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Whos ready for spring?

Added: Wednesday, January 15th 2020 at 8:50am by ambzybaby
Category: Photos > Botanical > Flowers
Related Tags: family, photography, love, kids, flowers

A Gift for Mom

A Gift for Mom
This is a photo of my son bringing me some flowers one day while out playing.

User Comments

Here in the South, we've been in Spring mode for nearly the whole of Winter.  Today we're at 77°.  The trees already think its Spring. They're sprouting their new leaves in some of the trees.  I'm waiting patiently for Winter to set in for the duration. Next week we're supposed to drop into the 30s, finally! I had the a/c on last night.

Awww, how totally cute & sweet of your son to bring those flowers :)


I can't wait for spring, no wait, my bones can't wait for spring, yes my bones need heat to stop hurting. :)

i used to pick the spring flowers from the woods and give them to my mom also


good son


Oi who doesn't luv spring? {#basic-laugh.gif}


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