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A Moderate Point of View: Is Trump feeding at the Public Trough, Yes!! Is it illegal?? No!! Does it Violate the Emoluments Clause? No!

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, November 5th 2019 at 12:56pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
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As strange as this might sound, the Constitution does not prevent the President from making money from his business while serving as President.  Some people tend to confuse the "Emoluments Clause" which prevents receipt of money from Foreign Governments without the permission of Congress, with the making of Money from domestic sources.  Now to make a very clear point, no Modern President has chosen to make money from his businesses....Jimmy Carter famously sold his Peanut Farm....but the Constitution does not require it.  Most have just decided to not do it....because of the look.  Well, its clear Donald Trump could care less about the look, because he is raking it in and a good portion is from Federal funds.  In short he is paying himself with Taxpayer money, and its legal.

Give you a quick example.  When most Presidents come into office the Federal Government will pay to secure his home by the Secret Service.  Improvements are made to make the home secure and those improvements remain in place because the President is entitled to protection throughout life and often returns to his home.  Reagan and Bush had ranches and Summer Homes.  Clinton came from a State House and had to purchase a home after office.  Obama had a Chicago Home....but seldom went back there....and has purchased a home in DC when he resided after he left office.  Improvements for security have been made to all these properties at government expense.

Now let's look at Donald Trump.  All of his residences are at locations that are businesses for him!  Trump Tower in NYC, all of his Golf Courses, Mar a Largo, they are all businesses that he profits from....and each of them require some type of security for when he visits.  Trump Tower is a Classic.  He did not give the Secret Service the Offices and rooms they occupied at the Tower for the the months that his wife and son did not come to the White House...he rented them to the Government!!  FACT!!!!

Look at the report from todays paper about some of the other things Trump does and profits from:

“What a beautiful ballroom,” President Trump said as he walked into a campaign fundraiser recently at a hotel in downtown Chicago.

Donors laughed. The hotel was Trump’s. They were paying the president to cater his own fundraiser.

The Chicago event exemplifies a pattern of the Trump presidency: It was another presidential trip that brought Trump private benefits. The hotel was paid about $100,000 for the lunch, according to a Republican official who helped coordinate it.

Trump’s presence also gave a boost to a property that, like some of his others, is suffering from financial decline.

Profits fell 89 percent from 2015 to 2018, from $16.7 million to $1.8 million, according to documents filed with Cook County, Ill. Trump’s hotel struggled even as other Chicago hotels held steady or thrived.....

As president, Trump has done one thing that has helped his bottom line. He and his traveling entourage have visited his properties more than 200 times, according to a Post analysis. That travel has brought at least $1.8 million in revenue to his businesses, according to a Post tally.

Trump has visited Mar-a-Lago, which he calls his “winter White House,” 24 times. Those trips have brought payments from the U.S. government — which paid the president’s company for hotel rooms and even for a $1,000 bar tab run up by White House aides.

At Trump’s Irish golf course — which has lost money consistently since he bought it in 2014 — a Trump visit this summer brought more than $100,000 in revenue from the Irish government, according to Irish government records. The reason: A presidential visit requires police, and police need to eat. Trump’s club charged Irish police more than $118,000 for food and rooms, according to an itemized bill released after a public-records request. (When Vice President Pence visited the same club in September, the Irish police paid Trump’s company another $3,800, according to Irish government documents.)...

The president’s annual financial disclosures, which he is required to submit, show that the D.C. hotel brought in $40.8 million in revenue for him last year. Unlike the data available on the Chicago and Doral hotels, however, those disclosure forms don’t show whether the hotel made a profit...

The company is seeking $500 million for its lease interest, according to the Wall Street Journal, equating to more than $1.9 million per room.

Last week, Trump added a little revenue of his own: He attended a Republican fundraiser at his Washington hotel, serving again in the dual role of candidate and caterer.

“I wonder who built this beautiful place,” he said, according to one attendee — drawing laughs from donors with the same joke as in Chicago.


By the way....keep in mind the President has decided not to take his $400,000 salary.  There is no word on whether or not he uses his $50,000 expense account, or his $100,000 travel account or his $19,000 entertainment account.  At the rates he charges forserrvices  at his personal properties he probably has run through all of that....but it appears he is paying most of it to himself anyway!

Now I want to repeat....all of this is legal, even the Air Force Pilots stopovers at his Golf Resort in Tunnebury in England.  The fact that no President has ever looked to make money from the Federal Government while he is serving as President makes no difference.....they just were not as smart or as brillant a business person as Donald Trump!

User Comments

Oh Amod, you may be wrong about the emoluments clause, but it is loophole that I would love to see plugged.  This man in the white house has too many ties to foreign businesses and with him trying to direct the G7 fo Doral, that was an obvious example of the very things we don't want to happen.  And the emolution clause is supposed to prevent the person with authority in DC from making money off foreign governments.  If there hadn't been enough pushback that he actually did back off, he would have stood to rake in lots of money.  Considering how expensive his towers and Mar-la-lago in particular is (went up from 100,000 to 200,000 when he got elected), that might have ended up as 10 times that rather small actual salary.

I don't believe he is losing anything and don't think he should be allowed to profit off his position.  Many of us already believe he got help from foreign agents to get in office in the first place...making money off the job just add evidence to support our position.

SFTL unfortuately if he had gone throught with the Doral thing he would have violated the Emoluments Clause...which is why is was maybe smart for him not to go through sith it.

Now he still has to weather the storm of the DC Hotel...where some foreigners have secured whole floors of rooms, but never stay there....that is the money that the has to be sure he returns to the District.

All other other Domestic business transactions he is legally entitled to pursue.

The fact that no other President has decided to do so...does not seem to matter! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

What is disgusting about that is that he is thereby using his power of the job to plan foreign and domestic decisions in order to maximize his profits. Mar-a-Lago's membership doubled, he goes to his resorts which means his secret service details has to stand in his expensive hotels.

Even his attacks on the Fed are probably because he would profit from not having to pay as much interest. He may not be taking the 400,000 dollars but he is actually costing the tax payer more money than if he had simply allowed to take the salary and not route money to his private businesses.


Isn't that what Mitt Romney was about as well?

somewhat, but he didn't wiggle his way into office.

Well, at least not on security camera anyway. 

LOL He didn't get elected...unless I forgot something...

I have to agree with the author of this post. Trump was supposed to get a salary for serving as president and he declined it, not wanting his service to cost the taxpayers. But he has to make a living somehow. So why not with the businesses he owns?

Scenefromtheleft is just a dyed-in-the-wool Trump hater who wouldn't want to see him succeed at anything. And those people he's talking about, the people who still think he got help from Russia are just TOO STUPID to see Trump was elected fair and square by tired Americans who are sick of the Democrats and their insane agenda. 

Wow!  Destroying humanity  and the planet without taking a wage for that? What a hero! 

God you're an imbecile.

No, you are because you buy everything the left puts out, hook, line and sinker. If you had any brains you'd learn to think for yourself. 

AMODPOVW, once again you have written a very good post. You Must Have Spent a great deal of time on this post I say that because of the research. so what can one say keep riding keep posting. also I would like to say to you it is a great thing to be of service. jamesnews

Thanks for your comment James! {#basic-laugh.gif}

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