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A Moderate Point o View: Understanding President Trumps approach to the COVID-19 Crisis!! He is thinking like a Business Man!

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, March 24th 2020 at 12:32pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: leadership


When I had been engaged at this for some time, and the 1/24th had fallen back to where we were, with the Zulus following closely, Bloomfield, the Quartermaster of the 2/24th, said to me in regard to the boxes I was then breaking open, " For heaven's sake, don't take that, man, for it belongs to our Battalion." And I replied, " Hang it all, you don't want a requisition now, do you ? "

                            Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorien, Battle of Isandlwana 1879

I open this Post with a comment from a surviror of the Battle of Isandlwana (1879) because it provides a excellent contrast between Management and Leadership when it comes to War Fighting!  It also provides us with a real world example of what is meant by the old axiom of:

In Warfighting Amatuers talk Strategy, Professionals talk Logistics!!

Now, let's be clear, Logistics and "Bean Counting" or "Appropriations" are not always the same thing.  Funding or Appropriations are a part of Logistical Planning, but should never dictate or be the end all of that discussion.  At the Battle of Isandlwana where the British suffered a great defeat at the hands of the Zulu....failure to properly distribute ammunition has been listed as one of the contributing factors.  It appears that many in the Quartermaster Corp were more concerned about the ability to account for the ammunition than they were the value of its use.  In short Management took the lead over Leadership!

President Trump this afternoon said in an Interview on FOX News that he wanted to open the Country for Business by Easter!  He has said over the last several days that the cost of the Shut Down of the Economy could far out weight the effects of the Pandemic.  In short....let's not throw the baby (the economy) out with the bath water (COVID-19).  In response to President Trumps statements many people have shouted in outrage.  Personally, I don't understand why?  President Trumps approach to the ending the COVID-19 crisis is very "Logical" especially if you are thinking like a Business Man.

Trump sees things from a "profit and loss" viewpoint.  As a Business Man he sees no profit coming in, and the shutdown being the cause of the present loss.  He does not see the COVID-19 as something that he can touch or feel.  It is not anything that he can see and as a result defend against.....as a result it is not something in his mind that should interfere with profit!

As a Businessman Trump needs to see tangible gains in every encounter, or else he will perceive there not to be an obstacle to forward progress.  Bold Business Men also tend often to be "Risk Adverse"!!  Often certain Business Men will say there is no real gain without some form of Risk!!  The key is to "Manage" the effects of that "Risk".  In short there cannot be real gain without some degree of pain.

This ofcourse sets up the great contrast between "Managers" and "Leaders"!!  It is true that Good Leaders must also possess Management Skills.....but there are some instances were good Managers are not necessarily good Leaders.  Using that old axiom of "A good Leader has the ability to influence people to do things they would not otherwise do"....good managers influence situations not necessarily people.

President Trump is proving to be a better manager than leader.  His background as a Business Man and Reality TV star tend to prepare him for reacting to various situations.  Remember he relies upon "Tangibles" (something he can touch,feel, see) to make his decisions.  "Intangibles" (the opposite of Tangible) seldom if ever enter into his consideration when facing a problem.

COVID-19 is an Intangible.  Its aftermath might be Tangible....but the more immediate problem of a stalled Stock Market and a sinking Economy are what President Trumps background says that he is going to be more willling to deal with!!

User Comments

The media is the one leading the narrative on the Coronavirus and nothing Trump does can change that unless he can prove that the narrative of death due to the virus does not warrant the response. If you gave me a choice between getting the coronavirus and ebola, I will choose the coronavirus. So why is it being treated differently? We are in a burning ship where the captain has no control and the sailors are saying, wait for the rain except, we are in a drought.


Writer that is a hell of away of explaining it....but you hit it on the head!!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I think it is the width and breath of the COVID-19 outbreak that is the biggest difference between this and Ebola.  Ebola was clearly more deadly....but it also had been around and the cure or treatment was well known!  This was new and unknown and you know what we do when it comes to the unknown!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

I have seen the most outrageous attempts to gin up "the economy"...for example the Lt Governor of Texas went on Fox to say that people my age (ie grandparent age) were willing to work and get the economy going.  

I have news for that guy....I am 66 years old, and I have no desire or willingness to give my life for the economy. Espeically an economy where the rich are manageing to get richer by decimating the middle and working class.

Until they focus on the virus and get it handled, and use any bail out to help hospitals, small businesses and individuals that are suffering rather than big corporations, i personally will only "fuel the economy" as much as required to keep food available and the electrity paid for me to have something to watch and read  on the internet.

And trumps focus on the economy at the expense of human life....is precisely why I abhor him.

Yeah that LT Governor from Texas was way out there...not sure he understood how bad he sounded!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Again, understand that some people have difficulty dealing with the "Intangibles"!  The best way to hit his goal is to gin up massive testing....so that we understand the exstint of the spread of the virus.  Problem is that increased testing always seems to reveal intense and increased spread!

Mississppi is reporting low numbers....because they are not testing at the same rate as other States!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Yeah, I suspect several states are probably like Mississippi.

As far as trump is concerned....you know that I give him less credit that you.  He should have enough advisors and they should be teaching him what is going to get him in trouble with people  He consistently not only does it himself, but attracts people like the Lt Governor, who show how little they seem to care about the people of the country.

What I am trying to say is if I am going to follow a leader, I demand that they be aware of "the intangibles" before they speak.  But he never is...and never indicates regret at having not done so.

Totally agree!!  By the way Louisana appears to now be on the grid!!

Had an increase in cases today!!!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}


Yeah, 400 plus in one day...and it was one of the highest growing areas per capita even before that.  I haven't been out of my apartment complex for three days....(wow)

Doing a Post on WV....shameful what is happening there!!!{#basic-frown.gif}

I will look forward to checking it out.

Had to change because of what's happening in NOLA and NY....and will focus on those cities!{#basic-frown.gif}

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