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Some Getting Basic Knowledge in Albion Online

Added: Wednesday, June 1st 2016 at 11:18pm by albiononline

As a Beginner, shall we do? First the Beginner crafting station lets you create every type of Beginner item. It is the only level where you can create all types of equipment at a single station. We’ll get into higher levels of gear shortly. And you can also buy albion online silver to upgrade your gear.

And then, Beginner gear isn’t exactly the most amazing stuff in the world, but it gets the job done. It also helps familiarize you with an important basic concept: right tool for the job. If you want to mine, you need a pickaxe. If you want to cut wood, you need an axe, and so on. Beginner stone and wood at this level don’t need tools to gather, which just makes sense. After all, you need to be able to get the raw materials to make your first tools. Skinning does need a tool, though: a skinning knife, and skinning is how you get the leather for your armor.

There are four different types of nodes for resources: trees, rocks, ores, and crops. The fifth material is hides. You collect hides from slain animals, like wolves and foxes. Even that cute little bunny you beat to death with your bare hands gives a hide.

For the most part, nodes are static. If it’s not an animal, it will always be in the same place. If it is an animal, there’s a limited area where it spawns. Once spawned, the resource nodes have differing amounts of resources. Some types have a small amount of resources when they spawn, like ores. If left undisturbed, these nodes will regenerate their full amount of resources over time.

The idea of specializing your equipment for tasks isn’t new to Albion. It is important to the game, though. Albion doesn’t have character classes. Instead, all your abilities beyond ‘punch a rabbit’ come from your gear. In addition, almost every piece of equipment you use was made by a player. Early on, that player is most likely to be you. As you progress, though, specializing will make it easier to get certain items off the market. It also means understanding the crafting system can be a major aspect of the game.

Which means it’s good that that system is pretty darn straight forward. You go to a crafting station and look through its available recipes. If you have what you need to make the item, you push the button and it gets made. If you don’t have what you need, go get it. When you make an item, you get the option to select one or more spells to build into that item. These spells are the special abilities granted when using that item. They’re also the things your most accessible keys are bound to, like ‘a’. A set of boots might grant bonus carrying capacity. Chest armor might grant a self-heal. A sword might have a disarm special, and so on. All your special abilities available come from your equipment. As you level up, more powerful equipment with better specials becomes available.

I believe you will become stronger, but before this, you may need some Albion Online Gold and you will have a better experience. 

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