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Winches Review

Added: Thursday, April 13th 2017 at 4:27pm by administratorguyebwo

Multiple heavy cylinders from 800 to 2100 pounds need to be lifted and positioned at different angles for assembly. Working in tight areas with little clearance and low headroom created a major challenge in accomplishing these tasks safely. The RBC-3000SPBLL-M has been equipped with regular telescoping boom and swivel eye hook for some common crane boom tasks. The crane is convertible and can be changed to a double parallelogram boom with three-axis manipulator for pitch, yaw and roll operations with a pair of special adjustable forks and holding straps to secure the cylinders during articulation. The cylinder can be lifted in vertical or horizontal orientations and the yaw axis allows the cylinder to swing left or right for precise positioning. The pitch axis adjusts the vertical alignment to allow the cylinder to be tilted backwards, then raised and plugged into the proper orientation HSE regulations in a tight spot for installation. The yaw adapter of the manipulator can be removed and replaced with traditional lifting forks for handling standard pallets. The conversion from regular boom to parallelogram boom takes about 15 to 20 minutes and provides NASA with more flexibility and cost savings by having one piece of equipment handling four different tasks. The RBC is constructed out of heavy duty welded steel.

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