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Eating Healthy

Added: Wednesday, April 18th 2012 at 2:49pm by allthingzkpop

I like to call my recent change in eating "eating healthier" rather than "dieting". Being a teenager and telling my friends, "Sorry, I'd love a fry, but I'm on a diet" tends to flip them out. They usually give me a look or try to tell me I'm not fat at all. I know I'm not 'fat'. And I'm not eating healthier to become less fat but to simply eat healthy and life a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Does anyone else feel an energetic, positive feeling after eating a bowl of fruit salad? I pack one everyday for lunch: cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and occasionally apples, bananas, and raspberries [when on sale!]. I love eating fruits lol. Now that I think about it, eating fruits make me feel more cheerier<<not sure if that's a word {#basic-foot-in-mouth.gif} After I eat fruit salad, I am set for my afternoon classes!

Try this: eat something unhealthy, like a bag of M&M's. After you eat the M&M's, bite into something healthy like a delicious apple. Sure, M&M's are amazing and soooooo tasty, but don't you feel more energized after eating the apple? In my opinion, natural foods are always better than artificial foods.

Another thing I like to pack for lunch is vegetables. I enjoy celery sticks and carrots with hummus. That is definitely one of my favorite snacks. Plus, veggies really fill me up and stop my other cravings.

I try my best to drink plenty of water. When I get bored of water and crave a soda, I drink seltzer instead. Seltzer has become one of my favorite drinks, actually. Orange or just plain seltzer are my favorites. {#heart.gif}

I don't know how many teenagers, or just any bloggers, are dieting, but sometimes I feel down about it. I feel like I should give up eating healthy and just eat a bag of chips and watch RuPaul's Drag Race or something..................

Luckily, my mom is here to back me up. She's trying to eat healthy with me! She even suggested a gluten free diet, which suprised me. I doubt I can do a gluten free diet though... lol. But it makes me happy that she's supporting me. She's definitely my motivation to live a healthy lifestyle, also, looking good in a bikini for summer hehe. Eating healthy has really brought my mom and I closer.



I myself must admit: there are days when I just say "screw it" and eat like a monster. That always happens to me when I go out to dinner with my dad. Since my parents are divorced and my dad must pay child support, all we ever do is go out to dinner and hang out, never at home. So, while at a restaurant, I get so tempted. Even when I look at the healthy section of a menu, there are just so many calories. At home, I could make a dinner with a whole lot less calories. I guess treating myself once in a while is okay. Everyone deserves a break sometimes {#panting.gif}


I'm not sure why I am writing this blog actually... lol. Is anyone else eating healthy? Does anyone have any lunch ideas for a teenager? 

Have a nice day fellow bloggerssssssssss {#glitter.gif}

User Comments

I'm a teenager who decided to eat healthy too! I'll join your support group along with your mom. XD

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