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Added: Monday, September 13th 2021 at 6:35am by aKunaKumara

This a bit long but is well worth knowing to protect your health at this time.
Twenty yrs ago stopped eating meat except for chicken and fish.15yrs ago began eating
a bit of beef when son returned and limit any fatty foods. May all blood work super good
and in August I had a clogged heart artery the surgeon didn't think he'd be able to clear,
but did and I have a stint. Blood still to good to have clogged artery's.MAKES NO SENSE
Last Thursday after therapy I urinated nearly pure blood and bright red clots and never
had a sign of a infection. Hospitalized again over night my blood work was fine and no
sign of urinary infection. My blood is internally clotting.....NO LOGIC TO THIS !
A yr ago or so I had a black and blue toe, never bumped it, not sore but it was total
3inches up the toe, a month later same on other toe. Shortly after I read their were odd
symptoms associated with C-19 called Covid-Toe. Then began having what looked like
Old Age Spots on my hands but not brown,  black & Blue with a hint of pink.For months
they continued up my lower arms just short of the elbow. No pain or bruising with it.
They eventually faded away. While in hospital 4 lg.marks =2 each inner arm developed
large arcs of Black & Blue with Pink like a spray of flower petals with a round clear spot
in center. They appeared to be a burst vein with blood spurting out around them.
Several nurses who had been front line validated Covid-Toe on peoples fingers who like
me know they didn't bruise themselves as there was no pain for such a large bruise. 
I've been tested upteen times and no sign of ever having Covid and refuse the vaccines.


Shortly after IT hit the USA and there was much controversy from gov.sources debunking this and video was removed. Now it's my observation that Gov or Corp or Business trying to sell you something are not who we need telling/selling it to us. ONLY a series of Independent Studies are going to be valid, and ones I've read all claim 5G is a killer of life forms as it is a microwave and cooks us like meat.  On us it acts like a microwave oven exciting atoms till they boil the liquid/moisture like in meat as 5G is cooking any moisture in our body organs (lungs or blood). Why so many Phenomena deaths with the onset of the virus. The death tole was from a virus activated by 5G and it doesn't show signs of having it cause our autoimmune system word to immune us while the virus was still in us.. Today's 5G is in all electromagnetic waves floating from cell tower to tower. SO BE WARE !
It will get you one way or another with actual virus, 5G or Vaccinations...This is no
joke I'm living it. My only recourse is to remove myself from the laptop, turn off WIFI
avoid cellphones, lg. corp or business areas.(I'm landline but son needs it for his phone)
and use what devices I can purchase to remediate 5G if they really can do this with our
Airwaves being filled from TVs Computers SmartPhone and GSP and other implements in our computerized cars.. IT'S THE ONLY LOGIC IN THIS WHOLE EVENT !

User Comments

Bill Gates dreams coming true...

Boy ain't dat da truth

Good Morning Kuna, even while you try to get 5G out of your life, that may not happen unless you move into more isolated area's. Like Mont. Wy, Eastern Oregon, WA, KY, and places where there is less population.

I have been told, but don't know the facts, that even while your not close to 5G it can be in one place, like in trees, towers, and then in a straight line miles away in something or on something another 5G. 

I have even heard that 5G can be on planes and you are subject to it. Comtrails can harm you.

If your in an area with lots of congestion 5G can be there in cars, buildings etc.

So one would really have to get out of areas where lots of population and buildings are.

I know there are places in Oregon where you can life and not see people for days on end, unless you drive the miles into the town closes to you.

Some of your problem may have been COVID, and other problems due too 5G, or other polutions that are there. 

Hope nothing else serious happens. Bro. Doc

As I said Docs it is tower to tower and I have 4 now surrounding me - no excaping. The chemtrails were use to seed us with nanodust for the past few yrs. thus we are all recivers like radios with antenia drawing the mind control signals.  No Docs I have been tested too many times NO COVID. HOWEVER my immunesystem has made me immune... so it could be floating in me when I won't get it but activated by 5G

I think you would have to be out in nowhere to not get any of this. Bro. Doc

yes exactly but this is why the gov is taking over all this land as parks. Actually 5G is a shorter wave than 4G this is why so many towers and the direct into each home with Smart Meters for electric. The trees help some to filter but it is still in our homes.... (phone service is very poor here but move nine of ten feet away and it fine..Tree Filtering.) If I were younger Id move but not at 80 too hard.

I don't know about there Kuna, but here I was forced to have a smart meter or pay I forget how much extra for them to come read the meter.

And now if I wanted the smart meter it would cost aqbout 150 dollars. And then it was free.

80 is not old Kuna. One of our people in our Assembly just moved to a smaller place. From a 4 bedroom home to a two bedroom modual home.

It just took sometime, but he and his wife did it. But maybe you are fine where you are, and not many problems. Bro. Doc

We were threatened no service unless we accepted the meters... This is how the evil ones do it, they don't always mandate they just make it impossible to not accept. One must also sell back any solar or wind power to the corps.  Docs age is all in our mind =no one believes I'm even near 80 but one does begin to feel it, when Isay old it is different if you have  mate to share with (i don't) so starting over would be harder and at same time I wouldn't bother unless it was away from 5G which is impossible if you are near supplies and health care...

I understande Kuna, but one day I would like to live on the coast, which would be around Florence, or down the coast at Reedsport. Might be Reedsport as it is a small ex-lumber town. Since the mill is not there anymore.

So I think they wouldn't need 5G there. It was about 600 people. and about 40 miles south of Florence which is one of the bigger cities in Lane Co on the coast.

But I know your right about the smart meter. They don't want to send anyone out to read them, as they can do away with meter readers and streamline the Electric Company.

But living near the woods etc. You probably are more protected then one would think from things.

Now there are a couple of places in Eastern Oregon I wouldn't mind living. But hot in the summer up to 100 and sometimes 105, and can be zero in the winter. Sage brush, and very small towns.

So I am sure no 5G or smart meters there.

But the cost of things would be high because they have to truck from a distance there.

I guess one could build underground somewhere and then you would be safe I think. Bro. Doc

Yikes!!  Scary!

was for sure......

I have had engineer freinds who say 5G is just a part of the WHOLE control-freak, and disease, and population-reducing devastation that is being thrust upon us by the ~1200 EvilWorldElites, like gates/obama/soros/masons/rothchilds/etc./etc./etc... (they don't deserve capital first letters for their names)

I think we need to be praying for these (all of them) to be reconciled to LOVE...to learn it and to live it and to propagate it.

--Jusus said, to, in love, pray for your enemies.  These are CERTAINLY our enemies!

yes this has been activate by Military DS Space Programs and Gov for a long time... it is not time for them to turn the human into the transhuman for complete mind control. I Pray the human wakes up to what these electronics are headed for and stops accepting them until they divert this very worthwihile system to benefit us into one of integrity instead of devient control over our species...

It sure does sound suspicious that you're experiencing these things.

In recent months I have seen more and more work on existing towers.  Now I find out that 5g capacity has been beefed up in our town.   My phone is the only device I use.  Not connected except phone service.  

Someday soon there will be no landline. I'll have to get a CellPhone again. We have Smart Meters they installed and said if we didn't the elc. might be truned off.  Don't have TV hookup .. but WIFI on if son home for his Smart Phone.. in truth there is no getting away from it.. unless like Doc said moving to west but all that land is being taken over by Gates/Mosanto and gov. for so called wildlife protection.

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