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With Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode Enabled On Albion Online

Added: Tuesday, January 12th 2016 at 9:33pm by albionmall
Related Tags: games

After many hours have been put into a game, how is one’s success measured? Depending on the genre, an action RPG player may decide that a high rarity set of gear is the end goal. What happens when a group of players add a masochistic layer to the action RPG formula? With Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode enabled, we find out.

At the character create screen in Diablo 3, you have the option to enable Hardcore Mode before your start. Entering the campaign with a hardcore hero gives you the ultimate consequence: Die once, and it’s game over. So before my party of heroes finalized this decision in Albion Mall, I had to witness the documented grief on Youtube first. A simple search for “Diablo 3 Hardcore Deaths” will yield many compilations of tragic character deaths. It was both enlightening and frightening to see what would happen to us one day.

Now if harder tier difficulties gave us any indication, there are a number of things that can end your day in a bad way. Things to focus on would be burst damage and stuns. There are many telegraphed attacks that can be avoided as long as you are paying close attention. Mini-bosses of all rarities can place devastating spells and attacks on you that can quickly drain your health by buy Albion Online Gold. Toughness builds are very important in mitigating damage of all types. Gaining resistances to elemental types of damage are essential to have aswell. Enemy stun attacks give you a mini freak out moment, and borderline heart attack. This opens the door to subsequent attacks, amplifying damage done to you, disables your casting, and thus preventing you from making a hasty escape.

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