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Automated Auction Albion Online Houses

Added: Thursday, January 21st 2016 at 12:37am by albionmall
Related Tags: games

I would agree that allowing muling and multiboxing may take away from the cross player dependencies that some games seem to enjoy employing, but for powergamers and larger guilds eventually almost everyone begins to become more self sufficient supplying their own crafting/harvesting ect. after the intial land rush stage. The social trading aspects are lone gone now that automated auction houses have been implemented, so that player to player interaction loss is negligible.


I play with a larger well organized guild and I still tend to multiaccount AND multibox because I enjoy the Albion Online Power Leveling challenge of it, and like having the option of being independent if I choose to be. I get bored of one account, one character style games because they feel too inflexible. Even games like Darkfall and eve online where you have one character per account I would have at least 3 accounts running online simultaneously, and the only long term result was a benefit to the developercompanies income and a negative effect on my personal back accounts.


In my opinion I still do not see this as being serious enough of a social or economic impact to warrant banning or restricting multiboxing or multiaccount use.


It is not the choice of players to have to use more than one account for crafting, it is the way the game is designed. If it were up to the players, we would only need one account to be our main AND to be a crafter but the game forces that to not be an option with the way learning points are designed. If you want to be able to convert 5.3 ore for example as soon as possible, you would have to spend like 1000 learning points, which means a 2nd account so you dont gimp yourself for every other combat line and crafting line.

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