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Your Feedback About Albion Online

Added: Monday, January 11th 2016 at 9:40pm by albionmall
Related Tags: games

While I appreciate your feedback, and I think it was lackluster in thought... I must say that the people who would be willing to quit would be fine with me. Quitters. Let's face it this a test, although we are paying, we should also realize the privilege we carry to be able to test important aspects of the game that are so raw and 'unrefined'. The amount of crying and bitching that goes into the forum is pretty much the most annoying and childish aspect of playing the game by buy Albion Online Gold. From day 1 of every test I auto turn off thegeneral chat first off, than I do not even bother posting in the forum unless I am just browsing for progression or checking out some pvp videos.

So for me to come out and say wipe the server, it has a lot of substance behind it that goes further than simply well players are going to quit.

The point of this is to test (for which I agree we should not wipe because of end game testing that they are currently testing, yet I am starting to firmly stand by my post due to the gap the Cheap Albion Online Gold So don't come in here with your whole it's gonna get wiped and people are going to quit... when that obviously is already going to happen.. start putting some substance to your post's so I can actually appreciate the fact that you have a decent amount of knowledge about the problems in the game and I can read into something that makes me think otherwise.

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