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Flipboard Redesigns Itself Around ‘Smart' Digital Magazines

Added: Tuesday, April 10th 2018 at 10:45am by alexisfsgd424

The social magazine app adds a dash of commerce. Get students to create their own Flipboard magazines for areas that they are interested in or on specific topics. For each item that's flipped into a magazine, attribution back to the source is preserved, and if the content is from a social network interactions such as commenting, retweeting or liking are reflected back to the originating social network.

In celebration of our three year anniversary of community-curated Flipboard Magazines, we wanted to highlight five great example of brands sharing the stories that reflect their culture, vision or products on Flipboard. Flipboard's beautiful design, reminiscent of high-end magazines, and intuitive navigation led to rapid user growth: Flipboard was in Apple App Store's top 100 apps for 18+ months straight.

The Flipboard co-founder said that in thinking about Apple and what his company's response should be to this massive new competitor, he recalled how a company he used to work for — pioneering browser maker Netscape Communications — reacted to a somewhat similar competitive threat from Microsoft (MSFT) , and how badly that ended.

Sony?s Alpha Universe is an online hub for photography fans to read in-depth news and content as well as share experiences and ideas. In spring 2013 the company rolled out tools that allow readers to cull stories, videos, audio content and images to create do-it-yourself magazines devoted to any topic, event or personal interest, no matter how offbeat or obscure.

It shows you content from the sites you've chosen as favourites and from other users' Flipboard magazines (if you wish) and it can also grab content from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, creating what in theory should be the perfect magazine. And Twitter have each revamped their apps to put news articles front and centre.

Used by millions of people every day, the award-winning Flipboard gathers together news, popular stories and conversations to give you the full perspective and lets you easily share Product Reviews by Flipboard the best ideas with others. With so many read it later and archiving app options, you don't have an excuse for breaking your workflow to read content.

The app lets users build a customised magazine from their social feeds and favourite news outlets, and was popular with iPad owners. McCue says Flipboard will court similar alliances with other personalities, celebrities and media outlets moving forward, additionally promising a host of technological innovations and improvements coming in the months ahead.

Flipboard actually blogged specifically about titling magazines about a week ago, offering up a bunch of things to keep in mind and possible approaches. Quark has its own tablet and mobile publishing solutions including App Studio for Quark, which some users say is a strong product.

The team's expertise complements Flipboard's focus on curation and will allow the company to create an even more robust, social and immersive experience for magazine making on Flipboard. My second complaint is even more minor: I couldn't find the Read Later button I longed to tap on some longer articles.

The start-up struck partnerships with New York Times Co., Condé Nast and others publications, and worked with them to sell visually rich, interactive ads alongside content in the app, charging advertises the equivalent of around $US50 for every thousand ad impressions, according to people familiar with those deals.

Another way to use Flipboard is to string together a timeline of critical events in your company's history Thus you get coverage of the founding, the organization's early days, perhaps a smattering of press, and readers can enjoy it almost like a curated museum exhibit.

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