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Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, May 17th 2011 at 1:32pm by AJay70


Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers President Barack Obama’s administration approved in April, 38 are for fancy eateries, hip nightclubs and decadent hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Northern California district .

That’s in addition to the 27 new waivers for health care or drug companies and the 31 new union waivers Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services approved.

Pelosi’s district secured almost 20 percent of the latest issuance of waivers nationwide, and the companies that won them didn’t have much in common with companies throughout the rest of the country that have received Obamacare waivers.

Other common waiver recipients were labor union chapters, large corporations, financial firms and local governments. But Pelosi’s district’s waivers are the first major examples of luxurious, gourmet restaurants and hotels getting a year-long pass from Obamacare.

For instance, Boboquivari’s restaurant in Pelosi’s district in San Francisco got a waiver from Obamacare. Boboquivari’s advertises $59 porterhouse steaks, $39 filet mignons and $35 crab dinners.


So folks...these "gifts" are bestowed by "Queen Nancy" upon her favorite "subjects".

Are YOU benefitting or being used? What do you get out of this "nepotism"?

WE THE PEOPLE will have to cover the amount of money it will cost for their medical care along with our own. As long as these thieves have power expect more of the same.

They get the benefits, WE get the bill.


User Comments

I can't even stand to hear her name.  I know the fools who support her will not believe this or will in some way, justify the actions of the President and Pelosi.


What these RICH Demorats don't pay for will have to be paid by us.

"Theft by Democrat" is what the word "waiver" means in its literal translation.

...and they all want to sing the same sad song about the Rich Republicans depriving them of their hand-outs.  Stupid ought to hurt, but you really can't fix stupid!  Their simple minds will cost those of us who have worked for a living to suffer and when they suffer, of course, they will blame us.

I guess we're in the wrong racket...we should have been rich restaurantuers...lol!

These RICH Dem. restauranteers are guilty of theft by Pelosi from the taxpayers.

I would rather take an ass-whipping in the middle of main street than vote for that silly bitch.

Lots of us feel that way about her.  And actually, she's not all that well liked by many democraps, either....

So would I. She was raised by an old style Italian politico...and learned nepotism from his knee.

She calls redistributing "other people's money" "Fairness".

What it really is is buying votes and influence with other people's money.

This bitch is a crook by my definition.


I don't care what kind of whitewash the author did for Daddy, he taught his daughter to USE others and steal their money.

Who can trust a woman with her hand in your pocket?

If libs want a woman to vilify...they have their own bitch.

Go ahead, sister.  I've fallen in love again.



You hit the nail perfectly on the head AJay - "They get the benifits, WE get the bill.

107.5% - that's how much our family health insurance has increased since Obamacare.

0.8% - that's how much it used to increase each year before Obamacare.

A 107.5% increase that comes right out of our pocket... and figure the employer's increase is the same or possibly more.

Where's my waiver Pelosi & Obama?!!  No, no... they need all of us to pay for them and their pals.  Corruption at it's finest and crickets from the media.


This crap is exactly why there are so many RICH DEMOCRATS like Nancy Peelosi who got that way while holding Public Office.

Hi Joez!

Yep, they love to lie, don't they? {#basic-laugh.gif}

So true AJay!


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