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A Moderate Point of View: I cannot believe that I am agreeing with Rush Limbaugh, but sorry, America is not Ready for a Gay President!!

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 1:30pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
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Now, before all of you on the Left start to jump on me, you need to remember that in 2008 I was the guy who wrote a Post here at Blogster saying that I did not think America was ready for a Black President!!

Many of you will come forward and say, well how did that work for me with saying that America was not ready for a Black President?  My response to them is always, "What happened in 2010?  The Tea Party Movement, and in 2016 Trump.  And if you think that none of that had anything to do with a reaction to the election of Barack Obama, I have some Swamp Land in Florida to sell you"!!!

The idea that America is not ready for a Mayor Pete is a slightly different approach to the same basic concept....America at its core is not kind to "Cultural Change"!!  We might say that we are not Homophobic and that we could care little about who someone loves.  We might even be accepting of the Gay member of our family or in our Church.  But when we see a Presidential Candidate kiss his Gay Companion on National Television....it "Will" have a different effect, and you are seriously deluded if you don't beleive that!!

Is it wrong?  Of course it is!!

Is it fair?  Of course it isn't!

Should we do something about it?  Of course we should, but if you are honest do you really think that we as a society are there yet....of course you don't!

Mayor Pete is a fairly impressive guy!  I like his composure, his approach to certain issues and the fact that he is a Veteran.  His politics are overall to liberal for me on fiscal matters but if faced with him or Bernie Sanders....if I were a Democrat, I would vote for Mayor Pete, that is until his Sexual Choice is raised.  It is at that point that Sanders does not gain my vote....but Mayor Pete does not keep it either.

Democrats need to consider how the Evangelical South and Mid West will react to the possibility of a Gay/Married President.  They need to consider what Hundreds if not Thousands of Black Pastors will be saying every Sunday in Pulpits across America.  What will Caltholic Priest be saying during Mass through out the Hispanic Community?

Rush is right....and as much as we hate to admit it.....our personal ingrained biases will keep us from voting for Mayor Pete!  Yes, the same people who could forgive Donald Trump for cheating on his Preganent Wife with a Porn Star...will not vote for Mayor Pete because he is Gay!  Sometimes reality has to set in to Politics!

Now, let's be clear....there have been other Gay Leaders in History.....but those were different times and to my knowledge not one of them has been elected by his/her population.  And please do not bring up the Mayor of Chicago or the Representatives elected to Congress.  These are small sample groups and also the Candidate in each of those instances though not hiding their Sexual preference....they did not highlight it either.

I repeat again, as much as I might hate to say it....but sometimes reality needs to set in....America is not ready to elect a Gay President! 

User Comments

I never understand the term "America is not ready." I don't think anyone would have seen Trump as president, but he is. America is alway ready in my opinion. The younger genertion is not caught up in stereotypes as the older generation. If you speak to the youngsters, they will tell you Bernie is their favorite at the moment. I could see mayor Pete as president. He is intelligent and he seems focused.

writer I give you all of that....and I will address the Bernie thing in my next Post!!  But there was one thing that the Trump election proved and that is Polls and Pundits for whatever the reason seem to always miss the gut reaction of that Unseen American.  It was what is referred to as the Bradley effect....they tell you that they voted for one candidate but in reality voted for someone else.

I could see Pete as President also.....but that little guy living in a rural Community in Michigan or Wisconsin where his guns and his religion are very important to him will have a tough problem with voting for the guy who kisses his male companion on National Television.  And as long as we have the Electoral College....its that little guy who will have a say!{#basic-laugh.gif}

You are right about the Electoral College. It is the reason Trump won, and it is probably the reason he will win again. 

I've heard him speak and he sounds intelligent. I have no reason to believe otherwise. 

I listen carefully to how he answers tough questions. I thought he handled himself well in the last interview I saw with Chris Wallace including that comment by Rush Limbaugh and another conservative commentator.

Wallace is on FOX News.

I wasn't searching for info on him. I just happened to hear the interview and felt it he answered intelligently. I haven't been following him otherwise.

That's fine with me. 

I won't jump on you....but we on the left never expected the country to be ready to elect a known crook to the top positiion in the country, and obviously we were. (even though it was a minority of the voters)

It may surprise you to know that I am not particularly interested in Buttigieg, although I will vote for him for president if he is the nominee. I would much rather have either Bernie or Elizabeth....for the interest of all those currently not benefititing from the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer" economy.

SFTL as I said, I will address the Bernie issue in a separate Post.....but if you take a moment...not just you, but anyone....and step back you will see clearly how America in general reacts to "Culture Change"!!  We tend to react with...FEAR!!

Fear is a strange emotion and has been known to make people vote against their own interest.  There was fear of Hillary and as a result people voted for Trump!  And that is not saying that Hillary was the best possible candidate....but there was fear that drove a lot of people.

Fear will drive people to vote against Mayor Pete if he is nominated...fear that something different will overtake their lives.  And again that is not saying Pete is a bad guy.....its just looking at things from a Sociological aspect!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Ok, I will invite you to stand back and consider some things also.  First of all, Bernie is very very popular with the younger generation.  There are people that failed to vote, or voted for Stein because they felt like Bernie had been cheated.

The younger people are the ones that will benefit the most from Bernie's philosophy of government.  His policy of helping those at the bottom of the later be part of the economic picture.

Yang has pointed out, truthfully in my not so humble opinion, that our economy is resting on an edge.  The society is predicated on everybody working 40 hours a week and making a living wage, yet many can't get jobs, at least not at a living wage in today's economy.  In addition, with turmp's attacks on projects that give tuition relief, college is likely to become more out of bounds for more.

AI's and automation is going to take jobs...there is no way around it.  That eliminates many jobs that have kept the country going...like even truck drivers will be in danger.  That technology is already knocking at our door and doing so furiously.

Maybe I am wrong, but I would hope that young people and those of us who see the horror of the demogogue that is currently in the White House and the evil that has happened regarding not only hispanics and Muslims, but also our tranegendered folks will come out in droves.  

I keep remembering as I type this, the old phrase "without a dream, the people die" and believe for many, many people Bernie is the dream.  Personally, I would perfer Elizabeth Warren or someone like her, but Bernie is the one that is getting most of the attentioin.

I am personally not one of those younger people that are so adamant about Bernie, but I am aware enough to know that things have to CHANGE...or there is no dream for the young.....or even for some older people as well.

I understand....but once again, the fight that Bernie has is slightly different and actually more stubborn a fight than the one faces Mayor Pete!{#basic-laugh.gif}

True, but time will tell what happens.  There comes a time when You have to do something drastic to save the country and/or the people.  This just might be such a time. Haft messages don't get it at times like that.

I think it is important for me to clarify one of my statements!  When I implied that Americans would not vote for Mayor Pete because they saw him kissing his Companion on National TV I was echoing Rush Limbaugh.  My belief is that the reasons are far deeper and more ingrained than just that symbol of a Kiss! {#basic-laugh.gif}

I do worry about the Democrats sometimes. The Republicans can be as gimmicky as crap. (Current Prez as a prime example). But the worn down, beaten left seems to be desparately looking for a foot in the door and it doesn't necessarily matter what that foot might signify, or if it means anything at all.

I would just love it if USA went Gay presidentially. Like I would have loved it if USA had elected a woman president, or UK had elected a black Prime Minister. Loved it when Obama yes we canned! 


There there! All sorted out!

Because white Thatcher woman thought and behaved like a white man. And black Obama thought and behaved, within the white man's auspices. And Thatcher was more of a man than the rest of her all male, entirely white cabinet. And Obama was constrained not by the democrats, but by being in governance. A wirlwind governance that has about as much reason as the worst scale North American weather. 

Let's face it. The US political system is a perfect example of exactly how politics should never ever turn out. 


And like too many US sports, is corrupt as fuck! Backed up by a media that is larglely corrupt as fuck too. 

When Rome became corrupt as fuck. It ended on that day - Pliny the Gay.{#basic-kiss.gif}


Tear out the liar's tongues!

Oakie once again for a person who lives thousands of miles away, you sure as hell have a better grasp on how things work here than many who have spent their entire lives in this system!!!

I love how you broke down the truth of the Obama Presidency!  Many people can not accept....for whatever the reason....that Obama was constrained by the Democrats and by his desire to be a President for all the people, not just a few.

Many people in this day and time just refuse to understand the burden being the first black at sometime is placed upon the person carrying that honor.  For an example there are some folks who just do not what has happened with Megan and Harry, while others of us here get it.  {#basic-laugh.gif}

And yes, the American Political System has turned into a Money Making Freak Show....Elections should not run for a year...leading up to voting on one day.  Its just insane and a way for lots of people to include the Media to make money!  This entire possess could be run in less than 6 months.....hold all the primaries on the same day....the Conventions a month later.....Party nominees fight it out for 2 months and then the election...done!

This wine does not get better with age!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Like you said...just gives the Liars more time to plie their trade!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Being black in white controlled societies (ie, being black prettymuch anywhere in the world these days) I would think would feel like constant constraint. Like the constant constraint that being female in male controlled societies must usually feel like.

I think Obama was probably always going to be the most constrained American president of all time. Everywhere he looked, any time of day, there would be "no nos". The most powerful man on the planet, the American President? He was nowhere near that. Just a guy trying to make things work. A brave man, and an iconoclast, obviously. And his impact symbolically will end up becoming way more important than his impact in practicality. (Oh, I checked out his education. Wayyyyy better than George W Bush's, er, no suprise - Obama eloquent, Bush, can't handle a lone pretzil). 

Its a tragic and dispicable reality for black human beings, that a huge number of blacks have to be obliterated, tortured, hanged on a whim, or even in "civilised communites" socially reduced to a supposedly worthless level. 

Black pioneers do change things. And you are such a person. You talk with dignity, intelligence, decency and measured authenticity. You are a sophisticated individual in an often, seeming, unsophisticated society.

From my white point of view it would be so great to just be able to say that "colour" doesn't count. It doesn't with me. Except that it absolutely does count outside of me. As a white male, I don't have the pressure of being black or female in my life, and no matter how much I condemn and hate bigotry against any group of people in this world, the reality is that I have it fucking damn easy by comparison. As do my family. (An immediate emotional extention of me).

But, I don't think I've ever felt embarassed about being white, male or British. This is what I am. (I have the white male luxury to be able to be "what I am" of course).

But has there ever been a more destructive concoction than those three things in human history? 

The British are supposed to be so civilised. We gave the world afternoon tea and polite manners. And we banned slavery before anyone else. (After we'd made fucking millions out of it!).

One of my online pals recently asked me the question (re Muslms coming into the UK) "don't we deserve our own home land without it being taken over by foreigners and foreign culture?"

The answer is clearly - ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Because we invaded everyone else's homeland and did whatever we wanted there. OK, we left Siberia alone, Sahara alone, Gobi alone. But anywhere on that third of the planet that we controlled were way more than half the human race. The most ambitious global American wannabee tirant/Rupert Murdoch can only ever dream of being that hegemonic. 

And, with all America's infighting, that gunboat has clearly sailed now. 

I don't feel comfortable about being white or male. But I am those things and I am not ashamed of them. I don't spend my life violating people who supposedly have a different label to me. 

I want a world where people measure themselves and others on merit, where a love of other humans, animals, the environment is the standard.

But big business will always betray the whole of Humanity to make big bucks in the end.

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