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"Chasing Sustainability" a presentation by David Chameides

Added: Wednesday, October 1st 2008 at 5:00pm by amandadoane

Even in our small town of Chico, the new wave of environment friendly attitudes is easily noticed.  It is a popular and beneficial movement of buying natural and organic clothes and products.  With the debates about global warming, fuel, and un-renewable resources, people are looking for ways to leave a lighter footprint on the planet. 

On Wednesday, September 24, I was fortunate to hear a speaker by the name of David Chameides.  The presentation that he presented was entitled, “Chasing Sustainability”.   Opening with humor and a fun personality, David Chameides captured the audience’s full attention immediately.  You may be familiar with his name. He has been featured on news stations because of the experiment he began on January first.  David Chameides and his family are storing all their trash in the basement for a year.  His goal of the seminar was to inform the audience about some of the things happening to our resources, and to inspire people tochange their ways.  From educating the viewers on the danger of water from plastic bottles to helping find solutions to daily wastes, Chameides finds easy and practical solutions for a fast paced life. 

Ways to change your life today are as easy as turning off the lights when you leave a room, stop using bottled water, don’t use plastic bags, and using a re-usable coffee mug.  At every grocery store in today’s society you can find canvas bags or totes to replace taking paper or plastic bags.  By taking your own mug to starbucks, you can eliminate using paper cups.  Attempting to use energy saving light bulbs and buying green power can benefit your life and wallet.  Chameides spoke of “killing vampires” meaning that people should un-plug the things that they are not using.  The last tip he spoke of was driving less if at all. 

The speaker spoke of many issues affecting our world including fossil fuels, engine efficiency, and renewable energy.  Wind, water, bio-fuels, geo-thermal resources and the sun can generate renewable energy.  In order for any of these changes to become a common practice, society has to change the way they think. 

Wondering where it all began? Why the need for a change of attitude needs to happen now?  The use of resources has been a part of our history.  From the change of homemade trades to the industrial revolution, machines were built and oil was used.  We advanced so quickly in our inventions that we failed to realize the impact that they may cause.  You don’t have to turn your life upside down, but making a few changes and thinking about your choices can benefit you, your family and your home. 

David Chameides is one of the best public speaker that I have ever seen.  His humor and intelligence keep your attention.  The presentation began with a harsh truth yet ended with positive and encouraging advice.  


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Very nice tribute to the talk--and to the key ideas behind it.


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