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Are you a gud person?

Added: Sunday, October 23rd 2011 at 5:59am by Alliminum40

17 Responses Created by Alliminum40 on October 23, 2011


Do you like helping people?

  • Yes: If i get paid for it
  • Yes: If i can take advantage of who i am helping
  • Yes: If i feel like it
  • Yes: If i have nothing better to do
  • Yes: If it really helps that person and i will ask for no reward.
  • No: I Dont like helping anyone im sick of people


Would you help an old lady/man get across the road?

  • Yes: Even if it spoils my day
  • No: I would push them infront of a bus
  • Yes: But if he/she dont give me a reward ill push them down stairs
  • No: I dont have time for them
  • Maybe/Maybe not
  • Yes: I would be patiant and understanding about how hard it is 4 them


A little boy is lost what do you do?

  • I leave him alone
  • I scam him and ask for his money
  • I help him find his mom or dad until the cops come
  • I throw him with a rock and run
  • I call the cops and leave
  • I wait with him till its dark and leave


A little girl wants to visit her sick grandmother but can't get a train ticket What do you do?

  • Rob her blind
  • Get her a ticket and keep the change
  • Just leave her
  • Ask her for the address and rob her grandmother
  • Get 2 tickets and go with her to her grandmother and steal what i can
  • I see her through and help her in anyway i can

User Comments

I think most people do the right thing

I'd like to think they do the right thing but NO.....

alot of peeps would say they would do the right thing, but do they really do it. a lot of times, they dont, but who am i to judge? i know the right thing to do, but sometimes i just dont do it.

I have helped out in a couple of the situations you described. It feels good to help people and not expect anything other than a thank you. But the other answers made me laugh.

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