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A Moderate Point of View: President Trump Embarrassed Himself on the World Stage Today, with his lack of Knowledge of the Kurds! Shameful!

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, October 16th 2019 at 11:52pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: syria


It was a rather embarrassing moment yesterday when sitting in the White House President Trump made some statements about the Kurds, that the average person maybe would say, but you would hope that the President of the United States would know better!

Here is what he said:

In remarks in the Oval Office early in the day, Trump insisted that the ongoing conflict between Turkey and the Kurds was “over land that has nothing to do with us” and that the Kurds, who served as a U.S. ally against the Islamic State, were “no angels.”

“There’s a lot of sand that they can play with,” Trump said as he sat alongside Italian President Sergio Mattarella, whom the White House was hosting for a visit Wednesday. “. . . It’s possibly never going to be very stable.”


Trump went even further to say that the PKK (Kurds) were just as bad as ISIS!!

Now I will not go into great detail, but I did a Post last week that highlighted that the Kurds were divided into three separate groups and were located in three separate areas!

The PKK is a terrorist organization and they are not located in Syria, but rather in Turkey itself!!!

The SDF or YPG were our Kurdish allies in Syria and fought against ISIS for us.  We armed them, trained and supported them.  They provided the ground force against ISIS.  The Turks considered them allied with the PKK, but we did not!

And then there was the Peshmerga...which are the Kurds in Iraq!  Trump even badmouthed them today complaining that they were only interested in grapping land in Iraq.  Remember, these were the guys who helped us find Saddam Huessin and Bin Laden.  And when the rest of the Iraqi Army ran in the face of ISIS...it was the Peshmerga that stood firm!

Now all of this can easily be find by Googleing it!!  You would think that the President would have assess to this information and at least inform himself correctly before he opens his mouth.  His mumbling disjointed responses on the Kurds was very embarrassing!

It should also be noted....that the Syrian Militia Troops that are joining Turkey in Northern Syria are from the FSA....or the Free Syrian Army.  These were the guys that Obama would not arm to fight ISIS or Assad, because they were supporters of Al Queada and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama did not feel that they could be trusted with our weapons!! They are Arabs and of course they would have Turkey's support!

Yes, the situation there is complicated!  Yes, it was a bad decision to go in there.  Obama as I stated would not arm the FSA the way McCain, Graham and other in the GOP wanted him to.  Obama was willing to train the SDF Kurds but was reluctant to give them heavy arms because of the fear that Turkey would react.  Trump came in, said to hell with it....armed the SDF and sent in the Special Forces to support in the defeat of ISIS.  

It took several years and cost the SDF Kurds 11,000 killed.....and now it seems that Trump seems not to know who they are or what they did!  Shameful!

User Comments

It seems with this administration, the old idea of keeping faith with allies is paste.  Now the allies are thrown over  except when they are helping us, but when they are in need, we are no where around.  Shameful indeed.

Oh and I agree that I don't like always being involved in wars..but the Kurds are not the ones we need to cut loose.  As far as i am concerned, it is the Saudis that should be cut loose.

Cutting the Saudi's loose will never happen!!!  There is money there!{#basic-laugh.gif}

yep I suspedt some by trump himself.


he has been an embarrassment since the day he became potus!!!

He really has Maria....its just getting worse!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I tend to believe Trump was correct.

The Kurds were useful in helping us fight ISIS but it was to their own benefit as well as ours. They didn't just wake up one day and say, "Let's help those nice Americans get rid of ISIS." As with all other people they were looking to get something out of it. Most likely they wanted us to help THEM overthrow a government they are opposed to. And getting control of Syria was their aim. Do you really believe they wouldn't turn on us like a snake if the opportunity presented itself? 

If you do you're a fool. You've got to stop looking at these people as victims and start looking at them for what they really are -- as self-serving anarchists. Their getting gassed was a terrible tragedy but fighting dirty is what people do over there. They don't have the same sense of decency most Western countries do. They don't have all of this sympathy for women and children. They're an "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" crowd. And as Trump said, they aren't 'angels.'

Amala, Amala, Amala.....really!!

We sort the Kurds out as allies because they were the best choice to further our goals....why would they turn on us??   They might not be angels....but they were our devils and they accomplished our goals at a heavy cost!

Geez!  I would hate to come to your aid in a serious fight!! {#basic-laugh.gif}

I personally never felt that we needed to get involved in the Assad thing!  I also believed that we should have withdrawn from Iraq!  But it was the policy of the United States....driven by the Republican Party they we stay there and fight!

The Kurds gave us the best chance to do that with success!

You do understand that by taking the position that you are taking that you are in essence admitting that Barack Obama was correct with his Iraq and Syrian Policy?{#basic-laugh.gif}  Right now there is no difference between what Trump is doing now and Obama wanted to do!  Lindsey Graham admitted that yesterday!

Let's hope we do not need many allies in the future.....they are going to be hard to find!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Amala. It gets beyond even discussing things with such a brainwashed imbecile as you.

You seem to be able to "cute up" reality whilst never having come close to understand what is going on anywhere in the world.

You are what we call in the UK, a GOBSHITE. as nothing real comes out of your mean, withered and scowly mouth.

Goodnight, Godbless!

Crazy cat lady>omniscient warmongers



Dear Oakie Fenokie -- If you don't like what I write, don't read it. And I hope the devil finds out you're dead at least an hour before God does. 

AMODPOVW -- That's about the ONLY thing Obama and I ever agreed on -- pulling out of Syria. We rescued the Kurds but it wasn't our due to fight their war for them. We fight everybody's wars and I thought it was time we gave that a rest. Our boys were going over there and getting killed for what? Freedom? Democracy? To protect our homeland? Hah! Those people don't know anything about freedom or democracy and don't seem too anxious to jump on our bandwagon. And keeping troops over there wasn't helping to protect the U.S. It was only giving groups like ISIS a boost by encouraging others to join them (to fight the Western scourge). 

Shut it bluetard!

Tell us why it matters to people who can do their own searches how the state departments of Turkey or the USA designated the different Kurd armies any more than what Trump considers them. When the reality is there was/is free movement between them and Trumps consideration of that reality today trumps fantasy labels and revisionist history. 

Less than one percent of Kurds will die against the Turk, and the matter will be settled because it wasn't third party imposed. Trust your President, AMOD. He knows what he's doing.

Yes, it was a bad decision to go in there. 

 Now we're out. So would it be a good decision to go back in there? 

Did you read his letter he sent to the president of Turkey? Maybe trump can get a job as a humorous greeting card writer when he's impeached... 

On another note, I wonder what the cost is going to be for the US to get the 50 nukes they left when they pulled out... bad for the US but Russia is fucking loving it... an early Xmas gift from trump to putin. 

I'm sure the whole thing will work out fine, it must have been a stratigic plan by trump... right? {#rofl.gif}

Sorry Jay....he doesn't know what he is doing!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

That is unless you are willing to agree that Obama had the correct position on Iraq and Syria years ago!  There is no difference between what Obama wanted to do then and what Trump is doing now....Lindsey Graham admitted that yesterday when he said that it would be dishonest of him to condemn Obama back then and support Trump now!{#basic-laugh.gif}

By the way...they do not move between themselves....they are in three different regions...Turkey, Syria and Iraq!  There sub cultures are different!

And we are not out.....we have withdrawn from Syria and the troops that were there are now in Iraq!  We are sending troops to defend Saudi Arabia!

According to Trump the Kurds can defend themselves......what about the Saudi's can't they defend themselves??  In case you forgot....part of the reason that Bin Laden (who was Saudi) was determined to attack America was because we Americans had defiled the sacre ground of Saudi Arabia...where Mecca is located.{#basic-laugh.gif}

No we should not go back in there.....but guess what....choices equal consequences and the way this was handled, which was poorly will have long lasting consequences!{#basic-laugh.gif}

No idea what you mean, Jayyy.

I'm used to the English language, not mock English.

Kurds have died enough, and always for cunts like you.

"Now we're out!" Yeah. your president made American military personnel RUN AWAY.

That guy has one big fucking tail between his legs.

I'm used to the English language, not mock English

Lol k, "cunt".

Kurds have died enough

If Trump threw a division of Marines on the border you'd scream bloody murder, hypocrite.

That guy has one big fucking tail between his legs.

So hop in there, tough guy. Peshmerga takes volunteers. 

"cunt" is one of the oldest Saxon words in the language, matey!

And is appropriate today as it was in Dark Age times.

No I fucking wouldn't!!!! I'd ADORE the Americans and British actually stand up for their allies the Kurds.


I'm contemplating it. The shitter your President, the more likely I'll have to take up the slack.

Spanish Civil War, all over again.


Did you read his letter he sent to the president of Turkey?

3 times. It's amazing.

Any thoughts on the ceasefire? Is it an impeachable offense?

50 soldiers were guarding a nuke apiece hm need some verification there pls

Sorry Jay....he doesn't know what he is doing!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Got a fresh ceasefire says otherwise. Not sorry{#basic-wink.gif}

There is no difference between what Obama wanted to do then and what Trump is doing now...

Actually doing it makes for quite a difference, friend.

By the way...they do not move between themselves....

They've been openly funneling fighters and arms between factions since Kobane, and it was an open secret prior. 

what about the Saudi's can't they defend themselves?





Jay it was the Republicans in Congress that prevented Obama from doing it!!

And I do not remember anyone here at Blogster coming to Obama's support at the time!  As far as the funneling of fighters you are accepting the Turkish line about the PKK and the YPG!   

And he didn't get a fresh ceasefire....what are you talking about???

Turkish Militias have not stopped their advance!  And what good does the 5 day ceasefire do for American creditabilty around the world!  No one except the most devote Trump people believe that nonsense!

You need to check out Mit Romney's speech in the Senate today!{#basic-laugh.gif}

actually the number of solders was 1000... 

Jay. Seriously. shut your lame ass mouth, boy!

You are a Yankey didnothing, and aint dandy.

1000 soldiers were guarding 50 nukes on the Syrian Turkish border? Seriously, source pls.

Winning, you are more informed than the average American. Trying to understand the Kurds its like taking a trip through algebra. It seems pretty complicated. I don't think the average American wakes up thanking the Kurds. I don't think the US being in the region has anything to do with the Kurds. If you tell that they are concerned that Iran will get a stake in the region and its oil fields and that they will possess a greater threat to Israel then I could understand that. 

writer it actually indirectly does have a lot to do with Israel and Oil!!  That's why so many Republicans in the Congress have opposed this move.  Let me break it down.....Israel was against Assad and Syria.  The SDF Kurds were against Assad and Syria.  Iran supported Assad and Syria....so naturally the SDF were against Iran!  The Peshmerga Kurds controlled the Northern Iraqi Oil Fields and therefore kept that asset out of Iranian control.

These Kurds were an asset to Israel....now they have been forced to make a deal with Assad, Russia and Iran for protection from the Turks...that does not help Israel!  

Also the only thing that has kept the Peshmerga Kurds from breaking away from Iraq is the US....why would they not ignore what we want and cut a separate deal for themselves?  

Yes this is complicated for the average American....but this is why we elect Presidents and pay them the big bucks so that they will understand this stuff!  Trump clearly does not!

Take the deal he cut today with Turkey!  He is claiming a great success!!  Guess what....we got nothing in this deal and the rest of the world knows it.  He gave Turkey everything they wanted....an exclusion zone....and Russia and Syria will move into the vaccum.  This is a deal that could and should have been negoiatated by Diplomats months before the Turks moved in.....shameful!!{#basic-cool.gif}

I have a feeling that this will have far reaching implications for him because it seems to be the one thing both Republicans and Democrats can agree upon, but I want us out of there. 

Agree!  Remember Obama never wanted to get in there!!

The Republicans still berate him for his "Red Line"....and remember the red line was his refusal to use American Military force against Assad.  He negotiated a deal to remove Assad's Chemical weapons without using US Forces and he was condemned for it.

Obama again would not use US Forces on the ground against ISIS!!  Trump sent in the troops and heavily armed the Kurds!  Romney today outlined a Diplomatic Course that could have been taken to resolve this matter!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Yeah! The Persecuted Jews of 30s and 40s in Europe were also, no angels.

And the women and children slaughtered throughout history by bastardly powerful male perverts were also no angels?

Then Trump compares the Kurds to ISIS???????????????????????????????????????


Oh my God!!!!!!!


His cowardice and fake news knows no bounds!

What a dirty little shit of a human being the current President of the United States is!

How weak he makes the once great nation seem.

A pussy president, who has been a pussy all along.

Meanwhile, heroic Kurds are genocidally slaughtered by the same kind of cowardly scum that Erdogan Trump is all about.

This is the lowest time in American history since the earliest land grabbing and scalping days.


Trump, making America even more insidious (not greater) than it ever was before.

There are kernels of wheat that are more insightful and more appropriate as leaders than the current P-dent. 

Truly he is America's greatest ever chaff.


Trump is the dirtiest userer. A piece of sociopathic shit that will use anything and anyone to further his own gains. 

He is uneducated big time, arrogant in the extreme, and -

A fat ugly ginger fuck! (I realise that that is not an expiedient or scientific response, but it felt good saying it cos its a true assessment of the dick).

Its easy for the West to forget what the Kurds have achieved, or even more, suffered.

Trump is not alone in betraying the finest allies of the modern day.

Trump seems to not know who they are, what they did?

He can't be that utterly shit by himself. There must be a whole network of cowardly, but influencing Americans who are prepared to betray allies and lack honour at the drop of a hat.

A whole section of American power that believes that its gonna work to look like the biggest bunch of cowards in the  whole of American history.

I wince at it all.


You kiss your queen with that mouth, Oak?

Proper english ain't what it ever was, tsk.

You ain't no bear!

You'all is a lil kitten pretending that a meow is a growl.

You really want to go toe to toe with the "clever bitchin shit"?

You probably have grandchildren. So it might well be a mistake.

Not at all. You save up that pogey and give me a visit, son.

I wince at my own nation as much though. Yemen and all.

Oakie one of the strange things about this debate with some people is that they seem to believe that we gained nothing in this arrangement with the Kurds!

Some have even wondered how many American lives should be shed to defend the Kurds?  The strange thing about that question was that the SDF Kurds never asked us to shed any blood to defend them.....they just wanted us to provide them with the weapons so that they could defend themselves!

I have repeated over and over again to some people here that Obama did not want to arm them.....because he understood the position of the Turks.  Trump not only armed them but sent in US Troops because the SDF would fight ISIS!

He allowed them to establish an area alone the Turkish border over the last three years knowing that the Turks opposed it.  Mitt Romney gave an empassioned speech in the Senate today asking why could we have not worked out a deal that would have allowed our allies to pull back 20 miles and give the safe zone to the Turks?  Instead we just betray them!{#bag-on-head.gif}

Lol what ally the Turk is in NATO! 

Romney...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! Ok(looks at impassioned proposal from utterly irrelevant has-been in no position to dictate)

He allowed them to establish an area alone the Turkish border over the last three years knowing that the Turks opposed it.  

A strip about 20 miles wide, yes...with you so far...

why could we have not worked out a deal that would have allowed our allies to pull back 20 miles and give the safe zone to the Turks?  

oh no. He's retarded.

Trump worked out no deal....the Turks are taking the land...killing our allies and not observing any ceasefire!  

Even Israel is now condemning the move by Trump....what is it you do not get about what happened!

Negotiate the removal of the Kurds.....remain in control and faithful to the people who died for you!

It called being honorable!{#basic-cool.gif}


Jay. you are a fucking retarded coward who runs from reality as swiftly as your pussy president.

The Kurds are have been fighting for USA based targets for about 17 years, and YOU, you frigging imbecile, know nothing and want to know nothing.

Scum like you and your president are traitors to reality and humanity.

And you should shut that big fat wide mouth of yours before a North Korean nuke accidently ends up in it because of the cretinous leadership that you so naively, and moronically endorse.

To call you a tit, would be a compliment. 

And right now, I don't think I've ever wanted to hit an American dick head more than you.

So maybe we should arrange a meet, big bear behind (the times).

I don't think Israel was ever naturally anti-Kurd.

Why would it be. It would see itself as a persecuted people surrounded by enemies, same as the Kurds. Though Israel does kinda start a load of fights, wheras the Kurds just defend themselves.

Jay wouldn't understand honour if it beat the crap out of his sorry ass.


So maybe we should arrange a meet

Shall I pour a bottle of gin into the Atlantic so you can drink your way across? Good cardio.

Does it ever get exhausting, being 100% wrong, pretty much every single time, because you're blinded by your hatred and bloodlust?



Mustafa Bali@mustefabali

1- I just spoke with President Trump and explained to him the Turkish violations of the truce that would not have been possible without his great efforts

24.6K 9:50 AM - Oct 23, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy 9,218 people are talking about this


Mustafa Bali@mustefabali

2. We THANK President Trump for his tireless efforts that stopped the brutal Turkish attack and jihadist groups on our people.

25.5K 9:52 AM - Oct 23, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy 9,414 people are talking about this



Mustafa Bali@mustefabali


3. President Trump promised to maintain partnership with SDF and long-term support at various spheres.

1,636 9:52 AM - Octm23, 2019

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