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Boston String Quartet

Added: Friday, April 20th 2012 at 2:28pm by allthingzkpop
Related Tags: boston, music, schools, concert

Today, the Boston String Quartet paid my highschool a visit! To be honest, it was really exciting [for me atleast] {#basic-laugh.gif}

Here's some information that is found on their website: http://bostonstringquartet.com/members.html

 Adopting a daring approach to music entertainment, the Boston String Quartet is a high-energy ensemble with an unconventional emphasis on rhythm and beats. Since its formation in 2004, the Quartet has been a creative leader in fusing contemporary music with classical tradition, and the Boston Globe credits them with continually "exploring different ways of sparking musical interest." The members of the Quartet specialize in retelling modern music with original arrangements of rock, jazz, and world music, and have redefined the twenty-first century classical musician with a complete approach to artistry through composition/arrangement, storytelling, theatrics, and performing.

     In addition to its solo work as an ensemble, the Quartet has demonstrated its longstanding commitment to music education through the establishment of mentoring relationships with dozens of secondary schools and colleges throughout the country. To this end, the Quartet has developed three highly sought-after outreach programs and residencies; The Xibus Tour, The Ethno-Urban Orchestra, and The Xibus World Orchestra, through which the ensemble teaches contemporary music techniques and improvisation to music strudents around the country. Collaborative public performances featuring the Quartet and the student musicians feature compositions and arrangements commissioned for the unique combination of string quartet andorchestra.

To date, the Boston String Quartet has released five albums; most recently “WorldSong” a new release from Groove Records. Boston String Quartet Recordings may be purchased world-wide from Naxos.

When the Boston String Quartet came, we [Orchestra Students] were excused from all of our classes [lucky us lol!]. We spent the whole morning and afternoon learning and practicing with the musicians. We learned bowing techniques, like chopping, and jazzy and rock style scales. We also had chances to play improve! I had no idea how talented my classmates actually were at improvising. 

Tomorrow, we are performing a benefit concert to raise money for our orchestra association at school. With the money we're going to raise selling tickets, we'll buy new basses and cellos, etc. The Boston Quartet is also performing with us! I can't wait!

Unlike our usual concerts, we are playing fun, pop and rock music. One of the orchestras is playing "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. I had a chance to hear them practicing. The piece sounded phenomenal! My class is playing "Oye Coma Va" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". I am pretty confident that tomorrow's concert will be a success and a blast {#basic-laugh.gif}

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