fine moustache there Mod! {#basic-laugh.gif}

I know...how about that (the moustache)....is that way some here dislike me!!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Oakie I will tell you what I said to writer (above), if the Dems do not Impeach Trump before the end of the Month....all will be lost for them!

This nonsense will take hold with Biden......Warren will become front runner and she will loose 40 States to Trump in the election!

Dems must display the will to fight....on their terms...for what they believe!

They have not so far!!{#basic-frown.gif}


Dem Dems need to display some actual intelligence. 

But Mad PC is retarded. 

The Dems need a righteous saviour to smite the devil.

You have a fine moustache sir. Like many historical American legends.

Maybe I should cut the damn thing off!!!{#rofl.gif}

Question Why do you say that?  I don't think Liz is that unpopular with the democrats.  i would gladly vote for her over trump.   But then that is true of any of the democrats...or even, heck hate to say this, but even Weld over trump..>LOL

Hehe! Maybe be you should grow it all the bushier.

Image result for roosevelt teddy

Mod, you have an identical situation the US as we have here. (Smaller scale).

The wrong people are being influential for the worst of reasons. 

I'd like to think that sanity will prevail. But I understand that that is a bit like wishing the oceans to turn from salty death to gorgeous chocolate tsumamis.


Hey, step up Dems!

It is a matter of the Electoral College and facing reality!

You are talking about someone who will represent us on the World Stage....and make Foreign Policy decisions.  In the end it will come down to who can best do that.  Unless she starts to speak to that now....she will not stand a chance in the election....Trump will keep the Red States and he will win those swing States because folks will not hav confidence in here!!  She will not project strength!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Debbie would kill me!!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Totally agree on the situations being similiar!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

OMG! Merica needs taking down, for its own  sake!

Yep! And dosen't that just wind the fuck outa you?

Naw! Debbie would love your honour as a man who would defend those others.

Yep. Dum Dems. When Trump ought to be such an easy topple

Welllllll! could anyone represent the USA on a fairer basis.?

I'd much rather some kid, wet behind the ears, was representing theUSA than the mess of beans that are served up for a regular supper to good Amerucan folk

Mod, you are leader quality! , you fully perceive the shit thats going  on. Amd you have the background that might reininforce that. As modern states evolve, so we might all potentially be left behind. No matter what we once were.

You'd get something out of that though¬

You should only cut it off if you have a potentially legitimate buyer. 

Hehehehehehehhee! Hahhhaahaha!


Social dynamic situations that lead to the violations or exploitations of ordinary citizens sould not be endorsed by any state that values its own citizens.

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