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Reworks Of The Same Systems On Albion Online

Added: Friday, January 15th 2016 at 11:31pm by albionmall
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The only issue with all of this, is the amount of REWORKS still planned. Let's not forget, this game is in development more than 2 years already. You can watch videos on youtube from the begining of 2013 and compare the game now and then. For the past 2 years, they were mostly ( I SAID MOSTLY, NOT ONLY) doing reworks of the same systems. Unless most of the new Albion Mall were being done previously to the post and just wasnt revealed sooner due to long development time still ahead, I don't see them making it to 1st of August. 


Anyone that follow current oculus rift hype train derailed can observe what happens when you promise something and then don't stick to it by buy Albion Online Gold.In the end, let's all hope they will meet their promises and plans as I hope the most of us here want this game to succeed.


1. There will be a wipe mid CBT ( It has been stated by the devs and no I'm not going to dig though posts trying to find it and no we don't know when it is)

2. Patch 10268.41470 is not the big "January patch". That is coming at the end of January more likely than in the middle. (I have been saying this to my guild and others for while now and the fact that the small patch hasn't made it to live and we as almost 1/2 through January I think points to what I have been saying all along).

3. Just because there will be a major change / update in January doesn't mean there 

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