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A Moderate Point of View: The Deep State (Career Civil Servants) Strikes Back!! The Former Ukraine Ambassador Speaks out! Others to come!

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, November 16th 2019 at 10:50am by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: impeachment


This happened yesterday in the middle of the Impeachment Inquiry:

WASHINGTON —  Even as ousted U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch warned Friday about the national security risks of publicly undermining American diplomats, President Trump took to Twitter to discredit her, handing Democrats additional ammunition for their impeachment case.

Yovanovitch, the latest career diplomat to testify publicly in the House impeachment inquiry, largely accomplished what Democrats hoped she would in their second day of public hearings. The State Department veteran, who was recalled in May amid a flurry of unfounded rumors that she was anti-Trump, put a sympathetic face on the investigation as she described her confusion and despair at being abruptly sidelined.

She said she understood the president’s right to replace an ambassador at any time but said, “I do wonder why it’s necessary to smear my reputation falsely.”

Yovanovitch also warned that openly criticizing U.S. officials working in foreign countries undercuts the nation’s interests and may encourage foreign leaders to attempt to sideline American diplomats who are pushing for difficult but needed reforms. 


Before I go further into my Commentary I want to talk for a moment about the so called "Deep State" which recently has become code language for "Career Civil Servants"!  You know those folks who are perceived to be deeply entrenched in the Federal Government and as such operate as a "Shadow Government" to curb the power of the elected "Executive".  I personally do not believe in this Deep State thing, and therefore give it little credence.  But I do consider the present attempt by some to create this fear about the "Deep State" to be an attempt to rehash a darker period in World History.

I will refer you to 1933 and what the Nazi Party did as it relates to the Civil Servants in Germany....The Law of Restoration....which lead to a villification and reorganization of the Civil Service of Germany and resulted in a rise to power of the Nazi Party.  And we know what happened after that!


A strong valid and effective Professional Career Civil Service has been invaluable to the development of this nation!  Since 1883 when the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act was passed by the 47th Congress, Civil Servants have been the backbone of our government.  In every Executive Agency it is the Civil Servants and not the Political Appointees who have kept the "Trains running on Time" so to speak!

Have they always been perfect.....of course not, who is?  But they have been a group of people that we could always rely upon when everything else goes haywire.  Like the Military, the Civil Servants in the State Department take an oath to uphold the Constitution and to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Over the last 40 years American Civil Servants have taken a lot of BS.  Those who work in the Private Sector at one time felt that Civil Servants had it easy.  They had protections that others did not have, and that many were not qualified to work the jobs that they worked.  It also was often claimed that Civil Servants were paid too much.

Today the Federal Workforce has been drasticly reduced....there has been a hiring and paid freeze for several decades now.  Many positions that used to require Civil Service Acceptance are now performed by Private Contractors.  In short, the work was necessary, but who performed that work changed.  A Civil Service Employee had rights and a Salary Scale and they also had Guaranteed Benefits!  Many Private Contractors have none of that.

The one aspect of the Civil Servant that in my opinion clearly separted him/her from the Private Contractor was that Oath.  It binded the Employee to a strick code or set of rules.  Rules that if followed would protect them.  But that Oath also requires them to adhere to certain standards.  And right now it appears that the Civil Servants working in this present Administration are starting to speak out!

Don Jr. tweeted yesterday that President Trump was sent to Washington by the people to fired entrenched Bureaucrats like Yovanovitch.  Here is some advice for Don Jr......Civil Servants also Vote!  They are not all Democrats or Liberals!!!  As was testified to this week many take that oath serious and understand that it is not their job to serve one party or the other.  They understand that the job for them continues regardless of which Party is in power.  In short, this people tend to be "Honest Brokers".

It's not wise to attack Career Civil Servants....they have no dogs in this fight....they serve the country often at great risk.  Marie Yonanovitch made one statement yesterday that will ring in the ears of other Career Civil Servants:

She said she understood the president’s right to replace an ambassador at any time but said, “I do wonder why it’s necessary to smear my reputation falsely.”

The smearing of her reputation unnecessarily could very well backfire on the President and result in more Career Civil Servants coming forward with damning information!  Remember, her tour of duty was up....she was due for a reassignment.  She was asked to stay in Ukraine or extent and then suddenly with a one day notice recalled.  Why ask her to stay in the first place?  

This entire process does not shine a lot of credit on the way this Administration is dealing with Career Civil Servants and like I said, it could come back to bite them!


User Comments

I honestly believe there is a Deep State and I don't know what to call it other than what I believe it is.

writer I have honestly tried to understand what it is.....or what people believe it to be, and I am getting no where.  I do acknownledge that some people believe it exist....but again how to define it just seems to escape people.

Right now many seem to point fingers at the Career Civil Service and accuse it of being the "DS"....but I personally think that misses the mark!  Many of these are just plain ordery Patriotic Americans who are trying to do their duty as they see it (paraphrasing Douglas MacArther){#basic-laugh.gif}

I think it has something to do with those entrenched in government who have an alliance with foreign countries and is steering the country into unnecessary wars to fulfill their ideologies. They love things like oil, spreading democracies as they call it, mass sale of weapons to oppressive governments etc.

Yeah I see some of that being talked about, but here is the problem with that concept.....none of that could happen without the Political Appointee faction of the government allowing it.  You know that people nominated for positions by the duly elected Representatives. {#basic-cool.gif}

There are so many fractions bribing political appointees and coercing them to align with policies, those special interest that the whole system is corrupt.

I have believed for some time that there are a lot of 1933 in Germany actions that this administation has "revisited".  The thing with the "deep state" is one more conspiracy theory to marginalize anybody who doesn't agree with everythng trump does and says.

The thing is, it is going to severely limit who will serve in diplomatic circles.  Marie, for example, will likely be lost, all her knowledge and expertise will be gone, and all we will have at some point is political appointees.

This is bad enough with the current administration, but if it continues, it could ruin our chances of proper diplomacy for years to come. Like you point out, we need experts who are able to serve regardless of who is in the White House...whatever their personal political positions are, those can't be the determining factor in how we conduct ourselves on the world stage.

We have already lost a lot....there are 144 positions in this Administration where there are no nominees!!!!

Of the 740 positions that require Senate Confirmation that only 490 have been confirmed!

Hell we do not even have a Ambassador to Canada!!!!!!!{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

People do not want to serve this Administration....and what happened to this lady is a good reason why!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Yep,  I can see why...and that could easily be the end of non-biased service to the country.  Reading the Vindman transcript, it was noted that Sondland was at the meeting with the Ukrainian representatives bringing up the "Biden thing" and that Bolton and someone else told him that was inappropraite.

Political appointees will lead to things like we are now looking at...where a particular political party or person tries to use diplomacy to further their own ambition.

AMODPOVW, As I watch our president attacked this lady in real time I wondered. I wondered what is wrong with our president or the better question is what is wrong with us.   When Donald Trump term is up will he step down I am very afraid that he won't  he acts like a man that doesn't have anything in the world to worry about  so as unrealistic as this may sound will this be the time for him and Putin to take over the world.  Jamesnews

James...lots of people have wondered whether he will depart willingly!!  Personally, I believe the system will work in the end and when it is time to go he will depart!

Now will he leave the public arena.....NO!!  Trump will be out there causing all sorts of havoc, just because he has proven that there are no rules he cares to follow and there are a group of people who admire him for that!{#basic-laugh.gif}

AMODPOVW,  well you make a very good point and when the time comes let's hope that it is so. Jamesnews

Liberals (dreamy lightweight socialists not the hardcore radical types) like yourself blow my mind when you lay out the facts perfectly and then draw entirely backward conclusions from what should be obvious.

I have spent the greater part of my working life in various civil servant positions. I did my jobs in just the way you imagine all civil servants do. But was I more the exception? ....or the rule? Let me clue ya. I was the exception.

Your glorification of civil servancy in only glowing terms denies the reality of the full history and qualities of that class of workers. See China's history for one of many many examples of how that honorable class has taken nations over or simply lead them to irreversible degeneracy. And degeneracy is definitely where we are headed to now.

And in your rush to find your own negative spin to add to the spin of this bullshit "trial" you grab hold of the latest shooting star the Dems have dazzled you with. You actually tried to sanctify that nutcase ambassador with the crown of "HONEST BROKER"! And to pull it off you had to go to the insane extreme of declaring all civil servants to be honest brokers. Well, the last civil servant I can say for sure was honest was Ambassador Stevens who paid for his honesty being assassinated by Hillary and Barack. Why? We may never know because it is the deep state, civil servant arm known as the FBI who guard that secret.

The simple fact is that you have no idea why civil service is being revealed as the deep state at this time. It is exactly as you said about Hitler and how he converted basic civil servancy into a great web of absolute power over his People. It was Obama who began the same process here immediately upon getting into office. There are thousands upon thousands of them in every minor power position throughout the land. Now whenever the radical power mongers require a mind numbed dolt to create undecipherable confusion in government, in the courts, in our schools, anywhere at all, they only have to reach in and pull one out of Obama's bag of horrors. Want to stop a Supreme Court nomination? Send an opposition politician to jail? Reverse an election outcome? There is an army of Obama implants placed all over political offices, government agencies, and civil service positions placed by Obama ready to leap at the chance to testify to anything for "the sake of the cause". You do know that the crackpot Yovanovitch was placed in Ukraine by your beloved Barack don't you? 

What shall we call this new world order? I like "Twist and Shout".     



So let me get this straight....since I never held a Civil Service Job....it was Obamas fault?


I have no idea what you're talking about. Nor do I know what jobs you've held in your life. Could you please clarify?

In short, since I have never held a Civil Service Job and you said that you had.....I was seeking clarity on your statement that it was Obama who began the same process as Hiltler.  I am seeking some clarity on Obamas bag of horrors as you see them!

Ad how there can be Obama Implants in the Civil Service!  It appears that you are saying that all of our problems rest at Obamas feet!

Thanks. To start with there is no single person who is responsible for the chaotic state this nation is in morally or intellectually. (Financially we are in the best shape I've ever seen.) As for Obama's role in bringing us down morally I know you will disagree but I'll say it anyway. He spent his whole two terms appointing incompetents, crooks, radicals and demented people in positions throughout government at all levels. The most obvious being Hillary, Biden, and the two cuckoo bird women Blasey Ford and Yovanovitch. All of them and thousands more are now available to attack our legally elected president.  

Historians these days recognize that Saddam Hussein was an avid student of both Hitler and Stalin. I say that Obama is/was an avid student of Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein. It's possible that you may realize that yourself one day. In fact if we'd had a free, honest, and functioning press you would have learned it years ago.

As for Obama's bag of horrors I don't think you are ready to hear about it.   {#drinking15.gif}

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