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Final thought.

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, December 1st 2013 at 1:04pm by aingheal
Category: Advice Column

The internet is such a wonderful resource for information, sharing and connecting. It's a shame that idiots hiding behind anonymity can take such a beautiful thing and turn it into something so ugly. If you have to say something under the preface of "anonymous", no matter where you are or what your comment pertains to, clearly you're too chicken shit to back it up. Specially if the only things you have to say behind your shield of anonymity is patronizing, degrading or just generally small-minded and insensative. Pull your head out of your ass and own what you say. You can't get along far in real life with such an infantile thought process. 


Good luck in the real world, all you self-righteous cowards.

User Comments


Ha. My post is apparently controversial. Go figure.

all mine are...and she will be missed

It's 'cus you said 'shit.'  Blogster has an automatic filter that labels a post controversial if it contains 'foul' language.

In regards to anonymity, what real difference does it make whether one is logged in with an avatar...say, of a hat...and an account name like aingheal or 1-little-whip or anything else?  It still doesn't identify who we really are, that takes a lot more time and effort.

Blogster doesn't have the best tools for managing our blogs but it does have some.  For instance, we can delete objectionable comments and prevent anons from commenting at all, while allowing them to still read.

You'll find self-righteous assholes on every blog site on the internet, as well as in real life.

Shrug 'em off and blog on.


You clearly missed the point I was making. But don't you worry. I've already shrugged it off.

I have never used a picture of myself on Blogster, I"m almost sure.  Even when I see a picture and listen to what the person says, I wonder if that (picture), is really them.

Now, I thought it was the person writing the post that makes it controversial, but I guess not.  I'm not an angel I just don't swear very often.

PS...I just looked at the date of this posting and I am really behind.  I just found some postings, yours, that I didn't even know were there.  

Learning something new every day...

I begged her to shut off the anonymous comments...she is such a good soul...I miss her.


Sad to hear about Ana.  She will be missed!  I agree with DJillian, shutting off anonymous comments would have been a better solution.  I always get them but I just delete them.

It's also a...pity!, not a shame!,...to shame The Anonymous amongst us by calling them "idiots."

I think there's substantially more than 1 million things, which, when overfeared, can induce a person to resort to "chicken shit" methods of communication.

-Robert Clyde Cox

(805) 252-2186

Whoa. Flashback!

Indeed, lol

Gimme back that fearlessness! Seems like I haven't been [truly?] stalked yet. Not stabbed or shot or garroted or chloroformed or [poisoned?]. Anyhoo, might as well have been a burner. Was acquired under the auspices of another. Kith and kin. So.

Disregard. Ought never be, um, so impetuous anymore. Zikes.

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