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A Moderate Point of View: Let's talk ICE Raids in Mississippi!! Long overdue and there should be more!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, August 8th 2019 at 1:50pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: immigration


In case you have not heard....here is the latest:

U.S. immigration authorities on Wednesday rounded up hundreds of undocumented workers in food processing plants during a sprawling operation in Mississippi that officials touted as the largest immigration enforcement sweep in a single state in U.S. history. 

By targeting workplaces across six different cities in southern Mississippi, Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agents, with the help of the local district attorney's office, apprehended approximately 680 undocumented immigrants. 

At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi Mike Hurst said the large-scale raids collectively represented "the largest single state immigration enforcement operation in our nation's history.


I have absolutely no problem with this.....as a matter of fact, if you want to solve the migrant problem here in America this is how you should do it.  And guess what, there are at least a hundred other companies and farms through out this nation that should also be hit and hit immediately!  To include the Golf Courses and Amusement Parks throughout the land.  

Hit the employers.....and you will solve the problem!!!  Now here is part of the problem.  You may have picked up over 600 Migrants in one sweep.....but guess what, the employers are just going to find 600 replacements as soon as they can.  So unless you penalize or embarrass the employer in some way, this is never going to stop!

And guess what....the government knows who the employers are!  We the public know who they are!!!   

If we want to solve our immigration and migrant problem we need to "Boycott" these companies and products.

Now as a nation...we are at or near full employment, so there is literally no one to take these jobs, hell no one wanted them in the first place which is why illegal and undocumented migrants have them in the first place.  So the employers will have a simple choice, either abide by the employment laws and pay a living wage to employee's which will allow legal immigrants and others to apply for the jobs...or petition their Congressman to change immigration laws so that work permits can be granted.

By the way....a sidenote, one of these companies had a 14 year old female working full time in the Company.  Bet she was not being paid according to law.  

There is also probably some Social Security Fraud going on here....these companies are collecting taxes from these employers if there are false ID's and if they are not collecting taxes than they are defrauding the government!

We need more raids like these!

User Comments

In order to boycott manufacturers who flaunt the immigration laws we'd have to give up eating entirely. There isn't a factory farm, slaughterhouse, or food processing plant that isn't using illegals. Plus, if you'd research the issue, the SS is paid on these people who can't ever collect it. 

Totally agree Butter.....but I guess I am just tired of all of this mess!

There is either a problem or there is not....if there is a problem than why not deal with the employers?  If we don't want to deal with the employers than give these people work permits and lets focus on something else.

And yes that SS is collected on people that will never be able to receive it.  I am pretty sure those employers are covering themselves!{#basic-laugh.gif}

here in Ontario we are heavily dependant on migrant workers. The workers here are here legally, They arrive in spring and go home in winter. They have housing set up for the workers. 

jj we had that on the Eastern Shore....with the Crab Houses....until the Migrant Visas were cut and they Houses couldn't get their normal pickers.  Crabmeat went up, but whole crabs were reasonable this year.  Some of those Crab Houses will go out of business next year if they have another season like the last one!

Amod the only thing is...totally expect the price of food goods to go up as these companies have to pay citizens more....or look for a big scsrcity of available.

Exactly.....but I am just tired of people trying to have it both ways!{#basic-frown.gif}

Only one way Ames. What's actually going on.

And you are a big exponant of that. {#apploud.gif}

True Oakie!!

These employers are ripping these undocumented workers off...paying them below average wages....and then cooperating with ICE during these raids to avoid fines!!  It is shameful!!

Conduct the raids...yes, but then expose the employers because they are the real villians here!

I agree, Amod, it is silly to go after the immigrants when they have been imported by the businesses, and we all know it, unless we are willing to take the hits at the stores.

As for the scofflaw workers - they get involuntarily deported, their assets confiscated, fines imposed to cover their deportation expenses, including bounties.  Since Asset Forfeiture is unjustly imposed on innocent American citizens, thanks to liberal courts, asset forfeiture also applies to illegal alien job-stealers.  

1der I have absolutely no problem with that!!!  But what about the employers??

We all know that they know who they are hiring.....our migrant and immigration problem could be solved in a heartbeat.....keep raiding and start holding employers responsible!

They are scoffing the law also!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I agree. Let the bad actors take their lumps, they've got it coming. The market will adjust, everyone will win without the cheating scofflaws. May they go bankrupt.

We can only hope!{#basic-cool.gif}

I feel sorry for the children caught up in this mess. I don't even know what to think of it. 

writer....I might be sounding rather cold on this one, but the children are a distraction right now!!

Everyone is focused on the kids....no one is focused on the Employers who cooperated with the government in these raids, and knows where to find replacement workers if and when these are deported!

This is one of the biggest scams in the world and we all know it!{#basic-cool.gif}

I can't view the children as a distraction. I can imagine that for them it is terror. We should keep that in mind when we round up families and deport them. The children really matters.

I totally understand....but that 14 year old child who was working full time in one of those plants also mattered!  That only got limited coverage! {#basic-angry.gif}

The media is so focused on the kids that it is missing the story of the people responsible for this shameful situation in the first place.

These people did not just appear....remember these kids most of them were in school....they had to be registered by someone?  This whole situation is shameful.

I just heard that some of these people have been here for 20 years!!!!

How can that happen???  Why can't that person get some kind of legal status?


Yep. Personally, I feel if you survived that long as an illegal and you didn't commit any crime, there should be a path to legal status. 

I just heard that some of these people have been here for 20 years!!!! How can that happen???  Why can't that person get some kind of legal status?

It's not that they can't, AMOD, it's because there's no need to.  They can live in Spanish speaking enclaves for decades and not be bothered to learn more than a few basic phrases in English.  They have kids and the kids serve as translators, having grown up bi-lingual from the get-go.

There is a ready made black market awaiting them as well, where official looking documents can be bought far cheaper than the fees and costs associated with legal immigration.  (The fees are ridiculously high and the system stupefyingly slow, cumbersome, and complex.)

Even a large number of people who were originally issued green cards (legal permanent residency) often fail to renew them, as they are only good for ten years.  Simon's cost $750 in 2004, I'm sure it's well over $1000 now.

Still not a bad deal if you break it down to $100 per year to maintain the legal privilege of living and working here.



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