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5 Exercises To Get Lean Legs

Added: Monday, August 1st 2011 at 4:22am by alexruiz1230
Category: Health
Looking to obtain lean legs? In that case, you aren't alone. Working out at the gym is one goal that women have so that they are able to feel pleased with their lean legs in a pair of shorts or perhaps a skirt.

There are some vital leg slimming exercises, taking the time to learn these can help you get lean legs. Adding these to your fitness plan would be the first step.

So that you can achieve your goal quickly, below are the top exercises you should consider doing.


Lunges are the initial move that could help define the legs apperance and help to lengthen them. By doing these exercises it is possible to keep your balance and work the glutes, hamstrings and quads.

Performing this exercise is very easy, simply walk across a room and back. Each workout should consist of two sets.


Squats are the 2nd work out that are just right for your fitness plan, as they are a compound exercise they work every muscle in the lower body. Squats will help the body to burn for calories which will lead to faster weight loss, not only that but they also help you develop more strength.

Rear Leg Raises

With Rear Leg Raises you can tone the bum area as it focuses on the muscles around that region. Since you are not using weights you will see toning benefits without increasing in size.

Uphill Walking

The 3rd exercise is Uphill walking, when you have problems with low back pain you must add this to your exercise program as it doesnt cause as much problems as running would. The reason why you should add uphill walking to your program is because it can help you burn additional calories and strengthen the lower back.


You shouldn't avoid doing deadlifts as they're a great approach to firm your bum and strengthen the lower back muscles. Make sure that whenever you do that exercise you use your bum muscles and sqeeze from your glutes, avoid using your lower back. To avoid lower low back pain, it's best to do the rising part of this exercise while maintaining a flat back.

If you prefer to get one step closer to lean legs, these 5 exercises are ideal. You only should do these exercises for around 3 days per week, making them a perfect addition to your lower body workout.

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