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A Moderate Point of View: Republicans make a big Mistake to place Hunter Biden on Impeachment Witness List! Be Careful what you ask for!!

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, November 9th 2019 at 12:38pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
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Just in:

House Republicans asked for their own impeachment witnesses on Saturday, sending Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) a list that includes former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and the anonymous whistleblower who filed the initial complaint against President Trump.

Also Saturday, Trump told reporters he’ll “probably” release on Tuesday the transcript of an April call he made to congratulate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after he won his election, according to a White House pool report.

The impeachment probe moves from closed-door depositions to open hearings next week, which Democrats hope will present a strong case to the American public that bolsters support for impeaching the president...

“We expect that you will call each of the witnesses listed above to ensure that the Democrats’ ‘impeachment inquiry’ treats the President with fairness, as promised by Speaker Pelosi,” wrote Devin Nunes (Calif.), ranking Republican on the Intelligence Committee. “Your failure to fulfill Minority witness requests shall constitute evidence of your denial of fundamental fairness and due process.”


Big mistake on the part of the Republican.....BIG, BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

First and foremost, did they not read the rules that will govern these open hearings, or do they think that maybe most Americans haven't read the rules?  The rules as passed by House vote says that the Majority (Democrats) have a veto over the Witnesses to be called in the Public Hearing.  Also, these will not be the normal Dog and Pony Show Hearings conducted in Congress where each side rotates with 5 minutes questioning!

There will be a 45 Minute period of questioning by Staff Attorney's first by the Majority and then 45 Minutes by the Minority and after that maybe some questions from individual Congressman.  This will be more matter of fact and less for show.  This will be more "Watergate" and less "Perry Mason"!  There is also a very old rule of questioning witnesses that the Republicans seem to be throwing out the window..."Never ask a question you do not already have an answer to"!

Hunter Biden and the Whistle Blower have not been Deposed!!  You have no idea what they are going to say or how they will respond to any given question.....You could find yourself on very strange ground if the witness gives you an answer that you are not expecting!

Remember this is not trial.....its more an inquest or a Public Grand Jury Proceeding!  You can do more damage to your case and that of the President by showing that you are unprepared.

And to add Jim Jordan to the Intelligence Committee just so that he can get a few questions in....shows you to be desperate!

The GOP is fast turning into the gang that cannot shoot straight!!  And whoever is advising the President to release another Transcript of another Phone Call needs to get a handle on himself.   These Transcripts are not PERFECT!!  They are an INDICTMENT!!   And please stop with the comparisons of what Joe Biden did in 2016! Remember, first Biden was not President and when he spoke he spoke for the President of the United States.  Second Biden stood to gain nothing personally from the position he took on Ukraine.   The President on the other hand continues to gain politically from this Biden Ukraine story, as the Democratic front runner has seen his standing fall.

No one with a straight face can tell me that Trump has not benefited Politically from a constant reference to Biden and Ukraine Corruption!  Even if everything he has said about it is untrue.  And now the Republicans want to add to that by having the Impeachment Inquiry follow itself down the Hunter Biden Rabbit Hole!  


User Comments

The thing I find the mosst nonsensical is the idea of releasing another phone call transcript. What the heck does that have to do with the subject at hand?  What is being investigated is the content of the later call where he is thought to have pressured the Ukraine in exchange for military aid.

Another phone call about another subject has nothing to do with it and is a distraction that will prove nothing.

Exactly SFTL.....and what is more important is that it might reveal additional improper conduct!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Meanwhile we have fly by night "publications" stating things that may or may not be true in an apparent attempt to discredit a whistleblower forgetting that there are other witnesses that are seeming to confirm the whistleblower's concern.

Yeah...that thing about the Whistle Blower lawyer is just insane!

Who are they people who came up with that line?  Its just shameful how anyone can post anything without context or reference and some are willing to accept it as fact!

So the Whistle Blowers lawyer said something a year ago on Tweeter....how does that impact the legal guidance and the creditablity of that guidance to the Whistleblower today?

Hell, Rudy Guillani used to dress in drag.....I do not see them comdemning anything he says or does today! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

This is just more distraction!

Indeed...Big League Political??  That is one I had never heard of before, much less read. I think entire "publications" are being created just to spill propaganda.

"Who are they people who came up with that line?  Its just shameful how anyone can post anything without context or reference and some are willing to accept it as fact!"

You mean like the "whistle-blower" making a complaint about 2nd and 3rd-place hearsay?

Dems are sealing their own fate next year.

Again Nomads....the Whistle Blower is allowed to make a "Complaint"!

It is not taken at face value!  The Inspector General must conduct an Investigation into the Complaint.  In this case the DNI Inspector General did conduct the investigation...which means he interviewed those 2nd and 3rd place people.  After that Investigation if the IG considered the Complaint "Urgent and Credible" then he by law had to forward it!

Why people continue to confuse and complicate what the Whistle Blower Complaint did and did not do is beyond me!

And I am not so sure the Dems are sealing their fate!  The only way it is a definite is if they run Warren or Sanders! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Yep, they should leave Hunter Biden out of that and let it run its course. I believe Trump being he business-minded person he is strategical walked into this trap. Those who allowed him to do it like Guilliani should have known better.

AMODPOVW, well all I have to say about the hearings next week is welcome to The Greatest Show on Eartht.  Jamesnews

The sad thing, for me, coming from a country where the government is corrupt in the extreme but the political process is less so, is that American politics seems to be about rabid oneupmanship more than ever before. From either side.

And therein lies the death of plain speaking and honest leadership at any level.

This is why America is anything but great in the modern day. When its most successful individuals also tend to be its biggest bastards.

The Great Satan may well be about to trip and fall and never recover its balance or its stance.

That doesn't mean that I don't value and respect your meticulous attention to detail Mod. For corruption and lies find it harder to hide in the shadows when the light of detail is shined upon them. 

Though some dickheads will always be too blind to know the difference between light and darkness.

Light to them is winning no matter what, and darkness is losing. Truth doesn't come into it for them.

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