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Added: Wednesday, September 15th 2021 at 4:24am by aKunaKumara

9/15 yesterdays 2.5hr Physicians Assistant visit at the Chardo Pavilion was exhausting. Thank heavens for daughter driving but her little car strained my chest getting in/out. But all is well so far, still have more scans and then actual Dr appo. in two months. Denied Rehab as I've been to two (son and then actually did it with the guy I was with 20yrs ago for $26 a month as family.) No way will these knees take a treadmill of bike so will pull the old rowing machine out and use my own computerized treadmill sparingly. Driving still out due to broken rib, upper arm muscle and rotater cuff bruising. My new plan is to stop concentrating on the injuries and start thinking wellness by beginning the day with Celery Juice on empty stomach then the meal of pills later with toast. If you don't know of it please do self a favor and ck out Medical Medium , this is nearly a cure all for all internal issues. LAW OF ATTRACTION = LAW OF CREATING = LAW OFALLOWING are going to me my direction to create the new higher frequency life on this earth that I desire and forget about the density of the negative that is trying to be established as our new one world format of control. One unified world would be perfection without the controllers and eventually we will obtain it as a galactic community, but must get rid of the controllers first.. The more people around us doing this the more chance we have of diverting the evil world and creating a world of unconditional love as the one we exist in.

Talking to a friend today and she started saying she got this mind storm of the very same thing.... that if we are going to create the life we want and override the nuferious dark forces that are tryiing to take over our world we must be informed as so many are now and let it go and apply our thought energy on what we want, not what we don't want. Also do it with intention of creating our desired new world allowing other to choose their path as we are all creators and the level of thought is the level we will create.

User Comments

Good Morining Happy 9-15-21. Sounds like you had lots to do. But the joy of getting into thre age where you have all these problems. Take  care. Bro. Doc

yes quite the change from the 20minute in/out dr appo.

To bad there is not a pill called the forever young pill, and you stay young forever. Bro. Doc

well not sure about it... but aging does have it's drawbacks with I've seen for many years having worked in a very large exclusive senior home. (infact the one I was fortunate enought to be sent to after discharged from ICU. They have many cottages and a 4story long term care hospital which is where I was in one section for rehabing care. I don't think I would want to linger on for years as so many do just existing not really living cause they think the only thing is life and fear death as being gone... I don't fear it as I know this is the stage show and the other side the real life... but it's not our choice so I'll try to stay young as long as possible...my present state is just another learning experience that will pass.  

While this is very true kuna, also some of your problems could be from your family history of others that might of had the same rhing. I know some bone structure can be from family.

But I am sure you will do just fine and dandy the rest of your life. Bro. Doc

Doc Im not concerned about healing I'm already way ahead of the game. In time I'll get my knees fixed and I certainly don't fear death and unlike most don't want to overstay here uselessly... I will heal cause it's in my mind too and hope I can remain here where I've intended to, just have to find the way so it doesn't fall down around me before my time is up.

I am sure Kuna you will do just fine. Take care. Bro. Doc

Keep rehabbing and get better, {#basic-smile.gif}

will do thats the plan Thanks

Am hoping your morning rehab turns into morning workout smoothly, with no issues.

May you attract lots of Love and Kindness 

So many people get new artificial knees these days....

Medical medium; celery juice and toast - thanks for the tip - I'll have to look that up

I wanted 5yrs ago but put off due to others and hoping it's so late that they can heal without being painful as I've seen many are.....Thin  you will like the Medical Medium....

Last month my curiousity was piqued  by an ad for a product that claimed to heal one"s vision, wheather it be myopia, glaucoma, cataracts.

Clicked on it, and they also claimed it could help a body heal up just about anything since it stimulates production of the type of stem cells that go to where they're needed and assume identity of missing cells....

They did say they were under attack by Big Pharma (of course they would be) and apparently they are facing legal challenges, merited or not I dunno

And that's as far as I got.

Seems extra stem cells would be great aid for healing up, would it help.healing from new knee surgery?

That's as far as I went looking into this.  From my casual reading on Science one should expect something like this by now.

If you're  curious to investigate furthur. they call their product Visiclear.   {#giveflowers.gif}{#add_best_wishes.gif}

Oh yeah, all natural ingredients, spirulina etc., etc., inspired by Zebrafish's diet - zebrafish can  and do regenerate their own injured eyes, according to the story...(I didn't verify)

There are many products out there but few what they are said to be...I've tried a few over the years...  The Celery Juice has salts nothing else has in enough quanity that eat away at bacteria virus and kidney or gaulstones They clean out the clogged kidneys that are to filter all the the bad out but end up overworked and clogging causing our out prob. cause of the back up. IT is totally safe way to cleanse our inners and is known to cure many diseases and even blood once it cleanses and unclogges the Kidney...it works on eyes too.

Cool. I'll be giving this a try before much longer.

I wish you all the best in controlling your health, vitality, and reality. 

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